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Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing

A more complete building envelope solution

Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing (Tremco) is one of North America’s foremost suppliers of high-performance sealant, below-grade waterproofing, weatherproofing, air barrier systems, deck coatings comprehensive glazing systems, passive fire control solutions and engineered transition assemblies for commercial and residential construction and industrial applications.

“Our company has been providing products and services to architects, engineers, homebuilders, contractors and building owners worldwide since 1928,” says Chuck Houk, president of Tremco. “While our moniker speaks to sealants and waterproofing, we offer a great deal more for the building envelope, including solutions for some of the riskiest connections on the building envelope – below grade to wall, window to wall, roof to wall and deck to wall.”

In-house testing

With a certified in-house testing facility, Tremco has been working to ensure documented, tested performance that not only demonstrates potential time and cost savings on the jobsite, but long-term sustainability and energy savings, creating longer building life spans.

“We’re one of the few manufacturers who’s invested in having their own testing facility,” says John Buckley, manager of marketing communications for Tremco. “In fact, we’re adding two-story assembly testing measuring building movement, estimated wind loads, air and moisture testing and thermal performance through a thermal chamber. We don’t just test to ASTM [American Society for Testing and Materials] standards; we push products and systems to failure to see just how far they can perform.”

Breaking the norm and striving for better solutions have always been driving factors for Tremco. “Tremco’s sealants division has always had a strong history of launching innovative products to really increase the breadth of our offering,” says Houk. “We have wanted to address as many needs as possible. We have always had an honest broker mentality – to promote the right product for the right application. Over time, we began to understand that it was important to focus on connecting points of a building. Things shifted toward making sure we were providing solutions.”

Tremco Commercial Sealants & WaterproofingGreening the envelope

Since medical sector projects – such as Parkland Hospital in Texas; Rush Medical in Illinois; and Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital in California – must meet the needs of the most sensitive occupants, it was vital for our company to demonstrate the products Tremco provided for construction would meet stringent standards for IAQ.

“With projects like these, indoor air quality and the long-term health of the facility are critical,” explains Houk. “We have been involved in a number of LEED Gold-certified projects across the country.”

“More than 30 of our products are also GREENGUARD GOLD certified, and we continue to test and add to our offerings,” adds Buckley. “We also consistently review chemicals of concern in our manufacturing process and create strategies for addressing their use to meet code requirements both locally and internationally.”

Window to wall connections

Window to wall transitions are some of the riskiest connections on the building envelope, which is why Tremco introduced Proglaze ETA. The patented pre-engineered, finished aluminum and silicone material is mechanically attached to a window or wall structural framing to create a durable connection and seal. “Proglaze ETA was also rated as one of BuildingGreen’s Top 10 products in 2013,” notes Buckley.

The system’s design absorbs thermal movement and wind-loading stresses. The translucent silicone material allows the installer or inspector to see through the gasket to verify the recommended amount of sealant is properly applied to ensure an effective seal is achieved, while the ribs of the gasket’s design ensures a minimum sealant thickness. “In some testing scenarios, even when the window fails, our seal continues to hold,” adds Houk.

Tremco’s ExoAir T3 line of expandable flex-foam tapes, membranes and spray foam are another window to wall transition technology, helping to properly protect the window connection while adding an element that prevents thermal bridging around the window or door opening. “For example, our ExoAir Flex Foam provides insulation while moving with the building, maintaining its integrity while working within a product system applications that offering air, moisture and thermal protection,” Houk shares.

Window to wall connections are just one area of the building envelope that Tremco addresses. “It’s about creating a supportive, comprehensive solution, from below-grade to the roof,” Houk continues. “Tremco and other companies in the construction industry need to really be thinking about the holistic solution. We need to be collaborative with those installing the glass or the cladding. We are focused on things that might not be looked at closely by the building owner, but we recognize the energy costs that are associated. For us, when we talk about our value proposition, whether I am in front of a sales force or customers, site support is absolutely critical to us.”

For Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing, business is more than manufacturing a product; it’s about being a leader in industry innovations and building a complete package offering longer term facility life and sustainable energy savings.

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