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What is Blueprint?

You can’t have a strong business without a strong foundation to help you grow. We’re not just talking about a company culture (though that’s undoubtedly important); we’re talking about the physical spaces themselves—the buildings that make it all possible.

Launched in 2017, Blueprint is a digital-only magazine that puts a spotlight on the facilities professionals who are imagining, creating and maintaining better spaces—and the tools and strategies they depend on.

Blueprint gives readers an inside look at how these professionals are creating the workplaces of the future: from the latest design concepts to the most cutting-edge technologies. These aren’t your grandfather’s building trades; the challenges faced by today’s construction and facilities managers are many and wide-ranging. Blueprint showcases the women and men who are facing them head-on.

We also highlight their personal journeys: what inspired them to pursue their chosen path; the experiences that led to their current positions; and how they view their roles within the larger organization and the industry writ large. For us, it’s just as much about the people as the projects.

Since launching in 2017, Blueprint Construction Magazine has profiled executives and leaders at Bayer, Comcast, Waste Management and the Cincinnati Reds, along with hundreds of other companies of every size—and in every sector.

How do organizations strike a balance between growth and employee engagement? What are some of the biggest challenges companies face when building a new headquarters? How can technology be leveraged to make the construction process more efficient? These are some of the questions Blueprint aims to answer.

Why Blueprint Magazine?

Blueprint is different from most construction magazines. Rather than choosing the topics ourselves—writing and publishing without input from the subjects—we let you decide what the story is. Whether it’s creating an open-office concept at your company’s headquarters or using virtual and augmented reality to optimize your warehouses.

How does the process work? First, one of our seasoned content coordinators will conduct a preliminary interview—to learn about your career and the projects you’ve been involved in. We’ll then write a short story abstract (think of it as a movie trailer). After that, one of our experienced writers will conduct a longer interview, which will give us the details we need to write the fully story.

Only when we receive your feedback do we publish the story. Once the draft is approved (and you send us some photos), we’ll create the final products: an article that lives permanently on Blueprint’s website and a digital brochure (PDF).

Using proven search-engine optimization (SEO) methods, we make sure that, when people google your name and title, this story is one of the first things that pops up.

The best part: It doesn’t cost you or your company a cent. How do we make it happen? We ask your most trusted vendors and partners to purchase an ad in the magazine. More often than not, they’re happy to do so. It’s an opportunity to co-brand and further strengthen your professional partnership.

If you’re a construction/facilities professional or construction leader interested in being featured in a digital magazine for construction executives (or know someone who is), drop us a line!

For permissions of any Blueprint content, contact Jason Pafundi.


It was an absolute pleasure working with the team at Blueprint. Their genuine interest in our company's journey not only resulted in a delightful piece, but gave us the opportunity to recognize some of the unsung heroes of our rapidly-growing organization. We are grateful for the opportunity to highlight the development and growth of our now well-established work-hard, play-harder culture.
— Cole Settem, Communications Coordinator, Brain Corp
Working with the Blueprint team was both a pleasure and a great learning experience. They went to great lengths to assure the article was reflective of my vision. I could not be happier working with each team member involved in bringing the final production to print. This experience has helped me realize the importance of marketing my business and how powerful the services offered have given my business credibility and exposure.
— Joan Magill, Founder, Residential Realty Group Inc.


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