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SR Homes LLC

Making Atlanta homeownership a reality

From selecting the perfect home site to the floor plan design and right onto move-in day, SR Homes LLC (SR Homes) has been making homeownership in the greater Atlanta-metro possible for more than a decade. “At SR Homes, our goal is to focus on building you a home that meets your needs both today and tomorrow,” shares Alex Tetterton, president and founder of SR Homes. “We’ll think through the details so you don’t have to.”

Tetterton, who entered the industry at the ripe age of 23, has been taking a hands-on approach since the start of his career. “I touch every floor plan,” he says. “I draw every floor plan and assist in picking all interior and exterior elements and I even draw some of our landscape designs – most builders don’t have this level of involvement in the homes they build, but hands-on ownership has always been my motto and it’s what makes us who we are. Our customers don’t end up with unnecessary expenses to get the home they envision; we guide them through the building and selection process so they end up with a home that is personal to them and a great investment, which is our goal with every home we build.”

Wise beyond years

In February 2003, Tetterton founded his namesake company, Alex G. Tetterton Homes. “From my very first closing up until fairly recently, customers were wary because I was young and looked even younger than I was,” he recalls.SR Homes LLC

During the recession, Tetterton decided it was time to focus on what his company would become in the future; therefore, he turned to some of his senior employees to help rebrand the company as SR Homes. “It was a personal choice to take my name off the door and focus on the idea that our company is made up of more than one person, each employee plays a crucial role in our success and how our customers perceive us,” he explains.

Now, at just over 35 years old, Tetterton is chief of command at SR Homes and a significant player in the Atlanta market. In 2013, the Atlanta Business Chronicle recognized SR Homes as one of Atlanta’s Top Homebuilders.

“Today, SR Homes serves the greater Atlanta metropolitan with 50 employees and 20 to 30 in-house real estate agents,” says Tetterton. “We’re also looking forward and launching into the Athens market where we are establishing local relationships to maintain the personal home grown appeal and attitude our customers love us for.”

Best-in-class value

SR Homes specializes in developing custom residential homes and communities. “We’re deal driven,” says Tetterton. “We build at an array of price points and we want to be the best in class from a value and product standpoint.”

The company’s main bread and butter is in the $300,000 to $$800,000 range, but SR Homes has delivered projects at well over the $1.5 million mark. “Our saying is ‘why not,'” shares Tetterton. “We’ll do it because others won’t. We have done everything from commercial projects in the past, such as shopping centers. We’ll create a niche within the company for it, but it’s not our ultimate goal.”

In 2013, SR Homes turned over 120 new homes and next year Tetterton says he’d like to see the company reach somewhere in the 200 range if the right deals are presented. “One of our major projects is the Greystone Manor community,” he reveals. “We started it when the market was slow so we built homes with the right features to not hurt us down the road if prices go up. We allowed for elasticity so to speak.”

Another significant project is SR Home’s Williams Point development. “It’s a play on Colonial Williamsburg,” shares Tetterton. “It has an eclectic feel with lots of neo-modern features and low picket fencing; amazing amenity package with large lots. It provides the American Dream feel people long for.”

Growing smart and staying conservative

According to Tetterton, now that the Atlanta market has picked up, it’s on fire. “The market is moving along rapidly in this area,” he reveals. “There are fewer builders because of the recession, but it’s the most competitive I’ve ever seen. We’re going up against the best of the best in the industry.”

Despite the fierce competition, SR Homes has managed to thrive by staying true to its founding principles. “We’re well connected with many builder-developer friends in the industry and that has helped,” says Tetterton. “While we want to reach the 200-home goal next year and start getting into additional higher end, million dollar communities, there comes a point of diminishing return from a product and quality of life standpoint. We don’t want to overextend ourselves to the point where our product starts to feel muted.”

Tetterton says the biggest obstacle SR Homes faces is itself in a sense. “In the world of construction and land development there’s a lot of ego involved, but we tend to be a little more conservative,” he explains. “We don’t try to go out and tell the world how great we are, our work speaks for itself and everything we do needs to fit our vision.”

Tetterton says he’s most fortunate for a talented team to trust and rely on. “Out of the ashes, God gave us a chance and there are several people who work for us that needed a second chance,” he reveals. “We were able to hire many people who were unemployed and now they have so much pride in our company. We are honored to have them as a part of the team.”

“It’s about something bigger than us,” adds Tetterton. “God has provided and we try our best to follow His will in all our work and decisions we make. We have a great group of people who do their best every day and I’ve embraced Americana now more than I ever had before because of this resiliency.”

Now with a clear vision and the same values Tetterton has instilled in the company since he was 23 years old, SR Homes LLC is moving forward in a thriving Atlanta home market, delivering a custom-fit solution.

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