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Pensacola Glass Co.

Unbeatable Service in the Sunshine State

Three brothers joined together in 1936 to found Pensacola Glass Co. (PGC). The brothers had previously founded Dothan Glass Co. in Dothan, Ala., which continues to operate as the corporate center to PGC. The company also has branches in Ft. Walton Beach, Fla., and Leesburg, Ga., and together the network of companies provides full-service applications of a variety of products.

The team’s capabilities range from monumental curtainwall, aluminum entrances, storefront framing and specialty glass products to the installation of high-performance glass, fire-rated products, overhead and hurricane-resistant glazing and sun-control and blast-resistant products for commercial clients. The team is also capable of providing residential customers with custom heavy glass shower doors, mirrors, bath enclosures and fixtures in addition to tabletops, tempered glass, insulating and high-performance glass.

Regardless of commercial or residential application, all of the team’s work is done with the mindset of providing a quality product at a fair price. “We like to refer to it as our service-with-a-smile attitude,” says Woody Watters, general manager of PGC.

As the company name implies, PGC is based out of Pensacola, Fla., where a team ranging from 50 to 55 professionals handles the entirety of client’s auto, retail, residential and commercial glass needs; this is what the PGC team refers to as its full-service operation.

“From the single walk-in retail customer seeking one single piece of single-strength glass to the residential homeowner seeking to remodel a bathroom with a custom shower enclosure, a customer needing his windshield replaced or a multimillion dollar commercial glass project, PGC can provide the service at a competitive price, and without sacrificing quality and workmanship,” says Watters. Offering such a complete range of products and services is just one of the many things that make PGC special.

The PGC team is proud to take a straightforward approach to every job: If the client isn’t happy, then PGC isn’t happy. The team’s dedicated mentality has garnered the company a loyal following of clients in all of its divisions for the past 76 years.

In order to uphold the company’s vision the team goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all customers, no matter how small the job. The company’s complete line of innovative products allows Watters to boast, “Anything that can be done with glass, PGC does. And we don’t stop there.”

The team at PGC is also involved with what can be done with tomorrow’s glass, according to Watters. “We are not satisfied with the current glass trends and needs, but we are concerned with what the future glass needs and trends will be,” he continues. “Our team will always be dedicated to knowing what the newest and latest glass technology is within the industry.”

The team often finds itself deep in the design phase of a project, comparing notes with architects and builders alike. “Regardless of the size of the project, regardless if it is a home or commercial project, PGC can provide the utmost in product and installation,” says Watters.

Glass Masters

Customers and contractors alike can visit PGC’s showroom at the company’s headquarters. The facility showcases an impressive selection of glass ideas for a home, spanning windows and doors to bathroom sinks to full shower enclosure systems and bathroom fixtures. PGC can furnish and install products to complete renovations or simply offer a little direction to homeowners willing to take the plunge into do-it-yourself home improvement projects; the team is happy to help however possible.

The advantages of working with PGC don’t stop there. PGC’s automotive division approaches glass repair and replacement projects with the same can-do attitude that defines all of the company’s divisions. PGC’s auto glass technicians are nationally certified by PPG Prostars, guaranteeing both repairs and replacements are conducted in line with the industry’s best practices. The team will even offer chip and crack repair services when a total replacement isn’t necessary, and to make service even easier will travel to the customer for service or arrange for the vehicle to be picked up and dropped off for no charge. The unmatched level of customer service extends to all automotive insurance companies. PGC also backs up its services with a nationwide warranty, allowing customers to sleep – and drive – easy.

Given the company’s longevity it is no surprise that PGC has been able to amass an unparalleled familiarity with glass products and curtainwall systems from the industry’s leading manufacturers. PGC invests in the latest technologies and materials as part of the company’s mission to anticipate each client’s needs. PGC has established itself as one of the Gulf Coast’s experts on hurricane and storm resistant glass systems to meet current Florida codes as well as blast-resistant systems designed to meet antiterrorism threats.

The hurricane- and storm-resistant glass products eliminate the need for the application of storm shutters when an approaching tropical system is imminent and expected to make landfall. If impact-resistant products are not within a client’s budget, PGC can also recommend and install nonimpact resistant systems to meet wind-speed requirements, but will require an additional form of impact protection to meet Florida’s building codes.

Always the Clear Choice

PGC attributes much of its past and current successes to the team’s ability to adapt. “We are always looking for ways to create a better mouse trap,” says Watters. “With new products designed to provide protection from storms and bombs, along with performing and meeting new energy code requirements, we have not choice but to change if we want to remain a leader.”

The team at PGC is continually bettering the company’s products and services in order to maintain its position in the industry. The company augmented its product lines with a variety of products designed for sustainable building. PGC has even helped the contractors that the team works with go green by furnishing high-performance coated glass products with low-E coatings to provide high U-values while still allowing a large amount of natural light through the glass. The team also provides products with low VOCs and stands ready to assist the design team with obtaining the specific level targeted for future green building projects.

The company managed to land work on one of the Gulf Coast’s most anticipated and largest multifamily residential developments in Orange Beach, Ala. “We’re providing the glass package on a 32-story waterfront condominium where the glass package alone is $17 million,” says Watters. The property has been in development for over five years as the economic downturn and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill threw wrenches in the project’s progress. However, PGC has pressed on and the project has since resumed, and PGC is nearing completion on the project.

Watters doesn’t see a major shift in the amount of available opportunities coming to the region within the next few months, but PGC’s reputation in the local market will help provide enough opportunity for the company to continue to support clients. In the process Pensacola Glass Co. will uphold the standards of customer service, quality and reliability that clients have come to expect and count on.

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