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Experience the green difference

Graystone Homes Inc. (Graystone) proudly delivers truly custom homes of superior quality, craftsmanship and design. By using only the finest materials and products, Graystone guarantees enduring quality for each and every customer. Now with a team of 11 employees, Virginia-based Graystone completes work within a one-hour radius of the company’s office in Culpeper.

Anthony Clatterbuck, president of Graystone, is a fourth generation carpenter who started his career in the industry at 13 years old, working alongside his father. Throughout the years Clatterbuck worked his way up the ranks for various homebuilders before realizing he wanted to set out on his own for the love of home building.

He initially founded residential frame and trim carpentry subcontractor Ace Carpentry Inc. (Ace) with two of his lifelong friends in 1983. By 2004, Ace was one of the largest trim and frame subcontractors in its area. Clatterbuck notes that after being approached by numerous customers requesting the Ace build homes, he founded Graystone in 1989. The company quickly became a custom homebuilder known for its attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and flexibility; qualities that are truly hard to come by. Above all else, Graystone is customer-focused.

The team performs new homes, additions, remodeling, commercial, rebuilds, recreation areas, as well as gutter guards. Graystone is not lacking services, nor integrity, as all of these services are provided with green building in mind.

The company has been building long-standing, environmentally sustainable homes before green building was an industry trend. Graystone has always cared about the land, as well as the environment, which is showcased in the company’s approach. “This is not only our place of business,” the company’s website reads, “it’s where we leave. Our homes are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty, comfort or function to be green.”

By utilizing green building practices, Graystone embraces environmentally friendly products and energy-efficient building habits. The materials the company uses are of the highest quality and surpass energy rating requirements, ensuring each home delivers on its promise. Furthermore, Graystone partnered with Energy Star and Earthcraft House programs to provide homeowners with certification documenting the energy efficiency of the home.

Concentrating on the family

Clatterbuck is proud to note that Graystone is very client-oriented. “We build each house based on the family’s individual needs,” he elaborates. “We want each family to embrace their house as their home.”

It is evident Clatterbuck takes great pride in Graystone’s work. “I have succeeded when a person is there for 30 days, but it feels like they have been there for 30 years,” he says. “Everything is to make the customer’s home building experience a pleasant one.”

Furthermore, the company does not only cater to the high-end market. “We do our best to meet each client’s budget when building an energy-efficient home.”

No matter the project, Graystone brings its best to the table. “We build a broad product range, from single-family homes to executive homes,” Clatterbuck states. “We have a very broad customer base and a stellar reputation with lots of referrals coming in.”

Recently, the company has tackled projects aimed toward retirees, or soon-to-be retirees. “Any house I build is first-floor accessible,” Clatterbuck clarifies.

The company is currently building a great-sized home, which is now 7,000 square feet. “The client built a new home five years ago with another builder and something came up where they chose to sell,” Clatterbuck explains. “When they built a new home this time around, they chose me.”

The property is focused around a tree that was in a photo the client had of the property dating back to 1795. “This was an interesting project,” he continues. “The same tree was still on the property; they built the house with a main focus on this tree. In the end, it turned out to be a labor of love. The tree, after a lightning storm, was struck and fell into the house. We had guys there to remove the tree immediately, and they started fixing the house. Everything was cleaned up in a matter of five hours. The family was touched and extremely happy that I was there able to help.”

Clatterbuck truly enjoys his work, noting how rewarding this project had been for him.

Furthermore, he explains that many servicemen, veterans and the like approach Graystone for home building. “We provide white glove service for all servicemen,” he continues. “We are currently building for a deputy who never thought he could afford a home of our caliber.”

While the company engages in as many feel-good projects as possible, Graystone is capable of the everyday building, as well; nothing is off limits for Graystone. “We are currently working with a client to develop a 20,000-square-foot office building,” Clatterbuck details. “We are doing the site development, building the infrastructure and doing the road work. We have done this in the past for farm credit.”

The team is also capable of remodeling, building and designing a site. Graystone even built a winery, which according to Clatterbuck, was a unique experience in itself. “We built the client’s home, lakeside home and then his winery,” he says proudly. The company’s reputation speaks for itself, with numerous repeat clients coming back time and again for Graystone’s impeccable ability to deliver.

Building toward success

Due to Graystone’s high standards, the company is sure when subcontracting out work, its partners have the same criteria. “Our relationships with our subcontractors are very important,” Clatterbuck elaborates. “We require consistent quality; we can’t deliver a quality product with knuckleheads.”

The company performs its own minor excavating, punch-out and light carpentry work, as well as plumbing, electric and drywall. Therefore, Graystone only subcontractors out heavy construction work when needed.

Clatterbuck and the rest of his team take Graystone’s work seriously; the company does not rest on its laurels. Above all else, Clatterbuck cannot stress enough the importance of helping families; it is Graystone’s true indicator of success. “My clients’ reactions help me gauge success,” he continues. “The financial milestones in budgets are important, but the true indicator is the light in clients’ eyes.”

Embracing green building, as well as customer-oriented principles, Graystone is clearly making its mark in the industry. With Clatterbuck at the helm and strong line of family history engrained in the industry, Graystone Homes Inc. will continue to press forward with good intentions.

Published on: May 4, 2015


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