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Grasseschi Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Four generations of family ownership prevails
  • Written by: Felicia Fox
  • Produced by: Caitlin Mugford
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Massachusetts-based plumbing contractor Grasseschi Plumbing & Heating Inc. (GPH) is approaching 65 years of operation. The full service plumbing contractor serves customers across the state from one office in Worcester.

Furthermore, the fourth generation company remains family-owned and -operated today; however, GPH is transitioning to also be a woman-owned entity. With a focus on value, budget, schedule and safety, GPH continues to provide clients with unsurpassed service.

“My great-great-grandfather, Fred, established the Grasseschi name in the plumbing world,” explains Brittany Grasseschi, treasurer of GPH. “He started around 1936, performing service work out of his van.”

Grasseschi took on her leadership role when her father sadly passed away; she is proud to carry on her family’s legacy. “Every generation has grown the company,” she says. “My great-great-grandfather began the work, and then my grandfather, John, took over and established the company, building it up at its current location. My father, Jim Grasseschi, took over when he was only 23 years old, after his father, too, passed away. He really was the one who built the company to the capacity it is at today.”

Grasseschi, herself, is only in her mid-20s; however, she is ready for the challenge.

“This company has been around for so long,” she continues. “I worked here when I was in college; it brings me great pride to step into the company and carry on my father’s legacy.”

Grasseschi goes on to explain that being a woman in a male-dominated industry is not so bad. “Luckily, I have an amazing support system of people within the office,” she notes. “I have received a lot of different opinions, which has been very supportive. Many people are in awe that I am in this position; I think, because I didn’t come in here looking to take over.”

Alongside Grasseschi is Mike McQuiston, vice president of operations for GPH, who proudly leads the team of 45 highly skilled field employees experienced in a variety of plumbing applications, including extensive experience in the health care and education markets. According to McQuiston, many of GPH’s employees have been with the company for 15 years or longer.

“We do hire people all over the state,” McQuiston details. “We look for long-term employees; people stay here.”

Go-to plumbing services

GPH performs strictly plumbing, as that is where the team specializes. The company delivers on projects, mainly, for schools, hospitals and small service departments. While the company certainly has its niche, GPH knows its specialty inside and out. “The only thing we subcontract out is pipe covering,” McQuiston says. “We even have in-house welding abilities.”

“We give top-quality service to build a good reputation,” continues McQuiston. “Repeat business is key in the industry, and as long as we can do that, we will continue to prosper.”

The company has successfully completed numerous projects over the years, including laboratories, emergency rooms, MRI/radiology and bed units to UMass Memorial Hospital in its hometown of Worcester. Additionally, Wing Memorial Hospital Palmer contracted GPH for its $2 million fast-track expansion.

It is evident; GPH is no stranger to the health care market. However, GPH delivers to other industries, as well. The company completed a $4 million new high school, equipped with science labs and all associated support space, for Lawrence High School.

The company also delivered a $1.5 million addition and renovation to the Stow Firefighter Academy, as well as a $1 million fast-track – completed in just 12 weeks – six-story dormitory renovation for Framingham State College.

GPH has established itself in the industry, therefore, has acquired numerous high-profile clients, including UMass facilities, Biotech Research Park, Bose Corporation, Mass State College Building Authority and DCAM.

The future is bright

With a positive attitude, Grasseschi, McQuiston and the team plan on tackling 2015 head-on. Although the transition was not under the most preferred circumstances, the GPH team is sticking together; together, GPH can overcome any obstacle presented.

As far as workload goes, Grasseschi is not worried at all. “We have the capabilities to bid any large-scale project,” she details. “There are a lot of jobs coming out for bid; I see light at the end of the tunnel.”

No matter how the industry sways, Grasseschi and McQuiston are confident in the GPH team, and the company as a whole. “The key is labor,” McQuiston explains. “We have foremen who are highly skilled in the trade. Also, tools are definitely something you need to invest in every year; you have to keep everything in good working order to be successful.”

Furthermore, GPH is a member of the PHCC of Massachusetts, which Grasseschi and McQuiston plan to maintain. “There are a lot of good people with the PHCC,” McQuiston explains. “There is a lot of great information, too, which more than pays for your dues.”

With all of Grasseschi’s ducks in a row, the company expects smooth sailing moving forward. A strong, supportive and not to mention highly skilled team will keep Grasseschi Plumbing & Heating Inc. on track for sustained success into the fourth generation.

Published on: May 4, 2015

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