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Edge Adhesives

Creating efficient technologies in the sustainable product market

For more than 30 years, Edge Adhesives has been a leading manufacturer of rubber-based adhesive sealing products with extensive capabilities in butyl and block copolymer technologies. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Edge Adhesives also manages manufacturing facilities in Elkhart, Indiana; Houston, Texas; and Grove City, Ohio. The company has provided the science behind some of the most innovative technologies and largest brands in the metal building, waterproofing, roofing, HVAC and construction markets through its private label partnerships.

The products that Edge Adhesives manufactures are supplied directly to industrial end users and through distribution under the Plioseal brand, which is its primary brand in the market. In addition, Edge Adhesives maintains strong private label relationships with leading brands in markets such as concrete, automotive, electrical and building construction, where the company is a leader in premium performance and green building technologies.

Edge Adhesives

“Our new brand name Plioseal, represents base technologies that are proven and have been in the industry for decades,” says Edward Klavin, CEO of Edge Adhesives. “What we’re focusing on now is launching a direct-to-market brand. We’re not just putting our name on products that we’ve had in the market for years, we are expanding our platform with a new set of technologies that we are launching exclusively under our Plioseal brand.”

Direct to market distribution

Plioseal is a brand resulting from the combined product knowledge and technologies from five industry-leading companies acquired by Edge Adhesives. Its products include tapes, sealants, roof coatings and repair products for the building and waterproofing markets. Plioseal represents more than 150 years of combined knowledge, product development and field-proven experience.

Under the Plioseal brand, Edge Adhesives is excited about launching EcoButyl, a low-cost butyl window and door flashing tape designed to provide all of the benefits of a non-asphalt tape, while maintaining a competitive price point. EcoButyl is used for water protection on all critical non-roof details such as parapets, recessed windows, pot shelves and sill pans. When integrated into the wall system and used properly, EcoButyl defends against water penetrating the building envelope, which can lead to costly mold and mildew growth. “Unlike tapes that contain asphalt, EcoButyl is completely chemically compatible with any sealant commonly used in the marketplace so there are no issues with bleeding or staining,” explains Christopher Arnoldt, general manager of Building and Waterproofing Products.

Science, performance and history have proven that tapes containing asphalt are inferior to butyl-based materials, but up until now those butyls have cost significantly more. EcoButyl is now changing the market. “It’s unique in the fact that it offers superior performance at the right price compared to an asphalt product. Contractors all know that they should veer away from asphalt products but many don’t due to price,” says Arnoldt.

With a successful soft-launch of EcoButyl, Edge Adhesives is looking to increase its distribution channels throughout the country. The company is attending and exhibiting at numerous industry trade shows. The next step for Edge Adhesives is educating the industry on the Plioseal products and how they can benefit end users. “It’s our responsibility to show the industry that a butyl product can be affordable and effective without blending with asphalts,” says Arnoldt. “It’s about breaking down that mental association between butyl and a premium price.”

Another new product, provided by Plioseal through nationwide distribution channels, is its roof coating system called Acrylink G, the only coating on the market using crosslinking chemistry and custom-engineered acrylic resins. Acrylink G exhibits a combination of high tensile strength and elongation previously found only in some urethane coatings, all while retaining the superior ultraviolet resistance and ease of application of acrylic coatings.

Acrylink G was initially a product of Isothermal Protective Coatings Inc. (IPC), which Edge Adhesives acquired nearly two years ago. “This proprietary coating has a 35-plus year history of successful performance on all types of roofs throughout Texas and the southern markets. What we’re doing now is launching it on a broader scale for the first time,” shares Rick Jones, general manager of Coatings and Roofing Products. “We’re excited to be taking this unique crosslinked technology and offer its field-proven benefits across the entire nation exclusively under the Plioseal brand.”

Sustainability in practice

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Edge Adhesives takes pride in the fact that it is contributing to a sustainable future within the construction industry. Not only are the products produced by Edge Adhesives green, but the processes by which they are created are green as well. “Being a proud member of the USGBC shows that we care,” says Klavin.

“That pride is exhibited through all of our employees and products,” Klavin adds. “We’re a responsible adhesive manufacturer that is committed to the health of our employees and our environment.”

By not only producing quality products that contribute to the green building and sustainability markets, the fact that Edge Adhesives is strongly committed to educating the public about sustainable methods and technologies is a strong indicator that the company will remain a leader in the tape, sealant and coating manufacturing industry.

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