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Hands-on Ownership for Highly Efficient Residential Builds

Ron Reynolds, now co-owner of Century Communities II LLC (CCII), remembers his first career-launching design-build project like it was yesterday. “I was basically set up for failure,” recalls Reynolds. “I was given a set of plans for a 5,208-square-foot Blockbuster chain building that didn’t meet ADA requirements, which had basically been designated unbuildable. The owner who hired me thought it would be impossible for me to complete, but I finished a week ahead of schedule and $1,000 under budget. Despite starting way behind the curve, I completed the job in exactly four months and one week.”

Today Reynolds calls the shots, holding subcontractors, architects and engineers to an extremely high standard of quality design and installation. “For the most part, every job I’ve ever worked on I’ve had to redesign portions to meet my requirements,” Reynolds he says.

Reynolds and his business partner, Steve Crozier, started CCII in 2004 as an affiliate company of Tierra Realty Trust LLC (TRT). CCII was created primarily to specialize in the construction and development of TRT’s multifamily residential projects.

Based in Clovis, N.M., CCII is now a full-service, fully licensed, bonded and insured contractor dedicated to delivering exceptional building services. “We work with TRT all the time,” reveals Reynolds. “We focus on new construction jobs and high-efficiency developments, which we acquire from TRT.”

Of course, Reynolds relies heavily on his team at CCII to ensure his high standards. “We’re a three-man operation with the exception of our trusted subcontractor teams,” explains Reynolds. “Along with Steve and myself, we have just one superintendent, Jim Johnson.”

After years in the field as a design-build contractor and superintendent himself, Reynolds understands the importance of bringing jobs in on time and on budget. “We have the experience,” Reynolds adds. “And we only partner with subcontractors who have a proven track record.”

CCII services the entire expanse of New Mexico. For now, Reynolds wants the company to remain small so he can focus on quality over quantity. “We typically overlap one or two projects a year,” he shares. “We’ve broke ground recently on some interesting builds, including several LEED-certified jobs.”

LEEDing in New Mexico

CCII completed its first LEED Platinum-certified project in Hobbs, N.M. The La Pradera community consists of eight multifamily buildings, totaling 60 residential units. CCII’s work was awarded an impressive 84 points in LEED-certified scoring from innovative design to water efficiency, atmosphere to materials and resources.

La Pradera particularly excelled in irrigation performance. Since New Mexico gets very little rain annually, water is a precious recourse for the area and was a high priority for the project design. Only noninvasive and drought-tolerant plants were used in the landscape to reduce irrigation demands; CCII also conserved potable water by landscaping 65 percent of the site in an effort to keep the ground permeable, allowing water to relocate back into the aquifer. The average flow rate for the toilets used was less than 1.3 gallons per flush.

“We designed and built these units completely out of insulated concrete forms,” shares Reynolds. “I was very happy with the results of our first complete LEED-certified design. I actually talked the owner into using the insulated concrete forms, because I knew it was an efficient material and I had previous experience with it.”

The estimated energy costs for a La Pradera residency are much more affordable than a traditional home, reaching less than $650 per year. The estimated dollar amount includes heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, appliances and service charges. Also, the carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide greenhouse gas levels produced during construction and throughout the life of the community are equivalent to 34 percent lower than an average unit.

As a fairly dense community, at eight units per acre, La Pradera strives for land conservation and promotes a sense of community. The site location was selected carefully, situated walking distance for public schools, shops and other conveniences, thus nearly eliminating the need for automobile transport.

Merging History and Modern-day Efficiencies

Not far from Hobbs lies Clovis, N.M., where CCII is ramping up its second LEED Platinum-certified build. The company broke ground on the 60-unit historic Hotel Clovis Lofts (Clovis), located off Main Street, in November 2012. “This site encompasses three buildings on which we’re nearing completion,” explains Reynolds.

Nicknamed Skyscraper of the Plains, Clovis was once the tallest building between Los Angeles and Dallas. The hotel opened its doors back in October 1931, installing the first elevator in southeastern New Mexico and hosting post-Prohibition balls with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller and Hank Williams.

After the Santa Fe Railroad discontinued passenger trains to Clovis, the hotel lost sight of its glory days, falling victim to neglect, desert winds and vandals. In May 2000 the city launched a community-driven effort to revitalize downtown, including the hotel. “We were chose to bring this historic monument back to life,” shares Reynolds. “We developed a plan for new construction while paying respect to what once was.”

The new Clovis boasts 60 affordable rental lofts and over 8,000 square feet of commercial space. CCII is aiming for LEED Platinum certification through 80 percent passive solar orientation, recycled low VOC building materials, photovoltaic solar arrays and community gardens, merging the historic with modern day.

Reynolds believes the success of high-profile jobs such as Clovis revolve around the right team and his hands-on, do-it-right-the-first-time approach. “I’ve worked with architects in the past that might be able to draw a pretty picture, but at the end of the day it’s impossible to build,” he says. “I’ve learned to make all architects send me their CAD drawings so I know we’re all on the same page.”

Through Reynolds strict attention to detail and high standards of quality, CCII has completed various well-recognized, highly efficient residential jobs. From that first challenging Blockbuster build to today’s LEED Platinum-certified projects, Reynolds has certainly come a long way. Century Communities II LLC continues to deliver affordable, environmentally friendly units through hands-on ownership.

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