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B & M Roofing of Colorado Inc.

A legacy of award-winning roofing services

Since 1947, B & M Roofing of Colorado Inc. (B & M) has been putting roofs over peoples’ heads, and doing so with unbeatable prices and exquisite results. Seeing as how in 2013 Colorado experienced – and continues to experience in 2014 – an influx of individuals from across the country, B & M is specifically targeting the commercial and residential side of the roofing industry.

“We don’t do a lot of industrial, because there isn’t a lot of industrial in Colorado,” says Rick Rosendahl, CFO of B & M. “I’d say that we’re probably about 75 percent commercial and the rest is residential. And on the commercial side, it’s about 30 percent new projects, 45 percent re-roofs and 25 percent servicing; the rest is residential-type projects, what we call steep slopes.”

Focusing on the commercial side of roofing has led the company to some big projects for recognizable brands, including Ikea, Walmart, Home Depot and most recently a job with Bass Pro Shops. “They had built a new store and we did the roof,” says Rosendahl. “That ended up being a little more than a million-dollar job. There was about $400,000 worth of shingles on it.”

Rosendahl admits to targeting the commercial projects more, because the money tends to be larger and the business more consistent. However, B & M still actively looks for residential jobs. “Residential is a piece of work that we don’t want to lose,” says Rosendahl. “We don’t do a lot of new residential. Most of what we do in residential is re-roofing.”

Although residential does not fall into B & M’s lap as often as commercial, both sides of the industry are approached with the same sense of professionalism and respect that has come to define the company’s client-minded process.

Professional awards & recognition

B & M strives to go above and beyond with every project, and that passion is infused into the company’s team members, from the bottom of the corporate structure to the top. For this reason, some of the company’s members have earned awards through work at B & M – specifically, in 2002, Conrad Kawulok, a member of the board of directors of B & M, earned the 2002 J.A. Piper Award. The award recognizes a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) that has demonstrated outstanding service to NRCA and the industry.

Moreover, the company itself has earned numerous awards, including the 1990 RSI Roofing Contractor of the Year Award, RSI Metal Roofing Project of the Year and Gold Circle Award for Service to the Community. B & M also holds half a dozen honorable titles, such as Firestone Master Contractor, GAF Master Contractor, Carlisle Hall of Fame 500 and Carlisle Centurion.

“We take a lot of pride in what we do,” says Rosendahl. “Every project, from a simple roofing repair to an extensive overhaul, we approach it all with determination. We provide clients with unbeatable roofing solutions, it’s that simple.”

Although Rosendahl makes roofing sound simple, only a company as properly equipped for the task as B & M can manage to do enough of a good job to earn numerous awards and survive for almost seven decades.

Exquisite roofing for a sturdier future

“We don’t look for growth; we look for profitability,” says Rosendahl. “We don’t want to grow for the sake of growth. We’re instead trying to grow our service business. Our focus is to keep our service customers happy.”

Keeping the company’s drive moving toward quality of service rather than opportunities for growth ensures that B & M maintains a solid grasp on the company’s current geographic reach. “We’re all over Colorado and parts of Utah,” says Rosendahl. “And we have one location, with about 145 employees, all of them talented and outstanding.”

In addition to dedicated employees, B & M has a set pool of subcontractors that the company uses for a few jobs falling outside the company’s standard services. Rosendahl provides the example of gutter services as something the company frequently subs out to contractors, along with other specialty subcontractors. “We use the same subs all the time, because we like the ones that work well with us,” he says. It seems as though Rosendahl has a good handle on how to operate a successful business.

“I think everyone is amazed by the type of work and client base that we have,” continues Rosendahl. “We perform these huge, tangible projects for big retailers, and throughout the whole process we deal fairly with customers.” He adds with a laugh, “Myself, I’m just excited by how busy we are – and I know, because I sign every paycheck.”

The company’s impressive workload is now laying the foundation for B & M’s future stability. For more than 70 years B & M Roofing of Colorado Inc. has been moving toward this moment of continued growth, and Rosendahl proudly states that that momentum is sure to keep on rolling for many, many more years.

Published on: July 22, 2014

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