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Transparency in the Houston commercial construction market
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Specializing in ground-up commercial construction, corporate interiors, remodeling and capital improvement services, Angler Construction meets the needs of a wide variety of clients. As one of Houston’s premier tilt-wall commercial contractors, Angler Construction completes projects in manufacturing, distribution, health care, retail, office and technology sectors. With an experienced management team, the company is able to provide highly efficient and detailed planning. Combined with consistent client communication, Angler Construction ensures that fulfilling its clients’ needs is the top priority.Angler Construction

Building upon success

Torrey Hawkins founded Angler Construction LLC in 2009 and based his company on two major principles: quality and customer service. “We always go above and beyond with what we deliver to make sure that the process goes smoothly and our customers are completely satisfied,” says Hawkins. “We‘re a resource for our clients, not a liability.” By figuring all expenses into the planning phase of each project, the company’s clients are not hit with unexpected costs halfway into the job.

Hawkins’ company has developed a niche market by targeting midsize projects, often consisting of flex-space buildings and shopping centers between 25,000 and 100,000 square feet. Adjusting to bigger and smaller jobs as needed allows Angler Construction to work with local developers in multiple sectors. “We can move up and do bigger stuff or move down to smaller jobs if we need to,” says Hawkins. “It’s a nice market we have because we do a lot of jobs that are too big for the smaller guys and some jobs that might be too small for the really big companies.”

Since the company’s inception six years ago, Angler Construction has continuously grown. Due to quality business practices and ethics, the company has been able to double its revenue every year of being in business. Repeat business has been a major factor in Angler Construction’s success. “We’ll often do a small $5,000 interior project for a client and they’ll see the way we operate and within a year they’re hiring us to do a $5 million ground-up project for them,” says Hawkins. “By being a resource for clients, we have been able to extend our market share. We value every relationship we establish.”

While Houston remains the core market for Angler Construction, clients often request that the company travels for projects outside of its typical footprint. Hawkins says his company will only travel if he feels it will be worthwhile to the customer. “If I can’t guarantee the customer that it’s financially beneficial for them to have us venture out of Houston for them, then I’m going to let them know that,” he says. “It’s all about being upfront and honest with every customer.”

Angler Construction completed the construction of the only sales and service center in Texas for Tesla Motors. The team worked with a developer client to construct the building. Once the lease deal was signed, the company went in and completed the interior. “It ended up being about a $6 million turnkey project from start to finish,” says Hawkins. Angler Construction is also involved in a design-build project for a German company called Profile Wire, which produces heavy specialized wire products for the energy service industry.

Building relationships

While Angler Construction acts as a general contractor, the company turns to a solid network of trustworthy subcontractors for project execution. Hawkins considers each of these partners a part of the Angler Construction team. “We work with a core group of subs that we do a lot of repeat business with,” Hawkins explains. “Because of the quality of service that we want to deliver, we work with the same people over and over again because we can trust them.”

Although Angler Construction is a relatively young company, Hawkins has been in the construction industry for 20 years and the Houston market for nine. Through his networking, he has been able to attract some major talent within the industry. The executive staff at Angler Construction has more than 100 years of combined construction experience at its disposal. “During some slower times in the industry I was able to attract some very talented people with significant resumes,” says Hawkins.

Honesty and transparency is the philosophy that Angler Construction follows and instills in all of its employees. This motto allows Hawkins to hold his head high within the industry. “I tell all of my guys that they should never have to think about doing the right thing — it’s automatic,” he says. “As long as you are upfront with your clients regarding any situation they will come back to you and you will uphold a strong reputation.”

Continued growth is the near-future plan for Angler Construction. The company is looking forward to the opportunity to complete bigger projects. “We plan to expand more into the retail and medical markets and create opportunities to work with the clients that we want to work with,” says Hawkins.

While the company expands its market share and continues to increase its revenue, maintaining integrity, honesty and transparency will remain Angler Construction LLC’s top priority.

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