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Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning

The employer of choice

Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning (Airtron) was created following a consolidation more than 40 years ago. “Our niche is really residential new construction and light commercial,” says Eric Salzer, president of Airtron. With 12 Airtron locations across the United States, Salzer mentions that the company does a lot of work with national builders, consumer services, as well as performing high-end custom work.

Airtron is a Direct Energy company. Direct Energy also owns some of the largest home services franchises, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and Mister Sparky electric.

“They are all national brands, as well,” Salzer details. “In Texas, we do heavy commercial through another brand AirCo, which focuses on schools, shopping centers, low-rise buildings and things of that nature.  We also do large commercial in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and across Canada” says Salzer.

In Canada, Airtron operates as a national provider of HVAC, building automation and energy services for businesses. Airtron leverages the team’s knowledge of the local marketplace to help customers protect investments and keep facilities operating at full potential.

The Airtron team

Airtron is certainly an impressive company and holds both its customers and its employees in high regard. Many people are drawn to work for Airtron for its commitment to service, quality, a focus on safety and the company culture.  Salzer states that there are some challenges in the HVAC industry, but the company is focused on investing in its team’s future.

“There is a shrinking market of skilled labor so you need to invest in your work force,” Salzer explains. “It’s a problem for the entire industry. Some people don’t realize the excellent earnings potential and job stability working in the HVAC field can provide. Plus, the demand for heating and cooling services will always be there.”

Salzer remembers that when he was younger he always liked working on mechanical things and that was where his aptitude really excelled. “I went to school for HVAC engineering, commercial industrial HVAC engineering and AutoCAD, back when it was pretty simple,” he explains. “I got into the industry and really enjoyed it.”

Salzer recalls that he liked seeing things physically get done. When he would complete a project and could see the quality of the installation, it really got him hooked. By sharing this appreciation and dedication, Salzer hopes it will inspire others to become the next generation of HVAC professionals and technicians.

Impressive projects

Airtron is an industry leader and has an impressive list of projects and clients. The company recently replaced the cooling towers in the Olympic Village in Canada, along with handling national accounts across Canada for major U.S. and Canadian retailers.

“For Staples we do all of their automation work,” Salzer continues. “We turn their lights on for them in the morning and control their air-conditioning and when they have a problem we dispatch a technician out to fix the problem.”

As far as the largest areas for the company, its most impressive market is Texas. “In Texas, we have such a large market share,” explains Salzer. Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, are just a few other cities where the company currently has a strong market share.

Salzer mentions that regardless of the size of the project every one of them is gratifying. “What’s rewarding is when you get great customer reviews,” he details. “We do an NPS score and last year our NPS score was 83, which is world-class.”

Employee pride

Airtron’s biggest sense of pride is in its employees and watching them grow through the company.  Salzer states that the average tenure of one of the vice president’s is 17 years. “I have close relationships with all of our division managers, which is hard to do when you have a company the size of ours,” he says proudly.

Ever since its conception, Airtron has garnered respect from employees, customers and the community with its philanthropic efforts.  It is one of the foundations of Airtron. Many employees donate their time with organizations, such as United RehaB, including a lunch program for children, as well as building homes for veterans; Light the Night Walk, which raises awareness for blood cancers; and Making Strides against Breast Cancer – to name just a few.  Airtron will also be participating in a golf outing for Parkinson’s disease, which Salzer says everyone enjoys doing, because it’s very rewarding.

In the upcoming years Airtron has plans to continue to grow. Salzer states that the company will expand its territories and go into new markets while embracing new technology.

“We remain very strategic in how we run the company, it allows us to stay competitive and provide better service,” Salzer details. Airtron has remarkable standards, which is exemplified through the incredible success of the company and dedication of its employees.

Ever since its conception over 40 years ago, Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning has garnered respect from employees, customers and the community with its philanthropic efforts.

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