Millennial Blog Series: Jessica Scalo, Director of Marketing, Scalo Companies

Bringing energy and enthusiasm to family-owned business

What is your name?

Jessica (Jesse) Scalo


Tell us more about your job with the Scalo Companies?

I am responsible for determining the optimum marketing mix in order to develop and manage promotional campaigns, public relations, trade shows, sponsorship, electronic media and other communications programs within the target market.

How did you end up at your current job? 

Burns & Scalo is a family business, started by my grandfather John T. Scalo in 1956. I, as well as my brother John, are third generation in the business. I attended the University of Denver where I attained a Business Degree with a focus in Real Estate & Construction Management. Past experience includes a brief time spent with Burns & Scalo Real Estate Services, a separate company, owned and run by my dad’s twin brother, Jim Scalo.

I became the Director of Marketing when a position opened up at The Scalo Companies (best known as Burns & Scalo Roofing) right as we were kicking off our 60th year in business. The company had plans to celebrate this great accomplishment by means of a corporate event, a museum quality timeline, and a video chronicling 60 years of Scalo history. With my knowledge, passion, and care for my family company, I answered the call to fill the position and see each one of these projects through. You can watch the video here.

What do you like about your company?

My favorite thing about Burns & Scalo and the Scalo Companies as a whole is the energy of a “family” business that is not carried exclusively by those carrying the Scalo name, but by most employees of the company. There is a level of loyalty and passion that is very unique to this firm that has ultimately lead to great successes. This isn’t just a job for many. We say it’s not “what we do, it’s who we are.”

This culture is not easy to find. The other thing I like most about the Scalo Companies is its constant attention to the future. We are industry leading in so many areas that have led us to become much more than simply a roofing company, but a diversified building-envelope provider. We are constantly pushing technology to take us to higher level production and efficiency. We offer the best quality and most innovative services in our industry. What it all boils down to is being part of a winning team. Everyone likes to be on a winning team!

What do you think millennials bring to the table?

  1. Efficiency through the use of technology
  2. A high-level of adaptability
  3. A unique and creative approach to problem solving

If millennials could improve or counter a (perceived) negative character flaw, what should that be in your opinion?

Communication. We bring a high level of technological efficiencies but we are not good verbal communicators. I’ve seen a lot of millennials come and go because they were not able to communicate issues/problems in the work place effectively and chose to avoid confrontation until the problem escalates and they leave. This can be improved by proper training and transparent management. Second, is patience. Many millennials have their eyes set on goals but many of us are not willing to wait the 10-20+ years the generation before us did to get there. We’re looking for instant gratification or overnight success. I’ll counter that with growing up in a family business. We had to do things right every day for 60 years in order to get to where we are today, and I have a huge respect for that.

“You cannot close a deal on e-mail. It is so important to look someone in the eye, shake their hand, and let them know that they can trust that you stand behind your product.” – Jesse Scalo, Director of Marketing, Scalo Companies

Many baby boomers have started to retire. Have you learned something from a baby boomer that you are thankful for?

Patience, as I mentioned above. The example of dedicating your entire career to something and the often great reward that comes from that dedication. Also, hard work – there’s no substitute for it. But perhaps what I value most from the advice of the boomer generation is that people like doing business with people. You cannot close a deal on e-mail. It is so important to look someone in the eye, shake their hand, and let them know that they can trust that you stand behind your product. That is how you build relationships with people, and over time, that’s what separates you from the pack.

iPhone or Android, or something else?

iPhone…there is nothing else.

Instagram or Snapchat?

Both. Leverage these platforms for business… great way of differentiation!


The team at US Builders Review is professional and did a great job with your published article. They asked for and listened to my feedback and responded quickly to any requests I made.
— Susan Courter, Director of Business Development, R.E. Crawford Construction
I was contacted as a nominee for the Greenbuild Editor’s Choice 2016 recognition and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Working with US Builders Review has been a blessing for my company. Erica Berry took an awesome interview in the initial call as she gathered data for the article. She was concerned about how we became us, and she made me feel important by listening and taking notes. Then there is Ian Nichols who made me feel so comfortable in sharing my story, and Molly Shaw who interviewed me as well, as she was getting ready to create an awesome article about my company -- and I must say she nailed it on the first run! What a pleasure it has been to work with everyone. This feature on Container Homes USA will help me push the company into the forefront at the Greenbuild Expo 2016.
— Derrick C. W. Childs, Director Construction & Design, Container Homes USA
I was contacted by the company to write a review on my business. They handled the process very efficient and professional. The pictures came out great and the article was perfect. I am very happy with their work.
— Kirt McGhee, Owner, K4M Construction
My experience with US Builders Review was positive from start to finish. The staff conducted each interaction with the utmost professionalism, whether over the phone or by email. Beginning with the initial telephone interview US Builders Review carefully gathered information to form a draft document then incorporated my minimal edits required to achieve factual accuracy in the finished article. US Builders Review is a pleasure to work with.
— Tim Craddock, President, Vansant & Gusler Inc.
The process was simple: we were provided questions that the writers wanted to discuss, we were interviewed, and then we got to see a few drafts before the final version went to print. Given the quality of this publication, on behalf of Giroux, I can assure everyone that all of my partners would be happy to participate in similar articles in the future.
— Barbara Kotsos, Director of Marketing & PR, Giroux Glass
We are excited to be featured as a case study in US Builders Review and look forward to sharing our company’s story with a national audience.
— Ryan Sanzari, Director of Operations, Alfred Sanzari Enterprises
I’m blown away with the value that could come out of our partnership through this article. Working with the US Builders Review team is something that I have never experienced before and every day I feel even more privileged to be with EJH Construction, I never take for granted the opportunities that have come my way.  I am so excited about what our future looks like based on the relationship that has been built with the US Builders Review team.
Jennifer Wilhelmsen – Director of Human Resources, EJH Construction Inc.
Professional with attention to customer’s needs. Well prepared vision for article while open to suggestions. Provided plenty feedback and review prior to final draft. Thanks in advance for the assistance and promotion of our organization!
— Jason Lee, LEED AP O+M, Director of Sustainability and Optimization for Harvard Maintenance
I would like to commend the US Builders Review staff for their work in developing and writing a fantastic article for Miller Contracting Group, Inc. It was truly a pleasure to work with their professional and well organized staff.
— Chuck Daniels, Business Manager, Miller Contracting Group Inc.
Thank you all your efforts in putting together such a great article about our company in US Builders Review. DH Construction appreciates the professional manner in which your team worked with us to achieve the stateside exposure we were after; especially taking the time to get all of the facts correct. In short, the article was extremely well put together and we have already received a great deal of feedback, interest, and compliments as a result of the piece. Once again, we appreciate all the effort, and without a doubt, we will not hesitate to work with your organization again in the future.
— Daniel Harrigan, Principal, DH Construction


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