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Yearout Industrial LLC

Tackling new markets and expansion-mode growth in Southern U.S.

Yearout Industrial LLC, a division of the Yearout Companies, is a high-quality, full-service mechanical contractor based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more than 52 years, the Yearout Companies, spanning multiple divisions (Yearout Industrial, Yearout Mechanical, H-Y Tech, Yearout Energy Services Company), has worked to do more than build projects, but to also forge solid relationships with clients, subcontractors, vendors and employees through safety, quality installations and integrity. “We’re a high-quality company looking for high-quality clients,” says Bryan Yearout, president of Yearout Industrial.Yearout Industrial LLC

Bryan’s grandfather, Bob Yearout, formed the now third-generation business in 1963 and the company has taken root, grown and diversified from the solid foundation he laid. “I’m the third generation of family ownership,” says Bryan. “In 1964, my grandfather approached my father, Kim Yearout, about joining the business. My father wanted to specialize in commercial service. In 1996, he turned over the reins to my brother Kevin [CEO of Yearout Mechanical] so that when he retired in 2000, there would be a smooth transition. My brother and I have run it ever since.”

Rapid expansion, big changes

The family-owned company is building on a long history of strong relationships and service, now entering a number of new states and markets. “We went from working exclusively for two or three different clients to now, where we’re expanding our clientele into different segments of the industry and a number of different industries altogether,” says Bryan.

The Yearout Companies serve hospitals, offices and public schools, semiconductor facilities and now more recently, Department of Energy projects and nuclear energy contracts. “Yearout Industrial’s market focus is heavy industrial, chemical and manufacturing type arenas,” says Bryan. “We have acquired a number of large customers — some being large prime contractors that have contracts with DOE sites. We’re also doing more work for the power generation industry in the Southeast region of the United States.”

Yearout Industrial is now covering more ground than ever before. “We acquired a company in Augusta, Georgia, and we’re now working all across the Southern U.S.,” says Bryan. “Before, 95 percent of our work was in New Mexico, and a majority of it still is, but now we’re in Texas, South Carolina, Colorado, Mississippi, Georgia, and we’re pursuing work heavily in Tennessee at Oak Ridge National Labs.”

Even as Yearout Industrial adds new clients, Bryan says old customers are returning and the new ones are sticking. “Many clients have become multiproject, repeat customers,” he says.

All of this recent expansion amounts to more than $80 million in yearly business for Yearout Industrial and the other facets of the Yearout Companies. “We have about 150 employees, but if you factor in all of the Yearout Companies, it’s more like 300,” says Bryan. “There’s a few standout projects coming up and that number could increase quite a bit.”

New market diversification continues

In the late 2000s, the Yearout Companies saw potential in the nuclear energy field despite global hesitation. “After the Fukushima accident of 2011 in Japan, the worldwide nuclear market came to a halt,” says Bryan. “We think the market is worth investing, because it will be moving forward soon; it’s just a matter of the timeframe.”

Formed in 2006, Yearout Industrial is the Yearout Companies’ nuclear division. The company was created to expand services and seek new contracts with customers in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and North and South Carolina. Since 2006, Yearout Industrial has traveled across the country, working with international companies supporting the nuclear industry through over 225 NRC-regulated contracted builds.

In fact, Yearout Industrial’s quality program meets all criteria surrounding 10 CFR 50, Appendix B. The quality program also follows ASME QA Standard NQA-1 1994 and 2008 editions, including ASME NQA-1a 1995 and 2009 Addenda. The program has been audited for NQA-1 many times, including five times within the last year for verification of its quality service on private and DOE sites. “To our knowledge we’re also the only ASME U, R and S code stamp holder in New Mexico,” says Bryan. Yearout Industrial has launched new service agreements with Los Alamos National Labs. “We currently have two projects utilizing our level of quality construction,” adds Bryan. “Los Alamos National Labs [LANL] has also audited and added Yearout Industrial to be on its LBO [LANL building official] list for structural fabricated items.”

Beyond its home state, Yearout Industrial has ongoing projects at Savanah River Site in South Carolina. “Over the years we’ve established a wide range of services for multiple markets,” details Bryan. “While other contractors focus on one area only, we can easily go from a DOE office lab facility to a high-rise downtown building. We know how to easily transfer our employees and resources, all without sacrificing our quality standard.” Yearout Industrial has also recently been notified of its status as an EPC contractor for a manufacturing facility in Mississippi.

Bryan says he’s proud of the growth the company has achieved in the last several years and says that the Yearout Companies are not only sustaining, but thriving. “To expand you have to get out of your normal comfort zone,” he says. “The repeat business we have acquired, even in brand-new markets, tells us we’re doing something right and tells us we’re on the right path for further growth.”

Now with more boots on the ground throughout the Southern U.S. and more market capabilities than before, Yearout Industrial LLC and the Yearout Companies family are growing at an unprecedented rate.

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