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Wilkinson Technologies Ltd.

Groundbreaking innovations and skilled project management in Louisiana

The product of two generations of innovation and diversified expertise, Wilkinson Technologies Ltd. has led the market in automated welding technology for the offshore drilling market. The business began in its planning stages around 1985 and officially opened its doors in 1991. Will Wilkinson, president of Wilkinson Technologies, worked alongside his father, the company’s founder, for nearly two decades. Following his father’s untimely passing in 2013, Wilkinson has taken the reins of the family operation.

Wilkinson takes great pride in the legacy he continues with Wilkinson Technologies. He and his colleagues have spent decades adhering to strong core values: quality, innovation and diversity in services. These themes have helped the business to build longstanding industry relationships over the course of more than 30 years. In addition to applying proprietary technologies in challenging metalworking environments, Wilkinson Technologies also offers comprehensive consulting and project management services.Wilkinson Technologies Ltd.

Patented technologies

Over the years, Wilkinson Technologies has accumulated several patents, including the company’s groundbreaking, automated welding machine, two additional equipment patents and two more pending. “My father and I developed a lot of things together,” Wilkinson recounts. “Being in the offshore industry all our lives, we always came up with ideas. We were inventors; we would see something that needed to be improved, paid attention to the problems and we made it better. It fits our company mission: continually striving to exceed customer expectations. If we can be better, we want to be better.”

The company’s most renowned development has long been the automated welding machine. “My father developed this equipment to be suitable for the offshore welding environment,” says Wilkinson. “This equipment faces harsh conditions in transit and when you get offshore to perform welding tasks.” Over the years, many competitors have attempted to duplicate the technology, but so far none can match the efficiency and durability of the Wilkinson Technologies’ flagship product.

The key, Wilkinson says, is in keeping it simple. “That’s our mentality; that way we can fix everything that goes wrong in the field with our machines,” he notes. “Our machinery also still allows a welder to be a welder. Our machines require operators so you don’t have these robots taking over people’s jobs. Our equipment is far more favorable in a union environment in that way.”

The best marketing is a job well done

Wilkinson Technologies offers more than unique welding solutions; the firm is a full-service caisson driving contractor, fabrication shop and offers consulting services and robotic welding all over the world. “We have installed and completed hundreds if not thousands of large, heavy-diameter piles in the Gulf of Mexico,” recalls Wilkinson. “Over the years our footprint has expanded. We’ve worked on the Tappan Zee Bridge project in New York over the Hudson River, which was featured in North American Builders Magazine. We’ve also completed projects out in Santa Barbara, California for ExxonMobil, up in the Cook Inlet on the Gulf of Alaska, and we’ve worked as far away as Turkey.”

The goal for every project is to leave an impression that makes clients want to call the team back for more work. “My employees are my best salesmen,” Wilkinson notes. Many of his team members have worked for Wilkinson Technologies for 10 or more years — one long-term employee has built a tenure of 24 years with the business.

Wilkinson takes great pride in his team. The people at Wilkinson Technologies have helped form the company into what it is today: a leading innovator in the offshore construction market. Through many changes over the years, including a stressful transition in ownership and marked expansion through diversification, Wilkinson is proud to have the support of skilled welders, project managers and other personnel.

The future looks bright for the unique business. Diversification has offered stability — when one market is down, another picks up. The firm’s expanding portfolio has led to further diversification. Wilkinson Technologies is contracted for an upcoming project in British Columbia completely separate from the team’s traditional oilfield work.

With an eye for new opportunities and a track record for innovation, performance and safety, Wilkinson Technologies Ltd. is breaking ground in new markets while retaining a high level of service.

Published on: March 29, 2016

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