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Expanding design services, heightening possibilities and promoting project integrity

Founded in 1979, California-based architecture and interior design firm Taylor is a on a mission to promote innovation in health care and other sectors through a unique approach to design. To complete that mission, the company focuses on instilling a focus on strategy, user experience and aspirational results into each project, while also informing clients about the serious nature of Taylor’s work in architecture, environments and strategies.

“In the past, what has set us apart is that our market focus was on the health care industries,” says D. Randy Regier, president of Taylor. Focusing so intently on the health care industry has allowed Taylor to work with award-winning hospitals and health care providers.

“But that’s the Taylor of last week,” adds Regier. “The new Taylor is diversifying into new market sectors, so while the health care industry will still be a key part of what we’re doing, the key differentiator for us is that we’re using a strategy-based approach to our work.”

The new direction provides Taylor with an opportunity to rethink projects. “We can then integrate design and strategies with solutions across our architectural, environments and strategies practices,” says Regier. “We can act on a workplace or organizational challenge that might need to be solved and that solution may be a non-built result or a brick and mortar solution; an example of a non-built solution could be an organizational change, such as altering the way a company conducts business within the building, or identifying new business opportunities. The non-built solution would fall under our strategy services, which provide companies with results that do not involve any facility efforts.”

Regier goes on to note that each assignment begins with a conversation to determine how to best solve a client’s concerns. “So we strive to get to the heart of the question: What is the client trying to solve,” he continues. “We used to have a tendency to jump right to a brick and mortar solution, but now we’re focused on asking questions to figure out if a client needs an operational solution or a brick and mortar one.”

Taylor’s history remains rooted in built environment solutions for clients. Many of the company’s current projects are great examples of built environment solutions being the right solution. For example, Taylor is currently in construction for the St. Jude Northwest Tower addition located in Fullerton, Calif. With the right choice of a design-build delivery method and the right team, the project will be completed months ahead of schedule and significantly under budget. Other projects Taylor is currently working on include the Scripps Health Medical Office Building in San Diego, Calif., as well as the Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley Medical offices in Lancaster, Calif.

Branching into new market sectors

“At Taylor, our work is driven by a compelling idea: a deep emphasis on understanding the experience of the customer, employee, business partner or user of our services, places or products,” says Regier. “The experience is multidimensional – encompassing people, processes, spaces and technologies.”

Since the company’s recent expansion into new market sectors outside of health care, Taylor has been enjoying a new client interest, especially from the science and technology sector. According to Regier, the new clients see the company’s focus on strategy and innovation as a boon, because that architectural experience provides Taylor with a concrete understanding of complex problem-solving to satisfy the individuals in need of an effective workplace environment.

“Operational effectiveness is a key component to the architectural experience,” says Regier. “We believe that organizations that develop their plans based on an understanding of user needs tend to implement solutions that are more compelling and effective than competing approaches.”

Moreover, expanding into new market sectors will provide Taylor with new challenges and opportunities, providing the company with new experiences that will blend into all future projects. For a company that has been around for 30-plus years, constantly exploring the design industry through new services can provide new opportunities for employees.

“Our goal is to achieve a deep understanding of users and trends, so we can develop strategies and action plans that directly address the behavior, attitudes and cultures of our clients, their customers and staff,” says Regier. “We seek to fulfill that goal.”

Building a better Taylor

“Within two years, we want to solidify the geographies that we’re in,” says Regier. “We’re looking to expand, to include an office in Los Angeles, and our strategy services will leverage our services to a nationwide level.”

Really, that’s the whole point of Taylor’s recent changes: the ability to target a more expansive market. Regier believes the company has a strong presence within California – and the company’s portfolio supports that belief – but he wants to bring in clients from both near and far. The firm’s geographic coverage has proved that Taylor can do it, and now it is time to pursue that direction.

“What we do is a lot of fun,” says Regier, “And we have a lot of great people here that feel the same way. We’re passionate and driven, and we’ve built the Taylor environment to support that passion.”

With almost four decades of experience in the industry and countless talented members in the company, Taylor will continue to thrive for years to come.

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