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Charles and Luke Weaver founded Charles W. Weaver Inc. in 1958 as a residential masonry contracting firm in Lancaster County, Pa. After over 50 years and three generations, the company has evolved into Superior Walls by Weaver Precast (SWWP). SWWP continues to offer quality building solutions using modern technology. The evolution has followed changing markets and SWWP has become a leading force in concrete precast solutions for residential construction.

SWWP is licensed to manufacture and install Superior Wall systems as an affiliate of Superior Walls of America Ltd (SWA). Such systems have been implemented in construction projects for more than 20 years and have proven an innovative, effective solution for basement construction. The product consists of precast, insulated panels that are produced in a factory setting. SWWP produces the panels, sells them, and delivers and installs the panels on site. The precast panels are locked together and sealed, offering a perfectly aligned, waterproof wall that combines convenience with quality.

The Building Blocks of Success

Gary Weaver, owner and president of SWWP, took over the business after his father’s death. Today Gary works with his daughter Janessa Weaver, who works in marketing for SWWP. Janessa has grown up in the family business and is involved in helping SWWP continue to build a reputation in the region. The team’s knack for communication, technical expertise and customer service has contributed to its success. Affiliation with SWA has offered a backbone of support to the business, allowing SWWP to grow while still maintaining the level of service offered by a small family-owned company.

“We were the first franchise of SWA,” explains Janessa. “We started doing precast solutions in 1985, and the technology is growing in popularity.” SWWP operates out of a main plant in Ephrata, Pa., but the team has performed installations up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

“We serve certain territories regionally,” Janessa continues. “We cover a large part of eastern Pennsylvania, Baltimore, D.C. and Delaware. We also just acquired an operating licensee in New York where we can serve the eastern part of the state, as well as parts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.”

Growing Capabilities

In 1985 SWWP was constructing 67 basements each year. Today those numbers have grown, with the team installing over 100,000 feet of precast wall in 2012. To keep up with growth, the company has expanded its headquarters production facilities. SWWP built a 69,000-square foot addition, allowing the team to double production capacity and provide customers with faster product turnaround.

SWWP is mainly focused on residential applications. However, Janessa says the business group recently began a commercial precast operation. Performance Precast Solutions LLC plans to service the small-box retail segment along with offering some specialty medical construction products.

Such diverse capabilities have allowed SWWP to contribute to several complex projects over the last few years. According to Janessa, there is one in particular that stands out. “We did a project in Maryland on a green designer home,” she explains. Precast is a growing trend in green building due to the material’s energy-saving insulation capabilities. The concrete and insulation can also be manufactured using recycled materials, keeping more waste out of landfills.

Many of the company’s projects are for construction of single-family homes, but the team’s new location in the Empire State is offering the possibility for greater expansion. “We may have some projects on townhomes coming up,” says Janessa. “We’re moving with building trends toward doing more multifamily homes.”

Builders continue to seek out high-quality, innovative and fast solutions to building foundations. All production is performed in house at SWWP, giving the team greater control over quality and efficiency. The company works with a set network of suppliers who provide quality materials on time. Janessa says these relationships are integral to business, and two-way communication keeps everything running smoothly.

Like many businesses in the construction industry, SWWP was affected by the recession. “We got hit pretty hard,” explains Janessa. “But we’ve started to see an increase in the orders coming in. Things are starting to pick up.” Part of staying afloat has been SWWP’s ability to evolve with markets. While residential construction is down in many parts of the country, the commercial sector is picking up. As contractors and developers diversify services to open up to new markets, SWWP is moving along as well.

SWWP guarantees quality products, and the precast panels are built to last. The method saves time and money for contractors and future homeowners. The panels offer expedited installation time, as builders do not have to wait for concrete to dry. The unique, insulated design helps to moderate building temperatures, cutting back on energy costs in all seasons. Superior Walls by Weaver Precast continues to offer innovation and convenience to contractors, building owners and its growing fan base along the East Coast.

Published on: April 2, 2013


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