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Sodexo|Roth, Youngstown, Ohio

Energy management and more at your command

If a big-box store in San Diego loses its air conditioning, the solution may be just a phone call away to a massive command center staffed around the clock in Ohio. Perhaps the issue can be resolved remotely, and, if not, a crew will soon be arriving either from Sodexo|Roth or from a trusted vendor affiliate, well-versed in the intricacies of modern commercial and industrial HVAC, roofing, or building automation needs.

Same goes if the heating malfunctions at a university in upstate New York. And if a nursing home or hospital in Texas has roofing problems that cause leaks or jeopardize the efficiency of its operations.

Sodexo|Roth, Youngstown, Ohio

Provided, of course, that those institutions are clients of comprehensive facilities management services provider Sodexo|Roth.

There’s a good chance they will be.

For the company, based in Youngstown, with branch offices in multiple states, has over 1,000 industrial, commercial, health-care, public sector  and even some residential clients nationwide who depend on Sodexo|Roth as a one-stop resource for HVAC service and construction, roof management services, facilities automation and all-around energy efficiency.

Clients’ needs are literally at their command 24/7/365.

You make the call

With its attributes including advanced technology, intellectual capital and creative solutions, the North American Sodexo Command Center keeps data on more than 15,000 coast-to-coast facilities and is overseen by Tom Kerpelis, who brings to the job many years of experience in mechanical engineering, energy management and building automation.

Clients reach the command center through a 1-800 number specific to their portfolio, and should Sodexo|Roth’s in-house experts not have the solution over the phone or computer, there’s a team that responds within a pre-arranged time frame.

While Sodexo|Roth retains over 200 technicians for this purpose in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, it has 1,500-plus pre-vetted independent affiliates to call upon virtually anywhere, including Alaska.

Sodexo|Roth, Youngstown, Ohio

“It’s a really, really robust vendor network,” says Marketing and Communications Manager John Schuler. “We procure those who qualify through a very regimented program that stresses safety, compliance and cost. When they complete the job, we’ll pay them and send the company the invoice. We spare the company headaches and let them concentrate on business.”

Whether that technician is an employee or affiliate, Sodexo|Roth manages the project through the following process: check-in and check-out via phone, verification of total system functionality before release,  historical data provided to customer upon request and monitoring of all system readings and set points.

“Our model may be complex because we can offer customized solutions to any client, but it’s universally applicable,” Schuler assures. “If a company says it needs for all of its 2,000 locales to be serviced, we can do that, too.”

Keeping facilities humming

For many clients, that command center may not have to be used extensively if they rely on Sodexo|Roth for the initial contracting, says Schuler, adding that with the company involved at the front end of an operation, a familiarity is born that’s mutually beneficial and cost-efficient.

“We really view our agreements with our clients as partnerships,” he says. “It’s in everyone’s best interests to get a healthy preventative maintenance plan in place for the same reason that you go to a doctor or a dentist twice a year. We can help you mitigate long-term problems and extend the life of your equipment. We’d rather be proactive than reactive, although we can be both.”

An intelligent building is a well automated one, and Sodexo|Roth designs, installs and maintains such facilities with interfaced systems that control, monitor and sense such functions as temperature, humidity, ventilation, air quality, energy consumption and operation, lighting, safety and security, and systems integration.

That’s a lot of functions that need regular fine-tuning, and Sodexo|Roth says it simplifies the steps necessary for peak efficiency.

For HVAC maintenance, there’s the all-inclusive web-based Roth’s Proprietary Information Management System, known as both RIMS and WatchDog, which enhances the ability to manage all heating-ventilation-air conditioning needs as well as invoice verification. The company says it services more than 44,000 HVAC sites.

Sodexo|Roth, Youngstown, Ohio

With roof integrity critical to HVAC efficiency, Sodexo|Roth’s Roof Asset Management Services offers structural evaluations and assessments, preventive maintenance, capital planning, design, construction observation, procurement services, reactive leak service and warranty management.

Sodexo|Roth says it services more than 35,000 roofs, offering an array of services that add value and longevity. The chronology of services offered creates a client partnership that will follow the entire lifecycle of a roof, or a portfolio of roof systems.

Like a rock

With its Midwestern roots going back nearly a century, Sodexo|Roth evolved from the merger of a couple of companies whose specialties had long complemented each other.

Established in 1923, Roth Bros. Inc. was noted for roofing and sheet metal fabrication before advancing into the higher technology that’s since enabled the combined forces to keep remote tabs on facilities nationwide. Roth Bros. also brought to the table an extensive fleet of service vehicles.

Sodexo started out as a provider of janitorial and food services, also evolving into utilities, roofing and HVAC while building up national accounts at universities and other institutions to offer an integrated facilities management platform.

The merger of the two capable companies resulted in a comprehensive service powerhouse with a much extended reach, says Schuler. Roth has gained access to Sodexo’s national accounts while Sodexo has harnessed Roth’s mechanical and technological expertise that’s so much in demand by companies for whom energy efficiency can mean the difference between the black and the red.

“Everyone wins, especially the client,” says Schuler, a Kent State University graduate who took over Sodexo|Roth’s marketing duties last fall.

“The real crux of what we can provide is an integrated facilities management platform,” he says, emphasizing the multitude of ways a client company can save on energy costs, maintenance and repairs. “We can take entire national portfolios and integrate the way their facilities operate from a technical and mechanical standpoint.”

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