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Silverado Building Materials and Nursery (Silverado) is a large material supplier for Northern California. Silverado began in 1992 selling drywall and plaster, eventually expanding into masonry, landscaping and nursery products as well.

The Silverado team specializes in new custom homes, remodels and backyard projects, ensuring each receives full attention. “We focus on the trends in the marketplace and the needs of our customers,” says Jodi Holmes, an architectural representative for Silverado.

The sales team at Silverado is focused on offering unique elements for any commercial or residential project. The team works with individuals and contractors to develop plans or choose appropriate and attractive components, as well as offer the tools and connections to get the job done.
“Our staff has expansive knowledge in all of the products we offer,” says Holmes. “We’re the one-stop shop in the area. Our sales range from adding a new potted plant to the front of your house to overhauling your entire estate. We can cater to any part of your project.”

Silverado is now part of Southern California’s Thompson Enterprise, ultimately expanding the team’s reach. Silverado’s Sacramento location is beautifully situated on 25 acres, hosting an 8,000-square foot showroom. While an impressive material yard and on-site design center can be found at the Ripon location.

“This exciting merger comes with a plethora of exciting products that have been found at Thompson Building Materials,” explains Holmes. “These include Omega Products International, Siena Tile and Mortar Products, Valori Precast, Thompson Boxing Promotions and more. Silverado is truly a destination for inspiration.”

Patio Products

Silverado has a large, diverse inventory of unusual, stylish products for a backyard, front yard, patio or outdoor kitchen among others. Bricks made of clay in a range of colors are available for masonry work, patios and planter accents, as well. A variety of stones – both natural and manufactured – become building blocks for fireplaces and gardens.

Additionally, clients can choose the perfect pavement option from Silverado’s huge selection to construct enviable outdoor spaces, as the team’s brick and stone products come from locations around the world. In order to stay ahead of the market, the purchasing team at Silverado is constantly seeking out the latest in material trends.

The company also offers key entertainment components and furniture to maximize renovations and help turn a patio into an outdoor living space. Gas and propane grills can be incorporated into designs, offering a cooking station with room to prep that matches stone, brick or concrete components. Fireplaces add a more formal backdrop for roasting marshmallows, or a cozy romantic spot in the backyard. A wide range of seating, lounging and table options make room for homeowners and their guests to sit down and relax or partake in a barbecue or cocktails.

Building Memories

Holmes says her role at Silverado is often very rewarding. “Do you know what is fun?” she asks. “Having a whole family come in to remodel the backyard for one of their children’s wedding. It involves some time crunches, some stressful moments, but it’s great to see the beautiful results and the family coming together.” Holmes and the architectural teamwork closely with clients to build custom settings for any occasion that will last beyond cutting the cake.

“We’re helping people turn their dreams into reality,” says Holmes. “We’re providing our customers options for outdoor living. We do not have a stagnant inventory. We’re constantly bringing on new products.”

The inventory changes with trends and seasons, limited only by what clients can imagine and vendors can create. Silverado is partnered with national and international production facilities that are constantly pumping out new items, ensuring clients get nothing but the best. “Managing our relationships with suppliers is a huge part of maintaining unique, high-quality inventory and selection,” explains Holmes.

“We’ve overcome the challenges [of the economic downturn] by being creative,” Holmes continues. By moving on from basic building supplies, Silverado has opened itself to new markets. “We’ve become more homeowner-friendly,” explains Holmes. “Opening up to new products has also helped us keep our staff employed during the off-season.”

Location, Location, Location

Each location offers acres of supplies and nursery facilities, as well as dozens of employees dedicated to realizing a client’s vision. “We have the most unique design centers in the area,” says Holmes. This dedication to custom solutions is the backbone of the business. “There’s a lot of competition in all aspects of our business,” Holmes explains. “But our customer service sets us apart.”

While business is improving with the economy, Silverado is making some changes to ensure success. “We’re expanding,” explains Holmes. “We’re putting in new displays and installations at our materials yard and already had a grand opening of each one of our design centers.”

The Sacramento location’s design center is getting ready to start an interior makeover on the showroom, which Holmes says will become more of an integral part of the operation. The new showroom displays will make way for an expansion of products and services, as Silverado grows and continues to cater to the custom home-building market.

After 20 years in the industry, Silverado continues to adapt to fit changing markets along with customer needs. According to Holmes, Silverado’s impact on the community has surely been noticed, and the new merger with Thompson Building Materials will only enhance that impact. With a growing number of locations and resources, Silverado Building Materials and Nursery is pushing ahead of competitors in the region with a vast selection of unique home improvement products.

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