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SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies Inc.

Not the Average Roofing Supplier

After 30 years in the roofing supply industry, Jamie Glazer, third-generation family owner, partner and vice president of SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies Inc. (SG), has seen national roofing supply chains and small competitors come and go. However, Glazer says SG is flourishing for one good reason: personalized service.

“We don’t just answer the phone, fill an order and put a price to a quote,” he explains. “I call it the personal touch. We have our guys out there creating relationships, promoting good old fashion service and flying the SG banner.”

Arriving On Time, Backed by a Leading Team

That’s how it’s been for three generations and over 50 years at the California-based company. “My grandfather started the business in the early 1960s,” shares Glazer. “My dad owned and operated the business for decades and is now retired.  Now, my brother Dana and I own and operate the business and are equal partners. We’ve both been in the business for more than 30 years.”

Additionally, a considerable amount of SG’s employees have been at the company even longer. “We have approximately 80 employees and their tenure is extremely high,” Glazer explains. “I’m very proud of our employees.”

SG serves southern California with five locations, from its corporate headquarters and branch in Santa Ana, as well as branches in Spring Valley, Costa Mesa, Gardena and Vista, Calif. The company owns its own facilities and a sizable modern fleet of trucks, including semi tractors, cranes, reach machines, piggyback forklifts and conveyor trucks.

“We have the manpower to get the material where you need it,” adds Glazer. “With a variety of equipment, along with certified operators and safety training we’re proud of, we have the ability to deliver product without compromising the well-being of our employees, damaging your job site or damaging the condition of expensive materials.”

SG takes the time and resources to train and provide continuous safety education, ensuring proper delivery techniques and practices. “Our commitment to our personnel has improved our service while helping reduce overhead expenditures associated with workplace injuries and accidents,” explains Glazer. “Also, our dedication to the latest technology in business and transportation has had a tremendous impact on our licensed contractors. We maintain accurate inventories, deliveries and invoicing for our customers. With an integrated network of locations throughout southern California, our expert sales team uses this technology to get you the correct information, every time.”

Second-to-none Customer Service

As a locally owned company SG embodies the values of a family-run, third-generation business, believing and investing in the simple power of a smile, handshake and one-on-one service. “We have a deserving reputation for outstanding service,” reveals Glazer. “Ask a manufacturer’s representative to recommend a distributor who can provide consistently strong service and you will find SG is often their first response. I’m very proud of that, too.”

The company regularly hosts classroom seminars, product demonstrations and hands-on educational events at any of its five locations to ensure all employees are familiar with new products and techniques. “We have a tremendous, knowledgeable sales force,” assures Glazer. “We’re out there every day shaking hands, meeting with new clients and maintaining the relationships we have already earned.”

The Product for the Job

From multimillion-dollar historical homes to stadiums, SG carries a wide array of product lines, including some the big-box stores and national chains won’t. “In today’s day and age there’s not a whole lot of proprietary brands out there because things tend to get commoditized,” explains Glazer.

SG stocks and supplies roofing and waterproofing materials suited for decks and both steep-and low-sloped roofs, as well as underlayment, insulation and fasteners required to build a dependable roof. Modern or traditional, SG stocks a variety of products to suit a broad range of aesthetics and performance requirements, from real cedar shingles to slate, composite shingles, as well as metal roofing systems, concrete tiles, clay tiles, rock, granules, single-ply roofing membranes, APP, SBS, SA, built-up roofing and of course asphalt shingles.

“Our standards for any product are extremely high,” adds Glazer. “We represent products from leading manufacturers and the best in the business.”

SG is the go-to for projects that require extra attention to detail. The company works in collaboration with homeowners associations across southern California to supply proven products that homeowners can count on. “We’ve supplied roofing for many notable projects showcased in Disneyland, The Los Angeles Coliseum, the Los Angeles County and Orange County Court Houses,” shares Glazer. SG has also supported countless housing authority jobs and homes for the area’s military personnel and their families in the U.S. Navy, Marine, Air Force and Army bases.

For Glazer and his team it’s more than a phone call and an order, it’s about building community. “Our employees donate and volunteer for a variety of nonprofit, charitable organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, little leagues, the Boys and Girls Club and the numerous Community Clinics,” he notes.

Additionally, post-Hurricane Katrina, the company organized a fundraiser with its contractor clients to raise $30,000 for the American Red Cross. “We decided to match their contributions dollar per dollar and we came in well over the goal,” adds Glazer.

SG is also a longstanding member of NEMEON, a national buying cooperative, allowing the company to buy effectively and compete with national chain stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. However, SG doesn’t fit the cookie-cutter mold of the national roofing supply or big-box stores. SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies Inc. remains family-owned and -operated, putting customers and community first for well over 50 years.

Published on: August 5, 2014


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