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Scranton Products

Restroom and locker room compartments designed to be worry-free

Scranton Products (SP) came together in 1980 as the product of a corporate merger between Comtec, Santana and Capital. The business utilizes innovative technology to produce a range of high-density plastic products suited for restrooms and locker rooms in offices, education, transportation centers, sports facilities and other commercial buildings. SP’s manufacturing facility is located in Scranton, Pa., and creates durable products for customers all over the world.

David Casal, director of sales and marketing at SP, coordinates with the company’s leadership team to build brand identity and establish relationships with potential and existing clients. “We sell through a large distributor network to school districts, gyms, hotels, airports, office buildings, convention centers and movie theaters, among other customers,” Casal explains.

Unique products

The business offers five different textures and a variety of colors, more than most competitors. “We offer a diverse product line of bathroom partitions and lockers,” Casal elaborates. “Each product line has tremendous bacterial resistance to help our customers maintain sanitation. All of our partitions and lockers are made from panels 1-inch thick HDPE. Many other products on the market use cardboard or particleboard for the core and are subject to mold or mildew when placed into wet environments, such as restrooms or locker rooms. Even though the upfront cost of HDPE products may cost more initially, overtime the product pays for itself, in as little as two years, providing owners with substantial cost savings. These products also contribute to a building’s LEED certification and are GREENGUARD Gold-certified.”

These partitions and lockers have been distributed to customers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Everything is manufactured in-house at the plant in Scranton; however, distributors work with subcontractors for installation throughout the brand’s broad geographic footprint. Materials come in from Louisiana by train in the form of resin. SP’s relationships with sister companies offer leverage in purchasing, keeping costs low. Once manufacturing is complete, products ship out to customers throughout North America.

Recent projects and initiatives

“We recently had our product installed in the White Sox’s U.S. Cellular field,” Casal details. “According to Don Esposito, senior director of purchasing, construction and maintenance for the Chicago White Sox and their U.S. Cellular home field, the new materials included the specification of our Hiny Hiders bathroom partitions due to looks, durability and ability to reduce costs and maintenance. Chosen in black with a hammered texture for the ballpark’s 320 stalls, Esposito said the sleek black color was right in line with the team’s colors of black, white and silver. The facility’s cleaning staff was immediately impressed with their resistance to graffiti and the ease in which they clean.”

Casal goes on to note that the company also recently supplied its new Duralife Lockers in Danville, Pa. “There was a river flood and the school wanted to use a material that did not rust, in case the water rose again and flooded the premises,” he details.

SP also recently developed a method to integrate recycled juice boxes into the lockers. Originally, the product could not be recycled, because of the metallic material on the outside. The manufacturer redesigned packaging to make it more recyclable and now, juice boxes make up 75 percent of the recycled material in these products.

Keeping it green

The team is committed to sustainability in products, touting between 25 and 100 percent post-industrial content plastic in every partition, panel and locker. In 2014, SP is exhibiting at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo (Greenbuild) in New Orleans. “We have done Greenbuild a few years now,” says Casal. “We talk to a lot of architects and they are more concerned with environmentally friendly products. It gives us an opportunity to educate key people and potential customers of all the great sustainability features HDPE can offer.”

It is evident Casal is proud of what SP brings to the table. “We take great pride in selling a product that is environmentally friendly,” he continues. “At the end of our product’s life cycle, those materials can be recycled again.”

SP’s lockers and partitions support a healthier environment. The durability of the high-density plastic means partitions and lockers are in use longer. When finally worn out, the products can be taken back by the manufacturer and reused again as a partition or locker.

SP is also certified by GREENGUARD Gold. These materials meet strict criteria for products intended for use in environments where children spend significant periods of time. SP’s products never need to be painted so as not to contribute to VOC emissions. This serves to improve both indoor and outdoor air quality; it can be cleaned without chemicals through either power washing or steaming. These partitions and lockers can also help a project meet LEED certification.

Casal and his team are dedicated to quality products that are easy on the Earth. There is growing market demand for sustainable products and SP is prepared to take on new opportunities and challenges in the coming years.

Furthermore, Casal predicts major growth in the company’s Duralife locker line, which is the only plastic locker product in the market with an NFPA286 fire certification, specially designed for the school corridor.

With innovative products and a business model that values integrity, Scranton Products continues to produce high-quality, durable products that meet changing sustainability standards.


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