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Improving energy efficiency through sun-controlled window treatment solutions

Well-established relationships coupled with a strong reputation among the finest designers, architects and contractors in the building industry have led to Roll-A-Shade’s emergence as a premier manufacturer and installer of quality window treatments. Located in Riverside, California, Roll-A-Shade serves as a one-stop-shop for commercial and residential customers. “We’re different from other companies because we manufacture our product, sell it directly to the customer and also install it,” says Ty Pereira, CEO.

Throughout its nearly three decades in existence, Roll-A-Shade has experienced exponential growth year in and year out. Currently with 70 employees, Roll-A-Shade’s consistent increase in volume stems from two sources, according to Pereira. “One is the fact that we are the single source of contact and work with the client from start to finish,” he shares. “The other reason is the awareness of energy efficiency in the commercial sector. Our product is extremely energy efficient and that market continues to be on the rise.”


Sustainable treatment

Roll-A-Shade is continuously enhancing and innovating ways to provide the most intelligent and efficient sun-control solutions. Working primarily in the commercial sector, the company’s window treatments improve comfort for clients, customers, patients and/or personnel while reducing energy costs.

“Glass can really be a double-edged sword,” says Pereira. “The more glass a building has, the better it is for the occupants due to a connection with the outside world. On the downside, with a lot of glass a building tends to lose heat and air conditioning. Our shades maintain a connection with the outside world, while still reducing the heat and air-conditioning costs that are associated with the function of the facility.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, window shades can be one of the simplest and most effective window treatments for saving energy. This is largely due to the gamut of materials available in window treatments. Pereira states that it is a combination of refracting and absorbing sunlight. “We have fabrics that are dark in color but because of the composition of the fabric, they still have the solar reflective properties of a light fabric,” he explains. “This technology has been absent from the industry until now.”

Ultimately, the manufacturer of a product is most aware of its capabilities. As the single source of contact for its quality window treatments, Roll-A-Shade is able to remain nimble and responsive to its customers’ needs. Working with clients all over the U.S., the company recently built a new manufacturing plant in Pompano Beach, Florida. Roll-A-Shade will use this new facility to accommodate the rise in demand the company has experienced on the East Coast in recent years.

“The plan is to share the workload between the East Coast and our West Coast operations to better support our customers and the increased volume,” shares Pereira. “The East Coast plant will be in operation by the fourth quarter of 2016 and will operate as a completely independent plant.”

With the utilization of smart technology in the workplace today, window shades are not exempt from automation applications. Roll-A-Shade manufactures “smart shades” that track the sun, self-regulate and operate on timers. “There are some systems that even control themselves based on the customers’ requirements,” says Pereira.

Recent clients of Roll-A-Shade include Disney as well as Howard Elementary School in Oregon, which included a security feature. The window shades are activated in a lock-down situation, which secures the classrooms. “It’s all very high-tech and revolutionary,” shares Pereira.

A presence in the sustainable community

With environmental responsibility at the forefront of the organization, Roll-A-Shade has maintained a presence at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo for a number of years. However, this will be the first year that the company is exhibiting at the conference, which Pereira is excited about. With the constant evolution of technology in window treatments, Roll-A-Shade will display the capabilities of its products while keeping an ear open for new innovations.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to be present in the green-building and sustainability community,” says Pereira. “We expect a very strong California presence. It will be great to meet some of the architects and designers who we work with.”

By continually striving to provide the highest standards of service available through its trained field representatives and customer service personnel, Roll-A-Shade is committed to providing the highest quality window treatment solutions. With state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, nationwide installation service and facility support, Roll-A-Shade remains a leading choice for energy-efficient, commercial and residential window treatments.

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