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Setting the Example for Senior Construction

Some contractors may focus on improving the sweeping urban landscape, while others invest energy in small country homes. The design-build contracting team at Regent Construction Group LLC (RCG) strives to develop Texas communities in a very distinguished way. RCG performs general contracting in the residential and commercial industries, including multifamily units, office buildings, industrial, retail and mid-rise apartment buildings.

However, the team’s specialty is in building senior communities throughout the state of Texas, including multiple-story independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing facilities. Bob White, Darl Chapman and Monty Johnson, the owners and founders of RCG, bring over 35 years of experience in the construction industry to the company, with the last 15 years focused specifically on senior housing. The trio’s experience has led to RCG’s high demand throughout the state, and has contributed to substantial growth within the two-year-old company.

“We’re less than half way through our second year, and we’re already negotiating for $20 million worth of work,” says Chapman. The owners are excited that their hard work and dedication have paid off so quickly and look forward to even more growth. The company began when White, Chapman and Johnson came together with a vision to improve the lifestyle of the aging community.

“When we took on this particular mindset, we saw it as a specific opportunity to help seniors and the physically disabled,” says White. RCG’s aim is to not only provide quality facilities with custom amenities, but also to help the owners and developers stay within budget and navigate through the difficult code processes.

Living by Code, Building with Belief

Building anything to code presents challenges for construction companies all over the country, but the codes for skilled nursing and assisted living facilities are an entirely different matter. Chapman, White and Johnson were well aware of these difficulties when they began the company, but keeping abreast the enormous amount of restrictions and red tape is the challenge these seasoned contractors thrive on.

“Years ago when we first dealt with it we knew it would be difficult considering the vast amount of codes that are applied to these types of facilities,” recalls White. “It is a great opportunity to be proficient in new interpretations that change from month to month.”

Codes are similar on national and local levels, but variances occur regardless. RCG looks at these as both positive and negative deviations. “The good news is that it keeps the residents and owners safe; the bad news is that everyone has their own interpretation of the code and how to meet it,” articulates Chapman.

Where the interpretations cause trouble for RCG is in the form of inspectors. “How they looked at something last month can be completely different than next month,” White elaborates. Licensed care facilities in Texas must be designed and constructed to pass a variety of inspections and receive an initial Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities (TDADS) inspection, after the city issues a certificate of occupancy, before the resident can even set foot in the building. In order to head off these inconsistencies, RCG continually networks with architects and engineers as well as with regional TDADS inspectors across Texas to keep up to date with any changes or developments.

Many contractors in the senior market will participate in only one successful licensure with the TDADS per year; White and Chapman have averaged one licensure per quarter for the past five years, which has led them to over 20 successful licensures with the state. Going through the process and gaining experience has shown RCG’s level of commitment to both the integrity of the end structure, as well as to the safety of its residents, setting RCG apart from its competitors in the senior building market.

Lasting Foundations for Facilities that Care

The majority of RCG’s jobs take place throughout Texas, but the team is willing to travel for each clients. Jobs have been performed to code as well as to the RCG team’s own standard of excellence in Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, Kansas and Oklahoma, as well as North and South Carolina.

The challenge is finding local subcontractors that share the same wealth of knowledge and the same high standards as the RCG team. “Not everyone can keep up, but there are a lot of good quality, highly reliable subcontractors out there,” Chapman remarks.

Houston has seen enormous amounts of growth in the senior housing industry; the code regulations are strict, but manageable. RCG played the role of design-build on the Live Oaks Assisted Living Center in Montgomery. The company has employed skilled craftsmen in all phases of the project and is overseeing all of production. The facility boasts all the amenities a resident could ask for, including a formal dining area, a beauty salon, a media room and an activity area in addition to beautiful outdoor scenery with water features ideal for walks with friends and visitors.

RCG prefers the design-build role because it allows the team the chance to lay the ground work for a successful job. “We feel it’s a service we provide to save the owner so much pain and frustration,” White says. “You definitely sleep better at night knowing everything has been looked at and addressed.”

The company has also been called into consulting roles. Most recently, the developers of Magnolia Heights Assisted Living and Memory Care Center hired RCG as its consultant. The center, which breaks ground early summer 2012, is a beautiful 80,000-square foot facility equipped with all the comforts of home. “We’re excited to be involved and help this project pass licensure,” says White. “It’s sure to be a great success.”

The forward-thinking approach employed by RCG has made the small company a formidable presence in the South and Midwest. Competitors are finding it hard to compete with RCG’s ability to interpret code and pass licensure requirements on the first inspection, as well the team’s ability to provide the highest quality product available for the fairest price. As long as the company continues applying genuine commitment to constructing solid skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, while providing clients with the most value for their dollar, Regent Construction Group is heading for a future ripe with growth.

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