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REDCOM Design & Construction LLC

Concept to completion design-build in the mid-Atlantic

REDCOM Design and Construction LLC (REDCOM) has a passion for producing the best finished product possible for clients. Based in Westfield, New Jersey, the multifaceted design-build firm accomplishes this goal by controlling the building process from concept to completion. “There are a lot of companies that claim to be design-build, but we really are purely a design-build firm, meaning we have in-house engineers and architects, as well as construction management,” says John Cannata, executive vice president of REDCOM.

This in-house advantage has allowed REDCOM to capture a major market share throughout the mid-Atlantic’s private sector, particularly with auto dealership clients. “We have a strong reputation in this market, working with high-end brands such as Audi and Porsche,” says Cannata. “Today, more brands are requiring dealership upgrades to meet their strict image and branding requirements. When this needs to happen, we have dealerships calling us based on referrals and our reputation.”

REDCOM is also a major player in industrial-commercial warehousing facilities and institutional projects such as medical facilities and private schools. “We focus on three areas: the auto market, industrial-commercial warehouse spaces and institutional buildings,” explains Cannata. “The public-bid market is a secondary pursuit for us.”

Honing in on design-build delivery

Since being founded in 1982 by Jim Redington, PE, as REDCO, the company has grown by leaps and bounds through second-generation ownership. In 1991 Greg Redington, PE, joined REDCO, making it a four-person firm, and by 1998 he became president and owner.

After 28 years under the REDCO name, in 2010, Greg Redington established REDCOM under its current designation with the intent to specialize in more design-intensive projects. Now the firm has 50 employees including engineers, architects, project managers and site supervisors.

Under Redington’s leadership, REDCOM has effectively tripled in size over the past decade, pursuing larger and more complex projects, including medical facilities, office and professional buildings, athletic centers, auto dealerships, private schools and child care centers. The company has also expanded in the area of industrial construction to include warehousing for multinational companies, specialized laboratories and trucking facilities.

Robert Martinez, Marco DeSousa, Eric Buckley, Virgilio Torrao and Michele Modestino encompass REDCOM’s in-house architectural design team. Sophie Lubin has also spearheaded an interior design department at REDCOM. “We really try to work with customers from concept to completion,” explains Cannata, who’s been with REDCOM for 15 years. “We partner with real estate agents who inform us when potential owners are looking at properties. This allows us to meet customers early on and help them develop their concepts.”

Gaining ground

This approach has also allowed REDCOM to gain footing outside of New Jersey. “We have expanded into Long Island, Connecticut and Maryland,” says Cannata. “This growth has come by sticking to what we do. We know what we’re good at, so it’s not about changing what we do, but where we do it.”

Cannata says he sees more satellite offices coming down the line in the next few years as REDCOM moves into new mid-Atlantic markets. To reach this point of expansion is somewhat of a milestone for REDCOM, having survived some lean years through the recession.

“We were down to eight employees,” recounts Cannata. “We just kept pushing, doing a lot of sales work and estimates. We managed to land a couple of projects to carry us through and keep the lights on. When things started moving again, it was the auto industry that picked up first. Luckily, we had that under our belt and a good reputation. We used that to ride out the rest of the recession.”

REDCOM Design & ConstructionThe auto market remains a strong niche post-recession for REDCOM. “We just finished two ground-up Audi dealerships, one in Brooklyn and one in Freehold, New Jersey,” details Cannata. “It’s always fun to work with Audi because it’s a high-end brand. We work closely with their German design team and it’s an interesting collaboration.”

In Maryland, REDCOM has completed its first dealership project of 2015 for Chrysler Jeep. “Aside from the auto world, there are ground-up industrial projects coming out, too,” adds Cannata. “This is a good sign, because it means the market, in general, is on its way back up.”

The company is currently working on a major institutional project in Pomona, New York. “We’re building a Zoroastrian temple,” details Cannata. “This is a very interesting project with all of the special design and symbolism going into it. Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest religions from the Middle East.”

A family feel

On all projects – from religious institutions and warehouses to car dealerships and private schools – REDCOM continues to serve as the single source of responsibility for its customers. REDCOM provides quality design, professional representation and fast-tracked construction timelines to its clients. “The company’s boutique approach to facility design and construction invariably produces architecturally responsibly buildings, while saving clients time and money,” adds Cannata.

REDCOM wouldn’t be able to function in this manner without a close-knit team. “I think one of the biggest things that stands out about our company is the family atmosphere here,” shares Cannata. “We work together to accomplish the clients’ goals. The best part is problem-solving. As the designer-builder, we really own it and coming up with a solution that satisfies all parameters is the most rewarding part of the business.”

As a trusted design-build partner, REDCOM Design & Construction LLC is building on its reputation of expert concept to completion delivery and expanding its geographical footprint as a result.

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