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At heart, ProTecs LLC (ProTecs) is a construction management firm that applies a different approach to project delivery and design-build projects while specializing in high-tech markets, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device, semiconductor and specialty chemical and sectors. “We’re a unique company, not your normal construction management firm,” details Christopher DiPaolo, CEO of ProTecs. ProTecs services a large scope of clients nationwide, aligning project goals with tangible, performance-driven results.

The Pennsylvania-based company has offices in both New Jersey and Delaware to deliver fast-track results for all kinds of industries. The team services throughout the U.S., but mainly serves the East Coast, from New York to North Carolina. “We’ve completed work in over 33 states,” adds DiPaolo.

Filling a Market Gap with Target Costing

ProTecs is the result of an opportunity DiPaolo grasped over a decade ago, as he is no stranger to high-tech markets. “Throughout my career, I’ve always worked in advanced industries,” he shares. After many years with another firm, DiPaolo realized the need for a company that could service these markets from a fresh perspective.

“I believed there was a better way to deliver technically complex projects for clients that is both transparent and allows them to gain early vision of all the project parameters and get a guarantee of the overall project costs while leveraging the marketplace to get the best value and resources,” he details.

DiPaolo’s plan was set in motion. “In the early 2000s, I realized large corporations were shifting to an outsourced model,” explains DiPaolo. “These high-tech contract service organizations and startup technology companies with heavy infrastructure needs were looking for lease space, which created a need for developers to reach out to qualified design and construction firms for these types of fit-outs. I started building on this idea while I was working for another firm. Finally, in 2006, I left my other job and sought to fill the market gap and I’ve been fully dedicated ever since.”

DiPaolo noticed the surprising inefficiencies that came with all in-house capabilities to perform both design and construction at his previous firm. “Instead of having all in-house capabilities, I looked to strategic partnerships with best in class architectural and engineering firms,” he says. “I developed, and recently patented our Target Costing approach. This gives our clients an early vision of all the project parameters in the conceptual/schematic design phase, at which point ProTecs will guarantee the performance, conformance and cost aspects of the project. We manage everything from site selection to master planning, conceptual and detail design to construction, commissioning and validation. We are the single point of accountability and responsibility for all project aspects.”

ProTecs is able to uphold such standards through its dynamic team of over 20 individuals. “We have in-depth understanding of what it takes to perform high-tech jobs, because we’re all engineers here,” reveals DiPaolo. “We operate as a partner and an extension of our clients’ organization. Once the concept design is established, we provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price [$GMP] for the delivery of the entire facility from all facets. We then look to hire only the best in class architectural and engineering firms with the specific expertise in the type of R&D or manufacturing facility we are design-building and let them compete for the job. When the team is assembled, we manage the firms and drive them toward the target cost and overall strategic goals of our clients. Overall, the process is much more cooperative, collaborative and efficient to the end game.”

On the Fast Track to Project Success

The ProTecs team deals with time-sensitive markets, making speedy project delivery a key component of the company’s business. “The semiconductor/microelectronics industry is one of our most demanding markets,” details DiPaolo. “When it comes to products like iPods, computers, cell phones and other technology, getting a job done quickly is very important. These kinds of products depreciate their value fast, so it’s up to us to get projects on the fast track to completion so our clients can get their product out the door and realize maximum value.”

According to DiPaolo, it comes down to effective project management acutely aligned with clients’ strategic objectives in the approach. “Although we’re very experienced, we’ve done a lot of first-time processes where we have little to no expertise,” he admits. “We’ve helped many emerging companies get off the ground by managing their budgets. It really comes down to three aspects: time, money and quality. Our approach offers all three. We align the client’s goals and objectives with a constant cost analysis and identify the appropriate systems for the job. You have to work from the process backward.”

On one of ProTecs most recent jobs, DiPaolo and his skilled team were hand-picked to deliver a client’s first-of-its-kind project for a collagen manufacturing facility. “The company originally was outsourcing collagen from a producer in California,” details DiPaolo. “We designed and built the renovations for a facility in Pennsylvania, and relocated all of the equipment from the original site in California. At almost $2,000-per-square-foot, it was a very intense project. We had to educate ourselves on the unfamiliar processes, but the end result of our fast-track design-build efforts to a targeted cost yielded a facility that was fully validated and approved by Food and Drug Administration in record time.”

DiPaolo remains confident in his company’s ability to outperform and outsmart the competition. “My competitors can’t reproduce our operation, because they don’t practice our approach and process,” he stresses. “They haven’t walked in our shoes for over the past 20 years and they certainly don’t have the quality people and guarantee the standard of care and cost as early as we do at ProTecs. Sometimes, it’s actually a very hard sell to get customers to hire us; they think it’s almost too good to be true.”

Once clients sign on with ProTecs, it is evident; clients are hooked. “We do a lot of repeat business,” explains DiPaolo. “Once they experience our unique project approach and realize all the benefits if offers them, they want to keep doing it this way. I have had clients for over 15 years.” At the end of the day, the full responsibility and weight falls on the company’s shoulders, but through the most effective collaboration and getting the most knowledgeable people for the job, ProTecs LLC continues on the fast track to annual growth.

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