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Precast Erectors Inc.

A Leader in the Precast Concrete Industry

Since its founding in 1971, Precast Erectors Inc. (Precast Erectors) in Hurst, Texas, has honed its specialty: erecting precast concrete. Over the last four decades, the company has played an important role in the construction of many well-known stadiums across the U.S., including the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Mark Biebighauser, owner and president of Precast Erectors, says the company was founded to capture a niche in the installation of structural and architectural precast, while the industry as a whole was in its early years. The company has since accomplished its goal; with 80-plus employees, Precast Erectors has a broad footprint and works on projects from coast to coast.

A Strong Operation

Precast concrete is produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold, which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the jobsite and lifted into place. Precast Erectors was founded with the intention to work solely in the niche market, as the company’s founder foresaw potential to grow exponentially over time.

The benefits of precast are many: it is a safer than on-site pouring of concrete, there is a greater ability to control the quality of materials and workmanship and the cost is often lower, according to Biebighauser, thanks to its use of reusable molds. In addition, precast is made ahead of the work on site, ensuring the building can be constructed much faster than by casting concrete in place.

Biebighauser has been in the industry for 42 years, and therefore, can look back on an incredible portfolio of projects and personal progression in his profession. “Through it all, I have made a concerted effort to honor what I believe,” he says proudly. “That includes keeping highly valued employees through thick and thin. Instead of downsizing during the recession, executive leadership chose not to institute any layoffs. As a result, we were all here and ready when the economy recovered.”

The work came back rapidly in 2012, and large contractors, including Hunt, Turner and Manhattan, now regularly call on Precast Erectors. Thanks to its notable reputation, the company has been able to garner a tremendous amount of repeat business.

“We rarely have to go out and chase work,” says Biebighauser. Instead, the phone rings often five or six times a day, according to Biebighauser. Much of the company’s work is performed directly for the precast manufacturers, who have a strong vested interest in having each product handled correctly.

A Diverse Portfolio

Over the years, Precast Erectors has built up a diverse portfolio. Of its projects, the first major contract awarded to Precast Erectors was for the Braniff Terminal at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in the 1970s. Since that time, Precast Erectors has experienced significant growth in the industry.

Today, contractors building stadiums and arenas regularly rely on Precast Erectors. Over the years, the company has erected stadiums nationwide, including for the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco Giants, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Rockets, as well as the San Antonio Spurs. Other structures built by Precast Erectors include: parking garages, prisons and control towers. Notably, the two tallest control towers in the U.S., located in Orlando, Fla., and Atlanta, Ga., were built by Precast Erectors, as well.

Complex work continues to be a source of inspiration for Biebighauser as he steers the company toward completing even more challenging projects. According to Biebighauser, interesting work includes: the three-year expansion of the Central Parking Garage at Boston Logan airport, from 2003 to 2006, which required the use of two 700-ton cranes mounted on girders on top of an operational parking garage. Additionally, work on two microchip plants in Virginia and New York also proved quite rewarding for the Precast Erectors team. “We also built all three prison facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, having to ship our crane by barge to the naval base,” Biebighauser explains.

Prepared to Succeed

Precast Erectors is able to successfully complete complex projects in part by utilizing top-of-the-line equipment. As erection equipment becomes more technologically advanced by the year, the company opts to lease equipment versus owning and maintaining an aging fleet.

However, a big part of the precast process is kept in-house: Precast Erectors uses subsidiary Grout Tech Inc. to perform all grouting. This part of the job is crucial, as grout is responsible for continuous load bearing and is an essential piece of the trusses in the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium and the rail system of the retractable roof at the Houston Texans’ stadium.

Across all the work, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and it’s the human aspect that really drives Biebighauser; he firmly believes that he has built a team of some of the best and most accomplished employees in the industry. Precast Erectors’ employees value hard work and benefit from the opportunity to master individual skills, while enjoying the process and the culture of Precast Erectors: a culture defined by the Golden Rule of treating others fairly and kindly, giving back to the community and, above all, giving thanks to God. As a result, the company is able to deliver its vision to conduct business honorably, develop long-lasting friendships in the industry, operate safely and maintain profitability.

In the next few years, Biebighauser looks to transition his daily duties to leaders in the company, working their way to the top. Biebighauser is likely to pass on the healthy attitude he’s developed as a senior executive, as well. “Every day when I lock the door and leave work, I can honestly say, ‘I’ve done the best I can today, and I’ll do the best I can tomorrow,'” Biebighauser says proudly. The same is true of the rest of Biebighauser’s team on every job completed by Precast Erectors Inc.

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