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John Nichols founded Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates Inc. (NBWW) in 1967 on the principles of quality and innovation. The business has grown for over 45 years, serving clients on major building projects in Florida and beyond. “The founder is still active in the firm,” says Bruce Brosch, president of NBWW. “He started the firm as a young guy, not long after college.”

Brosch has been with the firm since 1979. “I never wanted to be anything other than an architect,” he explains. “It’s been a dream come true.” He completed his bachelor of architecture in 1974, became a registered architect in 1978, and achieved national registration (NCARB) in 1978.

Since joining the NBWW team a year later, Brosch has been responsible for the design and management of many of the company’s largest projects. His work spans a range of industries, including hospitality and finance, which has left a major mark on the firm’s portfolio, as well as the Floridian landscape.

Designing Buildings, Building Relationships

The NBWW team has developed a reputation in the hospitality sector, filling a distinct niche in the industry. “We’re best known for our hotel and mixed-use projects,” Brosch explains. “We have great relationships with some of the top hotel companies in our area, including the Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf Astoria, Mandarin Oriental and Peninsula Hotel. We do a lot of work for repeat clients.”

NBWW performs a majority of work for structures in Florida, although Brosch notes that his team has contributed to major builds further away. This includes large projects in Long Island, New Jersey, Toronto, Napa Valley, Panama and Mexico. “Our work is mostly large-scale, urban, mixed-use buildings,” he elaborates. “They are all designed in regard to differing structural requirements.”

The business designs quality structures for clients all over the Western Hemisphere that offer value in the form of durability and return on investment. “We are exclusively architects,” Brosch explains. “We stick with that and work with the best interior designers and engineers available. We don’t try to be all things to all people.” By specializing, the team offers focused quality. In turn, NBWW has established a massive portfolio, including over 150 hotels.

Standout Projects

The team is consistently reaching out to new and repeat clients alike with evolving design services to fit the changing needs of builders “One major project occupies three city blocks in downtown Miami,” says Brosch. “The land used to sit downtown as parking lots and the client purchased all three. They’re in building mode right now. The project is called Metropolitan Miami. A 450-unit condominium building is considered Met 1. Met 2 is the Marriott Marquis Hotel and office building. Met 3 is a 460-unit apartment building with a Whole Foods. Met 1 and Met 2 are complete. Met Square is the last piece. It was conceived as an entertainment hub for the area with two levels of restaurants, four levels of theaters and a hotel on top.”

Other project initiatives include a 300-room Ritz-Carlton in Panama City with five levels of parking, three levels of retail and three towers housing two office buildings and the hotel itself. “Recently we designed a large office building in Miami, 1450 Brickell, which won the Urban Land Institute award for Building of the Year,” says Brosch. “The final project achieved LEED Gold certification.”

Relationships and Growth

The recession has taken much out of the building industry over the last few years. Companies working on every stage of construction projects have faced hardships, and Brosch says his team has felt an impact. “We were hit pretty hard by the recession,” he explains. “We haven’t had much change in the number of employees, and most have been here for a long time. The future is looking bright, and we’ve hired a lot of people back. Things are definitely picking up. The company is growing and selling to the right clients has been key. We’re focused on forming stable relationships and we have some good years ahead.”

Maintaining relationships will continue to play an important role in NBWW’s success. “With our engineers, we use a lot of the same people,” Brosch notes. “A lot of that is dependent on the project and the client. We have a bit more broad reach in the interior design field. We work quite a bit with Wilson & Associates out of Texas, and all of the top hospitality interior designers.”

In addition to these standing partnerships, Brosch says his team is looking to reach out to make new connections in the years to come. “Historically we’ve done very little marketing on our own,” he explains. “Most of our work is repeat business or recommendations for clients. Our major goal is to diversify our practice. At least half of our firm has roots in South America, so international expansion has been natural. We have an upcoming project in El Salvador and several in the Caribbean.”

With a growing international presence and a solid core of loyal clients, NBWW is in a position to grow as an industry leader over the next few years. Brosch and his team offer experience, professionalism and the capabilities to serve a diverse market as the economic recovery is bringing larger construction projects to the region and abroad. Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates Inc. will continue to reach out to both new and familiar customers with quality architectural design services.

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Published on: June 29, 2013

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