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General contracting company builds leaders

After spending four years in the Middle East working for a general contractor, Tom Morrissey returned to the United States in 1995 and started his own construction company, MCC. Since then, MCC has grown into a national general contracting firm catering to the commercial sector with a specialty in senior assisted living and hospitality markets. Headquartered in Oceanside, California, MCC also manages an office in Hollywood, Florida.

Morrissey founded MCC based on his experience with his father Ed Morrissey’s firm, Morrissey Construction Company, which was founded in 1954. After working with his two brothers in the family business, Morrissey decided to go to college and upon graduating made his way to the Middle East. Once he returned to the United States, Morrissey founded a division of his father’s company called Morrissey Construction Company of California. As the company grew and became national, Morrissey chose to convert the brand to MCC in order to prevent confusion with clients. MCC entered the market in California by building numerous restaurants and retail centers. Eventually the company shifted its focus to the assisted living and hospitality markets.


Tenant-in-place rehabilitation

With its work in the senior housing market, MCC has established a niche in the industry, which the company has called “tenant-in-place rehabilitation.” This process involves the renovation of an assisted living facility in which the residents are still able to sleep in their units every night. MCC performs a complete remodel of the kitchen, bathrooms and living space, including relocating electrical and plumbing systems.

On the first day of the renovation, an MCC crew carefully moves the occupant’s belongings out of the space and immediately begins to remodel the unit. “It’s really a great sight to see how quickly our team can transform that apartment,” says Morrissey. “In three days we completely remodel a 500-square-foot apartment. The great thing about it though is that the tenants come back to sleep in their apartments every night during the remodel. This way they don’t have to be put up in hotels.”

The first day of the process involves the demolition of the kitchen, bathroom and flooring. The MCC team has the unit ready to pass inspections by noon and then begins putting everything back in place, which includes the installation of the toilet, bathtub and sink, all within the first night. On the second day, MCC tackles the kitchen and installs new cabinets and countertops. All remaining carpentry is completed and the walls are prepped for painting, which takes place on the third day along with any additional sealing and finishing.

The final step of the process involves the team moving all belongings back into the apartment. ”With this scope of work we have to place a lot of people in a very small area,” says Fred Leider, superintendent for MCC. “It’s amazing how well everybody is able to work together to get everything done in such a short amount of time.”

Company Culture

The company culture at MCC is one that generates a family atmosphere. Morrissey believes that by taking care of his employees, they will take care of MCC. The company also aims to develop and establish leaders from within the company. “We care about giving those who work here the tools to be successful,” shares Morrissey. “Any time you seek to influence the thinking, behavior and development of people in either personal or professional life, you’re taking on the role of a leader and that’s our focal point with this company.”

The mission of MCC is to build long-term relationships that provide superior construction services and offer the highest level of customer satisfaction, product quality, green construction and competitive pricing. The company determines whether it is fulfilling its mission by measuring team performance, client responsiveness, strategic growth, product quality and the strength of subcontractor and supplier relationships.

In addition to growing and expanding in the assisted living and hospitality markets, MCC will remain heavily involved in retail and restaurant work. The company has established strong partnerships with some notable chain restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Olive Garden. “We’re in a great spot where we are able to pick and choose who we do business with,” says Morrissey. “The relationships that we have with these repeat clients are ones that we cherish and plan to maintain.”

This philosophy was set forth when Morrissey started MCC and he has built a foundation that will hold strong for the future of the company. MCC’s outstanding performance and pride in workmanship ensure an unparalleled level of service that its clients have come to know and expect.

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