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Maine Source Homes and Realty

Building a future for Maine and New Hampshire-based buyers

The new logo for Maine Source Homes and Realty (Maine Source) incorporates a green leaf wrapping around a home and closing sign. Embedded in the new brand behind Maine Source is the same commitment the Maine-based realtor-homebuilder has upheld for the better part of 42 years: making homeownership dreams reality for a range of buyers. And Maine Source is doing it all with a sustainable foundation, building custom modular and mobile homes that far surpass the green building accolades of other area homebuilders.

“Most real estate offices are affiliated with a builder, so when customers go in they can set up an appointment to meet a builder down the road, but we bring it all under one roof,” says Bill Turner, founder of Maine Source. “We can do every loan and financing program in existence from new homes to purchasing existing properties. We show them the options and if we don’t find something they’re satisfied with then we can build whatever they want. In a matter of minutes, we can price out a brand-new home.”

Realizing potential

Turner says Maine Source is helping buyers of all walks of life – from entry-level to move-up to retirement housing – realize their potential and ability to afford more than they ever thought possible. “I’ve worked with a lot of single moms,” he observes. “One woman in particular that we just got approved for a $220,000 home -we’re helping people achieve things they never thought possible and opening up opportunities.”

It’s this aspect that has drawn Turner to the homebuilding and real estate world for decades. After serving for many years as a principal of Maine Electronics, Turner left to follow his passion for real estate development and building, eventually founding Maine Source in 1972.

Now, based in Auburn, Maine, Maine Source has become a big player, building approximately 25 modular and mobile homes per year in the $125,000 to $300,000 range. “We travel from Portsmouth, N.H., all the way to Bangor, Maine,” says Turner. “We currently have 15 employees and a number of dedicated subcontractors.”

In 2013, Maine Source began the process of rebranding to better reflect the company’s extensive in-house abilities and green-building commitment. “Our colors used to be blue and white, but we’ve changed our logo, signage and business cards to green to get the point across,” details Turner. “We started planning it about a year ago and we have already changed our business cards and signage, but we’re working on a new website which will launch soon.”

Modular movement

As a result of the rebranding, the once-independent Maine Source Homes and Maine Source Realty merged as one cohesive company serving a range of clients interested in custom modular and mobile homes, along with existing properties on the market. “Years ago, people thought modular housing was just a glorified mobile home, but nowadays more people are happy to discuss modular building and the market is shifting toward high-end buyers,” explains Turner.

In Topsham and Brunswick, Maine, Maine Source has delivered higher end two-story colonial homes, including an attached garage. “We’re still serving the entry-level buyer, but the trend is moving to more upscale because of satisfaction and confidence in the product,” shares Turner. “More capable buyers are now interested in this type of building.”

Not only has Maine Source’s modular method been recognized for high quality building, the process is also renowned as a greener go to, reducing the time, materials and cost of construction. “In Brunswick, Maine, we erected an eight-unit apartment building out of 16 boxes in just two days,” recounts Turner. “We also have a mobile home community in Poland called Brookdale Village, which caters to retirees and Maine’s aging demographic. We’re adding about 60 new sites coming up.”

Setting a greener standard

Maine Source offers upgraded insulation, solar and geothermal water heaters and ICF foundations to lower energy costs and reduce a home’s carbon footprint. “Homes built 20 or 30 years ago typically have a low R-insulation and foundation value of zero,” notes Turner. “Our new homes have an R-22 value for the basement; R-25 for the walls and up to R-50 for the ceilings and roof. Normal codes don’t require anything that high, but we still do it.”

The company’s commitment to setting the bar high in green building has earned Maine Source the “2011 Homeownership Partner of the Year,” award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s office of Rural Development. “We’re going above and beyond, and we’ve been recognized for it,” says Turner.

While Turner says the housing market still has a ways to go in the post-recession climate, he assures the market is there for Maine Source. “I can’t say everyone has the same opportunities as we do, but people are tired of waiting for the right time,” he says. “If they’re still working and they’ve reached a comfort level then they are going to move forward in the home-buying process and we’re here every step of the way.”

To meet the demand, Maine Source has expanded its real estate offices, adding four more spaces for additional agents. “We’re going to be ready,” assures Turner.

After 42 years, Maine Source Homes and Realty continues to carry on an excellent reputation for custom, turnkey modular and mobile homes, building a better future for all buyers.

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