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The Maggiore Companies

High-end Design-Build

The Maggiore Companies (TMC) began as a one-man operation in Woburn, Mass., when Paul Maggiore, founder and CEO of TMC, started remodeling storefronts in 1974 under the name of Paul Maggiore Builders Corp. Paul’s company flourished into a design-build firm employing 18 people who oversee major construction projects throughout Massachusetts.

The Maggiore family name represents a number of entities, including Maggiore Construction Corporation (MCC). “Now, my son and my right-hand man operate the construction company and I am in charge of real-estate development,” says Paul. Matthew Maggiore, Paul’s son and president of MCC, has been working under the family name since the age of 12. Matthew began as a laborer and office assistant, which is the same way his father got into the business. Today Matthew works closely with David Mann, longtime director of construction at MCC, whose industry knowledge and experience make him an invaluable member of the TMC team.

According to Paul, TMC has evolved significantly over the last 40 years. “About 90 percent of our business is design-build,” he explains. “We prepare plans in the office. We’re fast, we’re fair, and we’re easy to deal with.” Paul’s team works closely with clients to continually develop projects that are cost-effective, appropriately sized and accommodate the future use of the structure.

Full-service Design and Management

The company’s design department works alongside clients to carefully craft a future space that allows flexibility as well as need-specific features. From start to finish TMC guides each client through the logistics of new construction, as the team is responsible for permits, approvals and site selection. Each design is subject to feasibility analyses and code reviews by TMC in order to make the process seamless for clients.

The company also manages over 1,750,000 square feet of property. Matthew maintains the real-estate portfolio for TMC, with the assistance of a property manager. The company offers multiple flex properties for numerous clients in seven different communities throughout the Commonwealth. TMC also develops high-end residential condominiums and has just embarked on the development of two assisted-living communities, only enhancing the group’s already-prestigious portfolio.

A Broad Portfolio

TMC has completed contracts for clients with diverse requirements, constructing properties to fit a variety of end-use applications. “Our development niche is mostly high-end flex buildings,” Paul elaborates. “However, we possess extremely diverse knowledge of all types of construction. We’ve done auto dealerships, offices, laboratories and veterinary clinics among other things.” One of MCC’s recent projects is a contract for North Shore Plastic Surgery in Peabody. The team successfully completed a complete gut/rehab, design-build project with features that included operating rooms and offices.

According to Paul, TMC doesn’t advertise. “It’s all word of mouth,” he says, allowing TMC’s reputation to speak for itself. Repeat clients and referrals have brought business to TMC and the group of companies continues to grow.

In the past year TMC has picked up and completed several high-end contracts. “We just finished a 100,000-square foot flex building in Taunton,” says Paul. “We’re in the process now of building two new clubs for Work Out World; one in Plymouth, Mass., and one in Providence, R.I.”

The construction industry has downsized in the last few years, and Paul and his team have definitely felt the pressure. However, TMC has made efforts to streamline while remaining loyal to the group’s dedicated staff. “When you’re running a company like ours, with a sizable staff, downsizing can be difficult,” explains Paul. “A lot of good people work here and I want to make sure they’re taken care of. There were a lot of sleepless nights when business started to shrink.” According to Paul, he hasn’t seen any major improvements in the economy; however, TMC is cruising along steadily.

TMC has found success through a diverse portfolio of services, and Paul says the plan is to continue doing what his team does best. “We’re always excited to expand our client base,” Paul explains. “We can handle some additional work with our existing overhead. We are content with running three or four jobs at a time.”

Paul is always on the lookout for new opportunities, but quality control is his priority. “It’s most important for us to maintain the good relationships we have in the industry,” he says. The mark of success for Paul and his team is not in the numbers, it is in the reactions and feedback the company receives from clients.

Paul, Matthew, Dave and the rest of the TMC team will celebrate the company’s 40-year anniversary in 2014. The business’ longevity can be attributed to a team of innovative employees, all of who are dedicated to the same mission. The team has continually ensured the focus of every project to integrate each client’s unique business identity with its current and anticipated needs, while also taking into consideration resources and potential obstacles. The Maggiore Companies’ attention to detail has proven to produce an efficient, attractive and unique space, ensuring each client of the company can be proud of the end result.

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