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JBS Roofing

Arizona-based business with family roots

JBS Roofing (JBS) was founded in 1982 by Jim, Ron and Jerry Brown. The family-owned and -operated business is a commercial and residential roofing company located in Glendale, Arizona.

Ron, now president of JBS, has been in the industry since 1971, right after he turned 19. “The company started with the combination of my father, my brother and me,” he details. “We were all partners and invested a thousand dollars apiece.”

The company remains in the family today; however, Ron’s father retired in the early ’90s and his brother Jerry left in early 2000 to start his own business, leaving Ron as the sole owner of JBS.

Commercial and residential

Flexibility is key to a successful company and JBS prides itself on having exactly that. The company concentrates on government work, but it will do a wide range of projects, large or small,

“The work that we do is 80 percent commercial and 20 percent residential,” explains Ron.

JBS works solely in Arizona and Ron has been a member of the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association since 1984. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the association,” Ron details.

 Although the Association brings together like-minded business owners, there doesn’t appear to be a rivalry among the members. “The association brings us closer together,” Ron explains. “We are all friends and we all work together.” Even though the company’s provide similar services each one is able to remain supportive of one another and even do job walks together.

Schools and stadiums

JBS has been involved in numerous projects over the years covering all different trades, including churches, government facilities, medical offices, restaurants and schools. Ron details the work that JBS recently completed for a school on a Navajo reservation. “It was in a town called Ganado and it was a remodel,” he says. “We did above ground water proofing of the walls for the entire school.”

The walls were allowing water to penetrate through the block and JBS went and applied a product that would seal the walls off. “The challenge was that the work required certain colors to accent certain parts of the wall,” Ron continues. “It was a challenge to get the colors the way they wanted it.” JBS was able to accomplish the task and stopped the mold and mildew from getting inside the building.

One of Ron’s favorite projects was Chase field baseball stadium where the Diamond Backs play in Phoenix. “We put the logo on the roof,” he explains. “The logo takes up a large area and the challenge was drawing it out on the roof.”

JBS had six or seven different colors of coating that it had to put within the design in order for it to stand out. “The thing that I like best about it is that it can be seen from just about anywhere in the metro Phoenix area,” Ron smiles.

In order to be involved in such a large project, there was a bidding process. “It was interesting, when the company put it out and asked people to bid on it there was only one coating manufacturer that was willing to warranty his product on it and he wanted us to do the job,” Ron elaborates.

JBS was then brought in to do the work but it was a few years later that Chase bank bought out Bank One and the company had to go back and cover up the entire logo. “The challenge was getting all of the new material onto the roof,” he explains. “We had to hire helicopters to lift it so we would stage the helicopters on a parking deck close by.”

The entire process took about two hours for JBS to complete and required the company to block off certain areas of the streets and the FAA’s approval, because the building was located right next to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.


Ron believes that in order to run a successful company JBS needs to have employees who are continuously educated in the business. “We look at any education that’s out there regarding our industry,” he explains.

Safety is a large concern for JBS and the company takes special care to make sure that its employees are properly safety trained. “Different manufacturers will come out and do different demonstrations,” he states. “They will train people on how to install the products properly and we really concentrate on that.” Any time there’s any kind of education occurring JBS makes sure that its employees are there and getting as much training a possible.

Maintaining skilled and educated employees is extremely important to the company. While he is not solely with the company today, Jerry is heading an education plan with ARCA roofing association. “My brother Jerry is designing courses so that the roofers can be accredited after they go through classes and learn the information,” Ron explains.

Once the roofers are accredited then each one will get a card and the records of it will be kept on file. Even if the roofers leave the company and go to another one, all of the information will still be there for each one to use. “It will be a big undertaking, but we feel it will really improve the quality of work done by the workers here in the valley,” says Ron.

JBS has extremely loyal employees and some have been with the company for 30 years. Ron has built a company that treats the employees as family and respects each one’s individual needs. JBS Roofing has grown with the roofing industry over the years and has undoubtedly been a positive force within it.

Published on: July 2, 2015

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