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Simple, sustainable lighting solutions based in Norton Shores, Michigan

iLumigreen is a distribution company for CSE Inc., a lighting solutions producer that has been operating since the 1980s.Led by Chris Bienick, the business has grown over the years into a premier designer, producer and distributor of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. Where many lighting solutions companies have taken existing formats and adapted them to fit LED lights, iLumigreen has taken a different approach. The business has introduced low-profile, high-impact fixtures for commercial and residential applications.

The company’s trademark luminaires stand out from competitors’ products – but blend in with interior design and electrical layout. “Other manufacturers are taking existing lighting design and inserting LEDs so the lamp is more like a traditional lamp,” explains Greg Miedema, president of CSE Inc. “We design a luminaire because it doesn’t have a light bulb and it is significantly thinner than our competitors’ products. We can put ours on any surface without a can. We also put optics into our luminaire so instead of just a lamp, we provide a controlled light pattern.”

A bright idea

Bienick and his colleagues market iLumigreen products specifically to contractors and architects in the U.S. and Canada. “The design of our product is meant to make it take less time to install,” he explains. “Contractors see the benefit more than do-it-yourselfers.” The company’s round luminaires take the place of can lighting. With a flat design, they offer less invasive installation, sitting flush to drywall and ceiling panels instead of requiring a recessed fixture and bulb installation.

The business has provided lighting products for a range of distinct projects, often resolving issues for contractors and panel companies. Extreme Panel favors iLumigreen products because they do not have to protrude through the structurally insulated panel while being able to cost-effectively maintain an energy efficient home. “Our luminaires have been installed in the Bradley Building in Cleveland, Ohio, an eight-story high-end apartment building,” notes Bienick.

A former factory built in 1884, the Bradley Building was converted into mixed-use commercial and residential space. The former owners converted it in 1984. The existing structure presented challenges to contractors in terms of lighting. By using iLumigreen luminaires, the contractor saved significant time and labor while making less impact to the building’s historic footprint.

iLumigreen“The contractors have really embraced this product,” Bienick notes. “The contractor seeing the labor savings and the fact that they can go anywhere has proven to be a big deal. We’ve seen a lot of new construction and challenging retrofit projects. Most projects are residential multifamily. We are supplying some national builders who have told us that the labor savings from using our products surpasses the cost.”

The company’s luminaires also save significant cost for end users. With improved longevity, iLumigreen fixtures rarely have to be replaced and the cost of energy in operation is roughly 1/8 of using a traditional incandescent, not to mention the cost of replacing bulbs.

iLumigreen products feature another unusual aspect – the ability to perceivably bend light. “Our actual angled lens is the only one of that profile in the world,” Bienick explains. “Scientifically, our light is actually bent beyond its critical angle, which is hard to do. We’re at 30 degrees – on paper that’s almost impossible. So even with this flat profile, the light can come out at a 30-degree angle to come down like the traditional eyeball lamp.”

Going to Greenbuild

While iLumigreen has been on the U.S. market for years, 2015 is the first year the brand will attend the annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. “We’re excited for Greenbuild,” says Bienick. “We’re trying to target specific shows because in the past we have attended expos and conferences that weren’t quite our target demographic. We are looking forward to connecting with contractors and architects as a means to expand our distribution.”

Getting iLumigreen luminaires in front of the proper audience is a significant marketing focus for the business. Bienick is looking forward to networking with professionals involved in design specs and energy programs.

This marketing approach will continue to help iLumigreen expand its unique niche in the industry. “We really enjoy the challenges and rewards of working in a market that others aren’t,” Bienick explains. “It’s the engineering and design in our products and that we solve issues that other people will ignore – we’re looking at contractor problems that other people do not. Our lighting solutions are unique in the market and our goal is to make the contractor’s life easier with our products and equipment.”

With distinct energy-efficient design expertise and a high-quality product to show for it, the sky is the limit for iLumigreen.

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