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Heating & Cooling Products

Innovative sheet metal fabrication in the Midwest

Since 1995 Heating & Cooling Products (HCP) has been manufacturing superior quality sheet metal pipe duct and fittings. The company uses wholesale distribution channels to supply commercial and residential contractors. With two locations in Byesville and Mount Vernon, Ohio, HCP distributes its products throughout the United States and Canada.

Originally founded as LB Manufacturing in 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio, the company’s primary focus at the time was supplying to HVAC contractors. In 1977, LB Manufacturing relocated its operations to the current headquarters in Mount Vernon. In 1982 the company was purchased by the Blaushild family and renamed Heating & Cooling Products. The shift in ownership brought about major change in the company as HCP shifted its focus to wholesale distribution to residential and commercial contractors.

Further expansion aided in the company’s growth in 1984 as HCP opened its Byesville facility and in 1999 a new steel receiving dock was added to the Mount Vernon location as well as additional warehouse space. Further expansion to the company’s Byesville location updated the facility to its current size.

HCP has constantly adjusted and evolved with market demands. Sheet metal products that the company specializes in include pipe, elbows, boots, rectangular duct, duct fittings, wall stack, oval, black stove pipe and fittings, spiral pipe, spiral PVC pipe and fittings for the HVAC professional.

Total Seal

With a focus on energy efficiency and green building HCP is featuring a new product called TotalSeal, which is a sealed pipe and fitting system. The manufacturing process involves injecting sealant into the seams and joints of the pipe and fitting. “Instead of the contractor having to go back and use mastic or tape to seal the system after it has been installed, it’s already done for them,” says Jenn Laughlin, director of business development and marketing.

In the manufacturing process of the pipe, HCP actually injects sealant into the longitudinal snap lock seam of the pipe. The process also involves rolling the specific flange into the transverse or round seam of the pipe in which a liquid butyl sealant is then injected into the transverse channel of the pipe. “When the contractor installs it they have a seal on the longitudinal and transverse seams of the pipe,” says Laughlin. According to International Mechanical Code section 603.9, contractors are required to seal both seams and connections. “TotalSeal really saves contractors a great deal of labor time by having the pre-sealed product. It also helps them to comply with building codes.”

Heating & Cooling ProductsHCP prides itself on its ability of creating innovative and efficient products for its customers. With labor time as a major variable and expense for HVAC contractors, HCP not only cuts labor costs but also creates the opportunity for its clients to complete better overall work. “By using TotalSeal they are installing a Fully-sealed system that exceeds leakage requirements,” says Laughlin. “It’s a win-win situation when contractors are able to tell building owners that they are using the best system on the market today.”

With more building regulations focusing on the tightness and quality of the duct system, HCP is at the forefront of investing research and development into the development of products to comply with code requirements. “That’s really the direction that the industry is headed,” says Laughlin. “We’ve seen it on the commercial side and we’re now seeing more and more in the residential sector.”

Impacting the market

HCP recently applied its TotalSeal product to a commercial project in Fargo, North Dakota. Taking place in February, the project was constructed in below-freezing temperatures. Due to mastic’s properties, the substance cannot be applied in below-freezing temperatures. Test results on TotalSeal have revealed the product maintains its performance and consistency through extreme temperatures without having a freezing point. “It’s a great example of the flexibility of the product for contractors to use in any type of climate,” says Laughlin. “We’ve also applied TotalSeal in a high-rise in Chicago and several educational institutions throughout the country.”

HCP is displaying Total Seal at the 2015 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Washington D.C. “We are directing the product to a broad audience,” says Laughlin. “Engineers, architects, design-build firms and general contractors will all benefit from TotalSeal and Greenbuild is a great platform for us to use in showcasing the product.”

HCP is a company that consistently exceeds its own goals as far as annual growth. With the launch of Total Seal, HCP™ will find itself in new markets with new clients. By providing a pre-sealed product to contractors, Heating & Cooling Products has the potential to make a significant impact on the industry.

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