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Glenn Lege Construction Inc.

Side Business to Top-notch Earth and Asphalt Service

When Glenn Lege, now president of Glenn Lege Construction Inc. (GLC), started a little side dirt-digging business with a single dozer in 1979, he never imagined the company would morph into one of southern Louisiana’s top earth work and asphalt contractors. “I was raised on a rice farm and noticed other farmers needed earth work and digging,” recalls Lege. “I started my own side business with a small dozer and started doing projects while still farming.”

Digging up Success

About a decade later, with his wife by his side, Lege decided to leave the rice farm behind to focus on growing his earthwork business. “The demand was there and we went out on a limb,” he reveals.

Shortly after incorporating GLC in 1995, Lege purchased the Archie Thibodaux Company, adding paving and asphalt services to the operation. “After we purchased the other company we began buying asphalt from a local retailer and in 2006, we set up our own asphalt plant to keep up with the demand,” he details.

From dirt work to asphalt, GLC began to grow rapidly. “We added rental equipment and more clearing services,” recalls Lege. “We started producing our own asphalt and we now do anything from land clearing and hauling a load of dirt to building highways and resurfacing roads, building subdivisions and parishes to equipment rentals. We do a little bit of everything from A-to-Z, and that is what we’re known for.”Glenn Lege Construction Inc.

Today, GLC remains based in Youngsville, La., and the company serves a 100-mile radius of the area’s largest city, Lafayette. “We mainly serve southern Louisiana,” notes Lege. “We have an additional location in Abbeville, La., about 20 miles south of Lafayette, where our asphalt production plant is located.”

Nearly 22 years later, GLC has become one of the most trusted earthwork, excavation and asphalt contractors in the southern part of the state. “We remain focused on land clearing and dirt work because that’s where we started, but we’re now also known for cement curb and gutter installations, land leveling, surveying and making the way for subdivisions,” says Lege. “In a nutshell, our subdivision construction has become one of the most predominate facets of our business.”

GLC supports river-ranch type development and settlements along the rivers of southern Louisiana. “We’ll do anything from starter homes to million-dollar estates,” details Lege. “There are also a lot of retail stores coming into the southern part of the state and we can support the development with dirt work and site work.”

GLC has cleared the way for some of the largest names in the retail industry, from Whole Foods to Wal-Greens and CVS. “We just recently signed a contract for a new Whole Foods store,” adds Lege. “We also cleared the lot and did the entire site work for a Lowe’s store in Abbeville.”

The Right Team from the Get-go

After doing this kind of work for decades, Lege says he still enjoys every project. “It’s not all roses,” he admits. “Sometimes weather is a huge issue. We’ll be readying for a curb and gutter and then there’s a flood and you have to pretty much redo the whole job but all in all it’s fun. We also love to lay asphalt for state projects.”

Although the state arena has been extremely competitive for GLC, Lege says the company not only continues to win bids, but also receives regular bonuses for high-quality road work. “It’s a competitive market but its fun,” he ensures. “When we do a great job and deliver a smooth ride the state compensates us with an added bonus and it happens pretty regularly.”

One way GLC ensures its projects turn out at top-of-the-line quality is through a trusted network of subcontractors. “We only subcontract sewer and water when we’re working on subdivision projects,” notes Lege. “When we do need sub trades, we have a go-to handful of the same contractors we’ve trusted for years, so much so that we don’t have to bid the project.”

According to Lege, it is all about having the right crew for the right project. “While all of our superintendents are knowledgeable and excel, certain ones are fit for certain jobs,” he continues. “When everything is in order from the beginning and everyone is aware of it, from the days allotted to the budget and schedule, it prevents even the simplest delays.”

If everyone is on the same page, it saves clients time and money. “From the developer, to the subs and laborers, everyone needs the same understanding,” says Lege. “When that’s the case we can do quality work without a punch list at the end of the project.”

The right team for the job and a diverse set of in-house service has helped GLC weather the economic slump. “I don’t think we’ve felt it as badly as other parts of the country but when the residential and subdivision sector slowed down we had plenty of city overlays, state highways and parish work to rely on,” explains Lege. “And when the city and state market slows we go back to residential.”

Lege is proud to also note that the company currently has 15 subdivisions in the works within the Lafayette region. “It’s not always easy, we have our downtimes and problems like any other business, but I’m not complaining; it could be a lot worse,” he adds.

Lege says it’s his team that really makes the difference. “My people… they’re what give me the biggest sense of pride,” he says with a smile. “I’m very proud of them.”

Over the next several years, Lege sees GLC on a path of continuous growth. “There are still lots of things pending that will decide where we’re headed, including government regulations and the economy, but the plan is to continue to grow strong and steady,” he claims. “I have the good people behind me to do it so I’m not worried about problems as long as they are with me.”

From a small one-man-band with a single dozer, GLC has emerged as one of southern Louisiana’s most trusted earthwork and asphalt contractors. Above all else, Lege is proud to lead a team that keeps paving the way to further success one project at a time. Glenn Lege Construction Inc. is on a path for continued success well into the future.

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