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Evolve Technologies LLC

Reducing behavioral waste through water-saving techniques

The level of mechanical engineering expertise necessary for creating a prototype is one thing; properly engineering a product for production and distribution is another. The founders of Evolve Technologies LLC have been building products in high-quality production facilities for nearly 20 years. The entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating sustainable and energy-efficient products led Jeff Doss, John Lockhart and Troy Sherman to establish Evolve Technologies in 2007. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company specializes in the development and manufacturing of bath controls that conserve energy and save water.

Evolve Technologies LLC

ShowerStart technology

Evolve Technologies is an entrepreneurial research and development driven enterprise with a track record of success in the computer and consumer electronics industries. With a desire to leverage technology and innovation for effective conservation, the company created the core technology for the ShowerStart Thermostatic Shut-off Valve (TSV), a device that conveniently saves water and energy used while people wait for the shower to heat up.

This has become known as “behavioral waste,” which is what occurs when people use their time comfortably while waiting for cold water to exit the showerhead and hot water to reach it. Typical activities include brushing teeth, using the washroom and picking out clothes. Because bathing only begins after the tasks have been completed, countless gallons of hot water are unintentionally wasted at the start of every shower.

“We created the core technology for ShowerStart because we believed that there had to be a way to save water and energy without asking people to make major changes in their morning routine and behavior,” says Troy Sherman, director of products and marketing. “We are all about creating experiences that improve comfort and convenience while adding a touch of technology to enhance sustainability and energy efficiency.”

Other popular products Evolve Technologies has spearheaded are Evolve Handshowers and Evolve Showerheads. Both product lines complement conservation, comfort and convenience by integrating the ShowerStart TSV. The most recent product released by Evolve Technologies is the Auto-Diverting Tub Spout System. Featuring an integrated ShowerStart TSV, this system helps hot water reach tub/shower combinations twice as fast and then automatically diverts water to the showerhead once it is hot.

Evolve Technologies’ approach since entering the market has been less focused on retail customers. Instead, the company works heavily with utility companies and contractors. “Lately, we have been working a lot with homebuilders and hospitality clients,” shares Sherman. “We’re also working with numerous multifamily units.”

In dealing with homebuilders and property owners, one of the biggest challenges that Evolve Technologies faces is convincing customers that the behavior of people is persistent. “They make the assumption that if they build a structure in a way that gets the water there faster, people will change their behavior,” Sherman explains. “Research shows that this is a false premise. Waiting as little as 10 seconds will cause people to leave and do something else. As a result, homes with fast hot water delivery often exhibit more behavioral waste. The key to solving the problem is addressing the behavioral issue without asking for behavioral change.”

Inspiring change with water-saving products

Sherman insists that people are very concerned with being efficient with their time in the morning, resulting in water and energy being inadvertently wasted. This is represented by the fact that people will turn on the water and then complete other tasks while waiting for it to heat up. “We are not convinced that asking people to take shorter showers is an effective means of conservation because it relies on long-term behavior change for its effectiveness,” he asserts. “If you want to gauge how people will change their behavior, just think about how hard it is to change your own.”

In an industry where companies are scrambling to find new and innovative methods to conserve energy and water, Evolve Technologies remains at the forefront. As a part of the driving force behind the development of water-saving products, Sherman says that creating a better world with better experiences for people is one of the motivating factors for going into work every day. “We want to change the paradigm of how we save water and energy,” he says. “We hope to motivate people to invest in these products by creating a better bathing experience.”

Evolve Technologies’ founders have a proven track record of product development success highlighted by the presentation of the prestigious Industrial Designers Society of America Silver Idea Award, three ID Magazine Design Excellence Awards, multiple CES Design & Engineering Innovations Awards as well as the DesignFax FiveStar Product Design Award.

Helping people enjoy more while using less is the foundation of Evolve Technologies LLC’s innovative efforts. With a talented team of researchers, designers and engineers dedicated to delivering meaningful water, energy and utility savings, the company will remain a leader in reducing behavioral waste.

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