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Eco-Wares / Envirosafe MFG

Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer presents a solution to reduce greenhouse gas impact and preserve infrastructure

Eco-Wares is the sales division of Envirosafe Manufacturing Corporation which is a Florida-based, direct-ship manufacturer specializing in environmentally safe sealers and cleaners for concrete, masonry and porous stone.

Concrete – the primary building block and its current decay

Concrete is the most common man-made material and the second-most consumed substance on earth after water. In fact, we produce three tons of concrete per year for every person on the planet. Unfortunately, the concrete-making process is both energy and emission intensive. Producing one ton of cement generates an almost equal amount of carbon dioxide. Given the importance of this building product in our society, it is no wonder that concrete production is responsible for generating five percent of the worlds CO2 emissions, which is considered a major contributor to global warming.

Eco-Wares / Envirosafe MFG

The American Society of Civil Engineers’ Report Card grades America’s Infrastructure maintenance initiative a D+. The organization estimates that $3.6 trillion would be needed to invest into U.S. infrastructure by 2020 just to bring the country’s support systems to an acceptable B grade. Faced with the problem that most county and state governments do not have the finances to repair all of their roads and bridges, some local governments are looking for alternative and less expensive solutions to protecting their existing concrete surfaces.

Recognizing a positive solution

When Envirosafe MFG formed in 1993, like many manufacturers, it produced topical coatings made from acrylic. As with any coating system, acrylics eventually wear away and the consumer is forced to reapply, thus becoming caught in a costly maintenance cycle. “We decided to create a penetrating sealer that would become an integral part of the original surface,” says Michael Kornell, vice president of sales and marketing for Eco-Wares/Envirosafe MFG. The result of this initiative is Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer. “It’s a water-based sealer that is applied with a regular pump sprayer and works on most porous surfaces,” Kornell adds. “As you saturate the surface, the water carries the polyester solids deep into the interior voids of the concrete or masonry.”

The unique polyester component of the sealer, in turn, hardens the substrate to help prevent future surface degradation of the concrete or masonry. The product is so different from other sealers that the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) provided the Trojan Sealer its own category: 07 19 29 – Penetrating Polyester Water Repellents. This recognition appeared in CSI’s 2016 MasterFormat publication.

Tippecanoe County Bridge Project – saving the nation’s infrastructure

In 2011, the Tippecanoe County Highway Department began looking for a product to help preserve its concrete bridges. Located in the freeze/thaw zone of the U.S., Indiana’s winter-month temperatures can fluctuate daily above and below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If rain falls during the warmer part of the day, it gets absorbed into the concrete. Yet as the water freezes in the pores overnight, it expands about 9 percent and begins to produce pressure in the concrete. Once the pressure exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete, it will cause expansion, cracking and crumbling of the concrete over many freeze/thaw cycles.

In addition, as bridges tend to freeze before roadways, an abundance of deicing chemicals are used to melt slippery surfaces. The caustic nature of deicing chemicals can unfortunately create concrete scaling, which further accelerates surface deterioration.

After using a coating product for a few years, the Tippecanoe County Highway Department (TCHD) researched alternatives that would last longer. It began to incorporate the penetrating Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer into the department’s Bridge Deck Sealing Program in the summer of 2014 and has thus far sealed 51 concrete bridges with an additional 20 bridges planned for 2017.

“We were looking for a nontoxic sealer that would not impact our rivers, be easily applied by our own personnel and last longer than other products,” shares Howard Berninger, project supervisor for TCHD. “We are very happy we made the switch.”

Grace Methodist Church, Wilmington, Delaware – preserving historic landmarks

Using eco-friendly products during the restoration and preservation of historic buildings is paramount when dealing with older substrates. Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer was recently applied to a church that was built in 1868. The church is on the National Register of Historic Places and is made with a soft green serpentine stone.

The contractor selected Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer for numerous reasons, including the fact that it does not change the look of the surface, it acts as a densifier by filling pores and increasing the strength of the stone and mortar, and it is environmentally safe. “Unlike some sealers that are toxic and etch glass, Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer is 7 pH and inert so it will not harm or react with anything,” says Kornell. “Since it has low VOC [volatile organic compounds], it can also be safely used indoors without any odor.”

Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer is another example of Eco-Wares commitment to providing eco-friendly products that help preserve the nation’s surfaces from future deterioration. When faced with a much higher financial and environmental cost of concrete or masonry replacement, there is no wonder that communities and governments are looking for alternative solutions. Eco -Wares/Envirosafe MFG continues to provide a balanced combination of product quality at an economical price, while still protecting people and the ecosystem from hazardous chemicals.

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