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Dunhill Homes and Nathan Carlisle Homes

Bringing Texas families and high-quality new homes together

Dunhill Homes (DH) and Nathan Carlisle Homes (NCH) are two subsidiary companies of the Winchester Carlisle Companies (WCC). Established in 2008, WCC oversees the operation for five distinct development, construction and real estate brokerage and consulting businesses. In 2011, the group entered the homebuilding market with DH and NCH.

Richard Dix, founder, chairman and CEO of WCC, has more than 20 years of experience in homebuilding and real estate development, as well as other business ventures. His experience with major builders such as Pulte Homes has helped to build his expertise in the housing and construction markets. He works with a strong managerial team, including presidents of subsidiary companies. Together, the leadership group combines each company’s capabilities to build unique communities and opportunities for homebuyers and property owners.

Diverse capabilities

DH operates as a traditional, single-family homebuilder. Over the last few years that the company has been active in the market, the team has pulled together seven distinct communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas. In 2015, that number will jump to more than 20 communities. These communities and the houses in them are targeted toward first move-up homebuyers.Dunhill Homes and Nathan Carlisle Homes

“We have 13 communities in development now that will open late 2014 into early 2015,” Dix explains. “We have opened up new phases in many of our current communities and are in the process of adding new models to several of these locations.  With an ever-changing buyer demand you must always be developing new and exciting plans to stay relevant, we have done just that and want to showcase this to our prospects.”

NCH focuses on the active adult market, which Dix says is in a period of sustained growth. “We have a fantastic active adult community in Savannah called Isabella Village at Savannah,” he elaborates. “We are getting ready to open a new amenities center designed for customers and homeowners within the village. Every aspect of the community is built for the active adult. Our team has taken time and focused on details to meet the needs of the active adult buyer. This project is ongoing. We have new models opening up. The first phase is done and the next is in process.”

Attention to detail

Now that the economic recovery is underway, the housing market has seen major growth over the last few years. With a steady and welcoming market, NCH and DH have seen new challenges. “The cost of building homes, across the supply chain, has gone up,” Dix explains. “Right now, that is our biggest challenge. We have to educate consumers on how the price of a home has increased. We haven’t seen an increased margin; it’s just a function of costing us more money than it did five or six years ago.”

It is evident nothing is taken for granted. “We are very fortunate,” he continues. “Our business is very stable and we have very good trade partners. We have been so lucky to have our team working with us. We can control our costs and deliver the best product possible. We have diversified our business, which gives us another advantage in the market.”

Competition has also increased with the housing market recovery, but Dix and his team have found ways to set their products apart. “Our design has been a big component of our success these last few years,” Dix explains. “We really focus on details. Our slogan is: love how you live. We have a very rigorous process and we design our homes with the consumer in mind instead of the builder or the production process.”

Dix goes on to note that architectural details make DH and NCH’s houses unique and special for buyers. “Layout is important and we take great care to consider how each house flows and how each family will live inside it,” Dix continues. “We add features, such as valets and oversized pantries, putting time and energy into how the kitchen fits and flows into how a home functions. Many builders do not take the time to focus on consumer perspective as opposed to builder perspective.”

The team also places energy efficiency as a priority. “We build each home to meet the strict requirements of Energy Star 3.0 and the Environments for Living program; we are just one of a few homebuilders to build each and every home to meet these guidelines,” Dix elaborates. “The Home Energy Rating System [HERS] rating for every home we build is typically the lowest in the market. These homes do dramatically better than our competition. We build homes that are highly energy efficient because every dollar our consumers can save on electricity, they can spend on something else like a family vacation. The love how you live concept covers our philosophy for time spent in the home and outside. Sadly that is where a lot of builders cut corners. They can offer a cheaper house today, but the long-term carrying costs can be difficult for buyers. It makes a difference and it is something we are very proud of.”

Dix predicts explosive growth in the coming years. His team’s dedication to providing value will continue to set DH and NCH apart from other builders. The group of companies takes a holistic approach to homebuilding and sales. Dunhill Homes and Nathan Carlisle Homes provide not just a house to live in, but the backdrop for families and active adults to pursue happy, healthy lives.

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