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Door Control Services Inc.

40 Years of Quality Automated Doors

Don Gilchrist founded Door Control Services Inc. (DCS) in 1973 as a small startup business, meeting local needs for automatic door systems in Texas. “I’ve always wanted to be my own man,” Don says. “When I was in college, an older man named Lee Pyle was talking to me about getting into the business. I dropped out of school, founded the company and haven’t looked back since.”

Don has successfully built DCS up to a multimillion dollar operation, which he now runs with his wife, Sharon. Over the years Don and Sharon have established DCS as a successful company selling, installing and servicing automatic doors for clients within a wide geographic reach throughout the United States. Operating out of Ben Wheeler, Texas, DCS has expanded its reach into Louisiana, Arkansas and Puerto Rico. The company also operates an extensive parts department that ships coast to coast, as DCS offers the largest automatic door parts inventory in the country.

In addition to the husband and wife team, DCS employs nearly 300 people, including more than 95 technicians and sales representatives who receive regular, extensive training. DCS’ level of expertise and ongoing education helps Don and the team to maintain leading service and the latest technology in quality automatic doors.

An Open Door Policy

Don recognizes that in order to remain at the top, DCS must offer more than products. This is why Don has been building relationships with clients all over the south and beyond for the past 40 years. Because DCS offers a broad line of doors and openers, Don and his crew have established relationships with leading manufacturers such as Record, Dorma, Assa Abloy Optex and BEA. The team of professionals has access to a wealth of information, and continues to stay abreast of new technologies. DCS guarantees a quality, functional product that meets customer specifications and lasts for years.

The team’s hard work has led to one of DCS’ largest clients being Walgreens. “We got kind of hamstringed into our expansion into Puerto Rico,” Don jests. “It was part of our agreement with Walgreens to get a multi-state contract. They have actually been really great to work with.” Don and his team started working with Walgreens in 2009, and had previously worked exclusively in Texas.

Other major contracts for DCS include a large project at the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, where the team performed a full installation of several high-security automatic doors. More recently, the company installed automatic doors at the Dallas City Hall. “We have really extended our services into the health care and institutional sectors in recent years,” says Don. “We install, repair and inspect powered doors for businesses, hospitals, universities and other organizations.”

Staying on Track

Recent economic changes have posed challenges to the business, but DCS’ relationships with customers help the team maintain steady growth, despite the obstacles.

Fortunately for Don and his customers, DCS’ people have made a major difference in keeping the business sustainable. “What really sets our business apart is the folks who work here with us,” he explains. “We have unparalleled customer service and a great rapport with our clients.”

The addition of several ancillary product and service offerings has also contributed to the company’s success. Top Door Alarm (TDA) was created by DCS to alert hospital caregivers of potential acts of self-harm. Installed on over 1,500 doors nationwide, TDA has been credited with saving the life of several patients. DCS also created a Fire Door Inspection Program, utilizing certified fire door inspectors to help hospitals meet the fire code requirements of NFPA80. In addition, DCS established an Overhead Door & Dock division so that the company can provide true lobby-to-dock service and installation for Texas-based clients.

Over the next few years, Don is looking forward to continued growth. “We want to see DCS become a $100 million company,” he explains. “We want to leave this business to our children so they can take it over for themselves.”

After 40 years of tried and true success, Don and Sharon have built a solid foundation. With the recovery hopefully on its way, the team is well positioned to take on a leadership position in a nationwide market.

Despite any obstacles Don keeps the focus on people. DCS employs professional people, willing to learn and grow with the business. The company’s technicians, sales and support people make it possible to provide knowledgeable service and quality products across the board. Door Control Services Inc. builds and maintains lasting relationships, and will continue to do so through experience, education and dedication to a job well done.

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