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Big M Construction LLC

Laying the pipelines of today for tomorrow's natural gas and oil flow

For Bryce Murphy, founding partner of Big M Construction LLC (Big M), the biggest satisfaction comes from a finished job, when the pipeline has been laid and the gathering lines are ripe with natural gas or oil.

Murphy began working as a pipeline welder some 23 years ago, during which he learned about the industry and gained firsthand knowledge about how to run a pipeline-laying business. He later met Donnie Morse, the second founding partner of Big M, and the duo leapt into the industry, creating the company in 2007.

“We lay gathering lines from the wellhead to the transmission lines on natural gas or oil wells,” says Murphy. “We’re a small company, but we strive for good work and to be competitive with our pricing.”

Although the company primarily operates within Oklahoma, Big M has been known to work within the Texas Panhandle and Kansas. After all, as a pipeline company, Big M must go where the natural gas starts and provide a proper route to reach the rest of the country. 

“If we need to be gone, we’ll go,” says Murphy, describing the company’s willingness to conduct work where the work needs to be conducted. “And we always strive to do good work, and we’re competitive with pricing. It’s about providing the best service.”

With natural gas and oil constantly in demand, Big M must always deliver on the goal of providing the best service, because, according to Murphy, in this competitive industry there is no room for mistakes or errors. For that reason, Murphy and Morse pride themselves on consistently delivering quality work that lives up to the company’s standard of satisfaction.

If it ain’t broken…

Throughout the company’s seven years of existence much of Big M has remained the same. For example, the company still delivers outstanding pipeline services, and the company’s customers are still satisfied with results.

“We’re just like the rest of the guys out here, fighting for everything we get,” says Murphy. “But we try to provide better service than anyone.”

For Big M, a better service means a product that even Murphy and Morse would be proud of constructing, such as a pipeline that is more affordable and more reliable than a competitor. “We enjoy seeing the end product, the complete product done right,” says Murphy. “It’s a rewarding satisfaction.”

Even after seven years of laying pipeline throughout Oklahoma, Murphy and Morse still bring the same sense of pride and excitement for a complete product to every job. Huge or small, the project size does not matter; Big M just wants to satisfy customers.

“We just lay pipelines; that’s all we do,” says Murphy. “Day in and day out, it’s all the same. We also do repairs on some pipes, but nothing out of the ordinary.”

Murphy speaks so nonchalant about Big M’s day in and day out procedures as if laying pipe were a simple task – something anyone can do – yet the fact remains, only an established, talented team of laborers and engineers can successfully build a pipeline to transport countless amounts of natural gas and oil.

And that’s exactly what Big M does.

Keep it interesting

Part of the company’s ability to maintain the same corporate model for seven years without changing anything is largely influenced by Big M’s dedication to subbing out the boring, according to Murphy.

“We pretty much only sub out the boring parts, and everything else we do in-house,” he says, adding that the company currently employs approximately 50 individuals. “There’s enough to keep us busy without having to do everything.”

As for the economic upheaval of the last decade, Murphy claims that Big M avoided much of the damage, because the company had only just started when the economy began to tank. “Getting started, it was tough,” he says. “But once we got the ball rolling, it has been about the same.”

Still, even the most stalwart, unchanging of companies have plans for the future, and Big M is no different. “Hopefully we just keep growing,” says Murphy. “Steady growth is what both partners want to see. We will stay right here, but we’re always looking to expand, as far as growing goes.”

Soon the company will celebrate the end of its first decade of existence, and already Big M has seen enough success to create a solid foundation for many more years of business. Thankfully Bryce Murphy and Donnie Morse maintain a passion for providing quality pipelines, ensuring Big M Construction LLC will sustain continued success for years to come.

Published on: July 9, 2014

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