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Anderson Homes

Providing integrity from the ground up in southeast Texas

For nearly 70 years, Anderson Homes has been providing distinctive homes, additions and renovations to southeast Texas. By implementing advanced building techniques, Anderson Homes works with highly skilled craftsmen to customize and tailor-fit all of its clients’ needs. Located in Beaumont, Texas, the company relies on superior customer service and works with each customer through every step of the building process.

Founded in 1948 by Jimmy Anderson, Anderson Homes is currently in its third generation of family ownership. When Jimmy retired, the company was passed on to his son, Morris Anderson, and then to his grandson, Ronnie Anderson. Currently, Anderson Homes is under co-ownership between Anderson and Stoney Petit, who is the company’s vice president of production. Petit joined Anderson Homes in 2001 as a project manager and became a partner in the company in 2008.

Anderson Homes

Drawn to the construction industry as a young man, Petit began his construction career with his first job while still in high school. Petit says that the way Anderson operates his company is what was so intriguing about establishing a career at Anderson Homes. “He was always a close friend of my family,” says Petit. “I always admired what he did. The creative approach he took to building houses was something that I wanted to be a part of.” The interactive process of Petit’s position has proven to be a great fit for him as he enjoys being present on each jobsite and working individually with clients.

A promise of efficiency

The process that Anderson Homes follows when building a home begins with a design phase that includes the customer and is completed in the company’s headquarters. Clients are led through an estimating and design process in which their needs are identified and applied to the original design of the home. “They tell us what they are looking for and we develop a floor plan around their needs,” says Petit. “We then send them to our preferred vendors for selections. We basically try to build the house on paper before we sign a building contract.”

Anderson Homes

The step-by-step process helps to identify all aspects of each project, such as soft costs that might arise in the middle of construction. “By the time we reach the construction phase, a majority of the pressure is off,” Pettit explains. “All of the decisions have been made, which increases efficiency.”

Anderson Homes is a company that emphasizes energy efficiency in all of the homes it builds.  With its Efficiency Promise program, the company maintains the ability to estimate the heating and cooling expenses for the first two years of a home’s life and guarantees the amount the homeowner will have to spend on these utilities for that period of time. The company is also able to calculate the amount of savings the homeowner is capable of generating over a 30-year period by building an energy-efficient house with Anderson Homes. The savings is often in the range of $100,000 to $150,000.

The savings are based off projections of electricity costs as well as maintenance to the home. “With the rise of electricity costs, the homeowner will spend less because they will be using much less,” says Petit. “With an energy-efficient home, better materials are used, which creates a drop in maintenance costs.”

A proven process

A project that highlights many of Anderson Homes’ talents was the construction of Ronnie Anderson’s house. “It’s a beautiful custom home,” says Petit. “We spent a lot of time on it and gave it a lot of personal attention. With a strong Country-French influence, the home contains many reclaimed materials, such as timbers and tiles imported from France.”

As a general contractor, Anderson Homes is able to turn to its strong network of subcontractors and suppliers for each project. While the company maintains solid relationships with specialists of all crafts, for each trade, Anderson Homes will have multiple vetted companies that will submit bids on each job. “We generally have two to three subs for each craft, just in order to keep the bidding competitive,” says Petit. “We have worked with all of the subs that submit bids for our work. We trust all of them and they all do a great job.”

With the custom high-end houses that Anderson Homes completes, the company has established a product that is recognizable and unique to its brand. “We often hear from our customers that they are able to identify an Anderson Home when they are driving down the street,” says Petit. “They really stand out from the rest of the houses on the block. That’s why people call us. They know what they are going to get.”

Anderson Homes

With the expansion of natural gas and oil refineries in Texas, Anderson Homes is looking forward to the economic health of the Beaumont area. “Beaumont is growing and we plan to be here to meet the needs of the people that need quality, high-end homes,” says Petit. With the strong reputation that the company has established, Anderson Homes will remain a leader in the custom-built, high-end homebuilding industry.

Published on: December 14, 2015


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