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“We put more into our projects than we take away.” says Randy Brooks, President and Owner of Aagaard-Juergensen, LLC. Integrity, trust, and commitment to quality in meeting customer’s expectations are what most Owners would say they want to deliver for their customers. At Aagaard-Juergensen Randy leads his team in delivering on such a cultural commitment.

The fact that Aagaard-Juergensen has no litigation history with any client in its 42 year history is testimony to why most of Aagaard-Juergensen’s clients come back to Randy’s team time and time again and refer their friends to design and construct their projects. This testimony is backed up by the average length of service of Aagaard-Juergensen’s employees which is nearly 20 years.

Randy Brooks joined Aagaard-Juergensen the first year it was founded by Walt Juergensen and Bob Aagaard after serving his country in Vietnam while in the Air Force. Bob Aagaard retired from the company after fourteen years. Randy then began purchasing shares of stock giving him an entry into not just working for the company but directing its future. Upon Aagaard’s retirement Randy began the second part of his journey in helping to lay the foundation under a company that today delivers on what many strive to. Randy made a strategic decision that while delivering construction services Aagaard-Juergensen’s clients wanted more. Aagaard-Juergensen’s clients were demanding design and engineering services at a better value. More importantly those same customers were requiring greater responsiveness in dealing with the governmental approval process. In recognizing that it was taking far longer to permit projects than to design them and even to build them. Aagaard has since become efficient enough to get projects approved and under construction in one third the amount of time that the traditional design, bid and construct process would take.

During the 1970’s high interest rates demanded that construction be done as quickly as possible due to the cost of money through interest rates on construction loans. Today the time to market requirements to get manufacturing and other types of operations earning revenues and making profits is such that projects demand shorter time lines in the face of greater government regulation. Aagaard-Juergensen structured its operations and construction delivery systems to adjust to changing market demands to the benefit of its clients.

At the same time government agencies have come to recognize Aagaard-Juergensen as a Design and Construction firm that delivers what codes expect and do not try and skirt the requirements. They give Aagaard-Juergensen the benefit of the doubt in expediting request knowing that Aagaard-Juergensen will provide the correct documents conforming to the government codes so as to move projects through the system for approval.

Aagaard-Juergensen actively builds in the Religious, Industrial, and Automotive markets. The markets that are looking for the culture that Aagaard-Juergensen delivers. These clients look to Aagaard-Juergensen to lead and guide them through the bureaucratic challenges of permitting and government reviews. These clients answer the questions they have not thought of in designing and engineering their projects based on the history and experience of decades of change in the construction industry Aagaard-Juergensen brings to them.

Aagaard-Juergensen’s clients are focused on their business, their sales and marketing. The trust that we at Aagaard-Juergensen deliver on, in putting their clients’ priorities first and foremost meets and exceeds their expectations. We deliver what they want and need on a schedule that maximizes the opportunity of each to have their facilities generating sales and profits as soon as possible. One of Aagaard’s key assets in delivering on its schedules and value is its Butler Metal Building Division. Aagaard-Juergensen’s relationship dates back to 1976 with Butler Buildings and has always provided a construction option of value, engineering, and schedule completion that has been and remains consistent with Aagaard-Juergensen’s culture.

Randy believes in listening to clients to provide what their real expectations are in designing and engineering each project. Randy also listens to each employee, particularly Superintendents and Project Managers in fortifying the construction of the design and engineered finished product. In listening to the client, Aagaard-Juergensen’s team members and the market place, Aagaard-Juergensen has continued to meet the expectations of market demands while meeting the challenges of economic cycles. The future for Aagaard-Juergensen’s clients is rosy. Aagaard-Juergensen continues to learn, and continues to put their Client’s interest first. Knowing all the while their success is a return on Aagaard-Juergensen’s investment in each of them.

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