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Yearout Mechanical Inc.

A 50-year Foundation for Total Mechanical Solutions

Active for over 50 years in business, Yearout Mechanical Inc. (Yearout Mechanical) has become a force to be reckoned with in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors throughout New Mexico. Based in Albuquerque, N.M., Yearout Mechanical has remained amongst the top three companies in the industry since 2009. The family-owned and -operated company covers a wide scope of markets, including hospitals, semiconductor facilities, high-rise offices and public schools, and has recently expanded into the nuclear energy field through subsidiary enterprises.

Yearout Mechanical has grown and diversified over the years due to the solid foundation Bob Yearout laid in 1963. “I’m the third generation of family ownership,” reveals Bryan Yearout, executive principal of Yearout Mechanical. “In 1964 my grandfather approached my father, Kim Yearout, about joining the business. My father wanted to specialize in commercial service. In 1996, he turned over the reins to my brother Kevin [president of Yearout Mechanical] so that when he retired in 2000, there would be a smooth transition. My brother and I have run it ever since.”

After the first three months bidding for jobs, Bryan’s father landed some of the first commercial work for Yearout Mechanical. “Since then, we haven’t gone a day without work,” adds Bryan. “Our first employee we ever had retired a few years ago, without ever having to take time off due to lack of work.”

Divide and Conquer

The family business took off through commercial plumbing services until the 1980s when Yearout Mechanical began performing its own sheet metal fabrication and duct work. “All along the course of the past 50 years, we’ve continued to diversify and take on new ideas and challenges to become a full service company,” shares Bryan. “I think that’s our biggest strength.”

Yearout Mechanical continued to delve into new ventures. “In 1995 we really began to get into heavy commercial and industrial work,” details Bryan. “We hit another milestone as far as growth, working with large companies like Philips Semiconductor and Intel Corp.”

In 1999 Yearout Mechanical began implementing BIM design, allowing for large-scale projects and further expansion through the latest technology. “We knew to allow for the diversification we wanted, we needed to split into separate LLCs,” explains Bryan. “Today Yearout Mechanical is the parent company of multiple independent entities all with common ownership. The current growth and success leads back to our founding and 50-year history.”

Bryan reveals the company saw potential in the nuclear energy field despite global setbacks in the industry. “After the Fukushima accident of 2011 in Japan, the worldwide nuclear market came to a halt,” he admits. “We think the market is worth investing, because it will be moving forward soon; it’s just a matter of the timeframe.”

As a result, Yearout Industrial was founded in 2006 as the holding company of H-Y Tech, the company’s sole nuclear division. “Originally we partnered with another company to form H-Y Tech,” shares Bryan. “We needed support to ensure the venture would go the way we planned. Shortly after forming H-Y Tech, we acquired full ownership by purchasing from the partners.”

Since 2006 H-Y Tech has traveled across the country, working with international companies supporting the nuclear industry through over 225 NRC-regulated contracted builds. “H-Y Tech has brought in well over 300 million since its inception,” adds Bryan. “I see us easily being the largest from a nuclear standpoint in the state for 2013.”

As a complete mechanical contractor, Yearout Industrial is also capable of self-performing process piping, utilities and site infrastructure, plumbing, sheet metal fabrication, design-build, design assist, value engineering and LEED-certified builds. Yearout Service, which operates under Yearout Industrial, specializes in HVAC installations, with expert technicians well-versed in corrosive, toxic exhaust and high-pressure systems. From a premier office park to a high-profile health care campus, an apartment complex to a church, Yearout Service helps clients be more efficient with the resources they already have.

According to Bryan, Yearout Mechanical’s all-encompassing divisions have made the transition into new markets relatively easy. While other companies are hesitant to diverge out of their normal niche, Yearout Mechanical has taken the economic downturn and turned it into an opportunity for growth.

Risky Business

Bryan attributes the company’s ability to expand into new markets and remain profitable during challenging economic times to diversity. Even when gambling on an unfamiliar job or exploring a new market, what some might consider risky business, Yearout Mechanical remains confident in a solid foundation of varied services.

“Over the years we’ve established a wide range of services for multiple markets,” he details. “While other contractors focus on one area only, we can easily go from a DOE office lab facility to a high-rise downtown building. We know how to easily transfer our employees and resources, all without sacrificing our quality standard.”

Not relying on any single source of work has enabled Yearout Mechanical to survive a lagging economy. “The private sector hasn’t seen a whole lot of up-and-coming projects lately in New Mexico,” admits Bryan. “That’s all right, though, because we have our bases covered. Some might think it’s a bad idea to invest in new industries in this economy, but we know we have a solid foundation to fall back on.”

The company has performed work throughout the state at the University of New Mexico’s Health Science Center, Cancer Research Center and two hospitals in 2012. One of the most major nuclear jobs Yearout Mechanical is headlining consisted of the first phase of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Radiological Utility Office Building (RLUOB).

The $37 million job, part of a $140 million total project, was constructed to nuclear industry standards and capable of handling radiological quantities of special nuclear materials. The RLUOB is a standalone 185,000-square-foot facility, which now houses a radiological laboratory of approximately 20,000 square feet and a utility building sized to provide heating and chilled water, potable and non-potable water, compressed and breathing air and process gases.

Bryan sees the most potential down the road in energy services. Through H-Y Tech and the development of the Yearout Energy Services subsidiary, Yearout Mechanical is looking capitalize on up-and-coming opportunities ranging from solar panel installation to LEED-certified projects.

“Yearout Energy Services was established in 2012 to focus on performance contracting optimizing energy in older buildings,” Bryan explains. “As newer construction turns out more energy-efficient structures, there is also a market need for older ones to be brought up to date, as well.”

Yearout Mechanical and its subsidiaries have evolved into diverse, multitalented organizations over the last half-century. Bryan is confident Yearout Mechanical Inc. will carry this success into 2013, continuing to provide a broad range of services to customers in the energy, nuclear, industrial and commercial markets throughout New Mexico and across the nation.

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