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Producing high-quality, synthetic fibers in Indonesia

Virobuild began in 1985 as a small precision plastic tubing manufacturer known as Indonesia-based Polymindo Permata. The company’s owners began to understand the need for new and innovative applications for said products around 1988. With an apparent high demand need for durable, synthetic fibers, the company adopted a new business path, eventually leading to the development of Virofiber, a synthetic rattan material, which could easily be used in the production of furniture and decorative items.

“It was the overall development of these synthetic materials, which would, in 2008, eventually lead to the company’s further in-depth exploration of an architectural application of these materials in it’s growing, versatile product line,” explains Johan Yang, executive vice president, who has been with the business since it took its current form in 1998.

Yang now works with a leadership team, overseeing 700 employees. The staff is spread between manufacturing facilities in Indonesia, as well as three distributors in the United States, two of which are located in Florida with the third in California. Additionally, Virobuild also maintains a marketing support office in La Verne, Calif., and continues to work with it’s existing distribution network when handling sales specifically to the U.S. market. Yang notes that the company is still in the earlier stages of breaking into U.S. sales; however, he sees a lot of potential.

Diverse and durable products

Virobuild offers a broad line of synthetic fibers and fiber products, including Virothatch, Viroreed, Virosurface and Viroumbrella. The company’s products have found purpose in a wide range of applications, from hotels to amusement parks and even in private homes. These natural looking products offer the appearance customers demand, without the high maintenance and replacement costs of natural fibers.

Virobuild’s products come with a maintenance-free guarantee. The specialty plastics comprising these synthetic materials are available in fire rated and non-fire rated formulations, yet all Virofiber products are both waterproof and weatherproof. The products will not fade, discolor, mold, rot or shed over time. According to Yang, the products are also resistant to pests, such as birds and termites that can infest and break down natural fibers. Furthermore, factory production allows year-round availability, with no shortages due to the growing season.

The company’s products are also green. Each Virobuild product is 100 percent recyclable, made of high-density polyethylene. “Most synthetic thatch in the United States is made with PVC,” Yang explains. “The problem is that PVC creates highly toxic gas when burned. Disposal of PVC products can be very bad for the environment. We have also developed a custom flame retardant that is not heavy-metal based, making these products even lighter on our ecosystem.”

Unique applications

The team recently completed a custom job for the Mulia Resort in Bali. When the resort reached out to Virobuild, operators sought out durable, low-impact materials that would fit the unique feel of the property. Mulia Resort created freestanding, luxury villas and chose Virobuild to provide woven ceilings for the new buildings. Virobuild designed and manufactured materials for the project and also assisted in installation.

Virobuild’s projects have taken the business all over the world. With a growing presence in international markets, the company has provided the durable fibers and value-added products to businesses and homeowners worldwide.

In 2013, the team introduced three ground-breaking new products, including the aforementioned Virothatch and Viroreed, to U.S. markets. The company contributed materials and expertise for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in Florida, as well as materials for an impressive, natural-aesthetic entryway for the San Diego zoo’s world famous Safari Park. Furthermore, Virothatch product was also utilized in the construction of the Sheraton Beachwalk project in Bali, one of the largest retail and resort complexes in Bali.

The company also debuted the Viroumbrella, a standalone shade system with a natural, tropical aesthetic. The Viroumbrella is built with Virobuild’s weather-proof, recyclable, maintenance-free material, and is available in both fire-rated and non fire-rated formulations. Viroreed and Virothatch are used to mimic organic materials, offering a beach vibe without the hassle of natural reed and palm.

Like the company’s other products, customers can choose from different textures and finishes to customize a product perfect for a tiki-bar, beach house or island resort. The Viroumbrella can stay out and up all the time and incorporates a unique design and durability that allows it to stand up to wind, rain and sun, providing shade to sun-worshippers for years on end with no maintenance necessary.

With a growing product line and a strong reputation for lasting quality, Virobuild is on a path of growth. Yang is looking ahead to new design challenges in new marketplaces as the company develops. The crew currently has new architectural and decorative fibers and value-added products in the works.

“We have engaging work here,” Yang explains. “We get up every day excited to provide new, innovative green products to our growing market.” It is evident that Yang takes great pride in his team’s dedication to quality and sustainability. The creative and technically-skilled staff is what Yang considers the company’s greatest asset. Backed by a strong and growing team, groundbreaking materials and products continue to make headway as customers across the world discover the Virobuild advantage.

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