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Van Dyken Mechanical Inc.

Serving Western Michigan for Over 64 Years

Van Dyken Mechanical Inc. (Van Dyken) has emerged as one of the most reputable full-service mechanical contracting firms in western Michigan. The Grandville-based company serves the Great Lakes region, working with owners to design and build top-notch facilities.

“We work with customers to help them create the facility they truly want from beginning to end,” explains Scott Wiersma, vice president and CFO of Van Dyken. “We take care of everything in-house.”

Since Van Dyken’s founding in 1949 by Arnold Van Dyken, the company has seen 64 years of solid growth; and this growth is not accidental. Van Dyken’s team has worked to respond to changing markets and new developments in the industry with ease. “Our significant investment in people, equipment, training and facilities speaks to our commitment of providing the best for our clients,” stresses Van Dyken’s website.

The company remains privately owned and operated, and treats its employees as a family. “Our 75 employees are part of a long-term, family team,” shares Wiersma. “At the end of the day, we’re all working for the same goal, one of which is to exceed our client’s expectations.” The team at Van Dyken’s attitude is a direct reflection of what the company was founded upon over six decades ago.

Van Dyken’s 40,000-square-foot facility is located conveniently just outside of downtown Grand Rapids, Mich., as the majority of the company’s activity is done within a 60-mile radius of the city. The service and controls divisions serve a number of national clients with expertise in the areas of temperature control, energy management and analytical testing.

Untraditional Ideas

Van Dyken is applying years of experience to implement innovative out-of-the-box concepts. One example, according to Wiersma, is the elimination of the traditional ductwork system in a building in favor of an open plenum under the floor.

“The cement floor is still in place, but the actual finished floor is a raised-access flooring system that is installed over top,” explains Wiersma. “We’ve done a lot of work with this new technology, both in our current and historical jobs. Essentially, an access flooring system is installed, usually 18 to 24 inches above the concrete slab, creating a pressurized under-floor supply air plenum. Floor grilles are coordinated with the tenant’s furniture layout and placed in the raised-floor system. This system eliminates the need for a traditional ducted distribution system, providing more flexibility for owners to make modifications without significant costs. The air is distributed throughout the floor plenum more efficiently than traditional ductwork; further reducing the owner’s operating costs.”

The team at Van Dyken has solutions for any project challenge. “Say a company wants to redesign a large space, whether for changing a few employees’ workspaces or bringing in a new tenant to a lease space,” continues Wiersma. “You could completely change the layout without having to redo the HVAC system outside of adjusting the floor-grille locations. This increases the overall value of the space.”

Van Dyken is able to control the quality of its installations, as well. Be it a raised-floor system or environmental controls, the company can do it all in-house. The company encompasses many service divisions, including engineering, fabrication, construction, testing and balancing, energy auditing, environmental controls, video surveillance and access control. “We outsource very little,” admits Wiersma. “We prefer to perform all of our work in-house, focusing on quality of service.”

Whether a project is big or small, Van Dyken’s staff approaches its work with an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. The company’s expertise is well-established and its respect, well-earned.

The Next Niche

Van Dyken has performed a great deal of work in the industrial, pharmaceutical, educational and institutional industries; however, the company is on the lookout for its next niche. “We’re always looking for that next venture,” shares Wiersma. “There’s been a good amount of growth in the health care and food sectors. We’re looking into how those industries could benefit from our specialty skill set.”

The company is optimistic about moving into new markets after surviving the onset of the recession. “It’s about taking a look internally and allowing the weaknesses to surface so we can address them,” states Wiersma. “We’ve built our business around repeat clients; we want to do whatever we can to make sure people continue to turn to us.”

Van Dyken has remained in business for over 64 years due to the team’s dedication to fostering innovative ideas and providing service customers want, again and again. The company’s main advantage is full service, as Van Dyken boasts everything needed for design-build mechanical services under one roof. Through honesty, integrity, professionalism and teamwork, Van Dyken Mechanical Inc. continues to thrive by maintaining positive client relationships.

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