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USA Insulation Franchise Corporation: Celebrating Five Years of Full-service Franchising

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The USA Insulation Franchise Corporation (USA) team has prided itself on going above and beyond to make the customer happy since 1977, when the company was established. However, it was not until 1985 that USA was officially incorporated and started saving thousands of customers millions of dollars in heating and air conditioning bills.

The USA team has been defined by its can-do attitude, pairing the best available insulation products with unmatched experience to save clients money and ensure satisfaction. USA believes that every customer counts, which is proven through each endeavor as the team aims to provide customer service that customers just can’t help but boast about.

USA is based out of Eastlake, Ohio, but after launching franchising in 2006 the company expanded to 17 total locations across seven states from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic. The company’s extensive reach has allowed USA to insulate over 27,000 homes to date in addition to being the first and only insulation franchise family-owned and -operated company in the nation.

“What makes us unique is our ability to greatly improve the comfort level and energy efficiency of any home,” says Patrick Pitrone, president of USI. “We use a proprietary, injectable foam insulation that can fit into any cavity.”

USA’s premium insulation foam can be injected into spaces made of wood, steel, brick and concrete, where it expands like shaving cream to harden and form an extra-efficient thermal and moisture barrier, making it suitable for basements and above-grade installation. The product also has the ability to create a uniform layer of insulation from floor to ceiling, ensuring an airtight seal to stand the test of time.

The premium foam product has been shown to provide 35-percent better insulation than conventional fiberglass and cellulose insulation material, and as much as double the insulation value in CMU block applications. The basic concept of USA’s premium foam has remained the same throughout the company’s growth, but the formula has been revised and perfected over the course of years. The product has also been tested and proven to increase acoustic insulation and is a certified Class 1-rated against fires, contributing no fuel to the fire nor emitting any harmful gasses as a result.

The Apple Pie of Insulation Service

The team also expanded its customer referral program to include a one-month utility bill paid by USA for every additional referral that chooses to insulate with the company.

USA boasts over 150 employees, and all of the insulation technicians are factory-certified to insulate homes the way USA has been doing for over 25 years. The process begins with an in-home consultation where a trained professional will point out the greatest areas of need and a portfolio of available solutions. No matter which option the homeowners choose, the USA team conducts all installations with an eye for the homeowner’s best interests. The team strives to find the least invasive approach and always ensures that the home is clean and free of any debris before leaving the homeowners to enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

As versatile as USA’s premium foam is, the product is not suitable for application in attic spaces. The company rounds out its full-service insulation with formaldehyde-free fiber wool insulation from John Manville; the product is blown evenly into the space, ensuring an application that is as clean to install as it is environmentally conscious and energy efficient.

The company can also provide air-sealing services to eliminate any existing leaks that make heating and cooling systems work harder and less efficiently. USA will search and seal any existing leaks using a variety of specialized products to ensure the right seal and reduce energy consumption by up to 20 percent.

Making Uncle Sam Proud

“There are over 77 million homes in the country that are under insulated and we consider it our mission to bring that number down,” admits Pitrone. And the company’s recent momentum has been significant as the company managed to make 2009, 2010 and 2011 some of its best years yet. At least part of that growth is attributable to recent price volatility of heat sources like natural gas and oil, which led many consumers to mitigate risk by investing in a home’s long-term energy efficiency.

USA celebrates the five-year anniversary of the franchising operations in 2012. The team is proud that the company expanded its focus to also include some work for commercial clients, especially providing sound insulation in churches. And the company has a clear vision of where to go next. “We’re looking at selective growth, adding two to five more locations every year in markets with greater numbers of older homes, especially in markets east of the Mississippi,” adds Pitrone.

With more and more homeowners opting to stay put and invest in a home’s energy efficiency, USA is positioned to help make a big dent in the nation’s number of under-insulated buildings. Regardless of where the next USA location pops up, homeowners and commercial property owners alike can find a skilled professional to boost a building’s insulation, energy efficiency and comfort levels with minimal damage to the building and the client’s bottom line. USA Insulation Franchise Corporation is here to stay.

Published on: March 12, 2013

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