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Diversifying income introduces fencing company to demolition and beyond

For the last 41 years, USA Fence Company (USA Fence), a family-owned and -operated provider of fencing options, has been keeping people well supplied with the tools to direct traffic flow, pedestrian or otherwise.

“We opened in 1971 and have been here ever since,” says Loyd “Butch” Glasgow, CEO of USA Fence. “We’ve gone from just two people, me and another man, to as many as 125 people. Right now, we have 70 full-time in-house employees and probably 40 subcontractors that work all over the state.”

Currently USA Fence has four locations scattered across Florida, and the company only conducts business within the Sunshine State’s borders. Having a targeted focus on a specific state, according to Glasgow, has allowed the company to become a leader in the local market. For example, the company has two contracts in Volusia County, Fla., where some 66 miles of fencing are being erected.

Moreover, USA Fence can either build a fence for a client or consult a client through the fence-building process. For both options, USA Fence will discuss with the client numerous material options, such as aluminum, PVC, chain link, wood or steel that can be used to construct a fence.

“We provide a lot of options so that people get what they want,” says Glasgow. “It’s what we’ve always done and always will do.”

Truthfully, the fence services are only the tip of the USA Fence iceberg, which runs much deeper than the company’s name suggests. Glasgow actually refers to USA Fence as a multi-company company.

A multi-company company

The company’s services alone can be a difficult industry in which to find success, which is why Glasgow has branched out over the years, diversifying income sources and expanding the offerings of USA Fence.

“We have a dumpster company that presently covers a 35-mile, maybe even 40-mile, surrounding area,” says Glasgow, thoughtfully. “We also have a barricade company for renting barricades. We did 92 Target stores in the state of Florida for this past Black Friday. We’ve even sent as many as 4,000 barricades to each of the last three inaugurations, and for the pope. We’re also in the demolition business.”

Managing all of these various services may seem, on paper, quite extensive, but Glasgow assures that the company approaches each project with equal attention and respect. An individual in need of barricades for a parade, for example, would be treated the same as the above client in need of 66 miles of fencing.

“If you come into our office, the person who greets you will have a smile on their face,” says Glasgow. “We try to measure our success in every service category based on our attitude and provided quality.”

Without a doubt, the company’s ability to exist and thrive for more than four decades lends credit to USA Fence’s measurements of success, and clearly Glasgow only wants to continue moving the company onward and upward.

“We’re working on a five-year plan right now,” he says. “I would like to see five or six more branches, and I would like to see those open soon.”

Ballpark projects

Opening new locations will be easy if USA Fence keeps up with the company’s already stellar portfolio, which includes numerous big-name ballparks, a few million-dollar fencing jobs and plenty of barricade rental gigs.

“We built fencing for several ballparks, including one for the Texas Rangers,” says Glasgow. “We also just completed fencing for the new Boston Red Sox training stadium in Fort Myers, Fla.”

Other projects include a fencing project for a Federal Bureau of Investigation building in Jacksonville, barricading for Manatee County. “About 99 percent of the fencing in Hillsborough,” says Glasgow.

To complete all of these projects, USA Fence has 90 vehicles in the company’s fleet and a wide pool of suppliers and subcontractors. “We’re capable of doing any of the jobs in-house, but sometimes it’s less expensive to hire subs,” says Glasgow. “Typically it’s only the larger jobs that we sub out, though. For the suppliers, we have a pretty set network, but there are new guys that we use occasionally.”

Glasgow adds that managing all of these services, suppliers and subcontractors usually means he doesn’t sleep much more than six hours per night; perhaps this is a habit compounded by the fact that he has a lot of other things going on, like hobbies and business ventures.

Staying busy, however, has been a defining factor of Glasgow’s success with the company. USA Fence Company’s growing economic momentum will definitely continue well into the decades just around the corner; Loyd Glasgow is sure to see to that.

Published on: July 22, 2014


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