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Twin Peaks Construction Inc. (TPC), founded in 1995, is a heavy civil construction business operating out of Anchor Point, Ala. The wife and husband team of Nikki and Shane Baringer own the business together. “We started off as a sole proprietorship with just my name,” says Nikki, president of TPC. “We talked to an attorney about incorporating, and we did so in 2000. Presently I own 600 shares and Shane owns 400, making TPC a minority-owned company. Before we started the business, Shane was working for Herman and Thompson. I was working for First National bank. Before that, I worked in an office with my parents, who operated a plumbing business in Oregon.”

Nikki’s family moved to Alaska in 1981 and she followed in 1983. “When we got started, Shane was going to do the office and I was going to run the field,” Nikki laughs. “But, I guess I yelled at him too many times.”

Today, the family business continues to run smoothly, with both Nikki and Shane focused on diversifying services and reaching out to prospective clients. The team at TPC works in a range of sectors, specializing in utility work, site construction and roadway construction and renovation.

The Highlight Reel

Over the last few years, Nikki, Shane and the team have kept busy, working all over the state to complete complex projects. “We have a lot going on,” says Nikki. “We do so many things. Recently we are getting into black tar and paving. We are currently in the middle of a big culvert installation.” Major clients for TPC include the Alaska Department of Transportation, as well as several state and national parks.

“Right now we are in the middle of a few major projects,” Nikki elaborates. “We are pumping out a lagoon for sewer repairs. For a while it seemed like we did nothing but outhouses, so this brings back some memories. We are also doing a major infrastructure project for Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park. We are building the road, water, sewer and a new maintenance building as well as several houses and cabins. We have subcontractors for electrical on that project. During the summer, if you can stand the bugs you can handle anything. They are everywhere. It’s so thick you can’t see the person you’re talking to.”

One of the team’s most unusual recent projects is literally a gold mine. “It’s abandoned,” Nikki notes. “The project is a remodel on Kennecott Mine that we started about four years ago. It’s an old gold mine about 90 miles down a dirt road. It has become quite the tourist attraction. When our work is done, people will be able to walk though it and check it out.”

Growing Pains

TPC has seen major growth over the last few years, despite the recession that has left many contractors out in the cold. “We are way too big for our britches right now,” explains Nikki. “When we started 16 years ago, we wanted to be a company between $3 million and $5 million, and now we are five times that. It is hard to find qualified people to come work with us, because of our remote location.”

The company’s location does make TPC unique. “The recession has meant that more people are bidding on projects, but a lot of them are coming from the lower 48,” she continues. “They jump in, but then realize how expensive it can be to work in Alaska. We do most of our work outside the footprint of Anchorage. Unless you are right out where the job is, everyone has about the same costs to get there. There are maybe between six and 10 contractors in the state who can go where we go.”

Despite the team’s remote location, TPC has built a strong network of strategic partners from supplier to subcontractors. “We sub out electrical and roofing,” Nikki exemplifies. “In Brooks Camp we’ve had mechanical work for an elevator. We often hire Dave Hartman at Hartman’s to work on vertical projects with us. We have used Hartman’s for years now and we have a few different other regular subs. For many of these trades, we could do the work in-house, but it isn’t worth it; we hire people we trust. They get some work and we can focus on our own pieces of a project. It means fewer employees and less of a hassle for one job.”

After nearly 17 years in business, Nikki says her team has not celebrated any major anniversaries. “We do have an annual Christmas party,” she explains. “Every year we have a big bash and invite all of our employees and their spouses. We get everybody hotel rooms and have a big party. We give out yearly awards for our most helpful employees, too.”

Together, Nikki and Shane continue to embrace the most vital component of the company: TPC’s people. With a solid team, dedicated to the common purpose of quality and safety in construction, Twin Peaks Construction Inc. continues to grow and provide leading construction services across Alaska.

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Published on: July 2, 2013

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