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Tutor Electrical Service Inc.

Expanded capabilities and design-build focus portend future success in Texas

Over the last 23-plus years, Tutor Electrical Service Inc. has established a reputation as one of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s leading electrical contractors.

Founded in 1993 by Bobby Tutor, the company primarily serves the commercial and industrial market, with the residential and municipal markets rounding out its scope. Based in Mansfield, Texas, Tutor completes work throughout the state, with a focus on North Texas in particular.

A true full-service electrical contracting firm, Tutor has developed an expertise in electrical work related to medical and dialysis clinics, diagnostic imaging centers, restaurants and more.

Tutor Electrical Service Inc.

The company offers a range of telecommunications voice, data and video services, including CAT 5 and 6/local area network(LAN) UTP cable installation, CATV and coax systems, complete systems grounding solutions, electrical installation services, power quality and uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system installation and project management.

New services pave the way for growth

Tutor has experienced a period of sustained growth as of late, boasting a 50 percent bump in business over the last 12 to 16 months.

“I really credit this to what we did five years ago. I believe what we put in place there has prepared us for the opportunities we’re seeing today, just as I believe that what we’re doing today is going to determine where we are five years from now,” says Bobby. “Over the next 12 to 24 months, we’ll be focused on refining what we have in place and working to be best-in-class in all of our operations.”

This growth has been fueled in part by Tutor’s new headquarters, a larger facility that has allowed the company to expand into new areas. “We’ve added a fire alarm division, and a new prefabrication division that we’re currently operating out of our warehouse,” says Bobby. “Now we’re moving headlong into taking prefabrication orders on new projects and implementing as much prefabrication as we can. It’s our intention to become more competitive in that market.”

In addition to the new facility, Tutor has added a new project manager, administrative assistant and customer service representative to the team, purchased two new vehicles and increased its roster of employees from 40 to almost 90.

An increased focus on design-build

As the company continues to grow, Tutor is looking to take on more projects on a design-build basis. Given the company’s experience in the industry, Tutor feels that having a seat at the table early on in the process will lead to better, more efficient outcomes for all involved. “We really enjoy being part of the design team up front, because that way we can bring really great value to our customer,” says Tutor.

Electrical contractors spend significant time on the job site, gaining a unique perspective that Tutor says should not be discounted. “We have our hands on the product every day; engineers don’t, so for them to cut us out of the initial design process I believe is a mistake. When we get the opportunity to come in, meet with owners and get an idea of what they’re looking for, we always have some valuable input,” he says.

Tutor has completed a number of large-scale projects as of late, including a recent dining hall/dormitory facility at University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) that required the company to meet some strict scheduling deadlines. “There was also an almost three month delay at the start of the project due to weather, which made the schedule even more challenging” says Tutor.

The coed dorm is being built to house student athletes, including the university’s new football team, and features modern, upscale amenities in the living and dining facilities.

In Weatherford, Texas, the company is working to complete the Roger Williams Auto mall on which they were part of the design team, a $1 million contract which includes a new two-story showroom, an expansive automotive service area, and a separate building for Pre-Owned vehicle sales. Tutor also recently completed projects at the Dallas Museum of Art, another project that required strict scheduling. “That took a lot of extra effort as far as coordination, and there were also certain areas where the work had to be isolated and protected,” says Tutor.

The company recently broke ground on one of its highest-profile jobs to date, electrical work on the $30 million Champions Park retail center, a 54,000-square-foot complex just a few blocks north of AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Located at the corner of Interstate 30 and North Collins Street in Arlington, Texas, the facility features four retail and restaurant buildings spread across a 14-acre site.

“That’s a pretty neat project with high-visibility for us,” says Tutor, who is working under general contractor Novel Builders on the job.

Setting the stage for the future

In a rebounding economy, qualified tradespeople can be difficult to find, as was experienced on the recent UTPB dorm/dining hall project where a lack of workers during the initial phases of the project lead to a compressed schedule, increased manpower demands and over-time work by the company.

In an effort to ensure that staffing shortages never prevent the company for taking on a promising new project, Tutor has launched a new marketing initiative to attract younger workers to the company. This, in tandem with Tutor’s three-day orientation program and four-year apprenticeship, has helped to ensure that the company is well-staffed with experienced workers ready to tackle any job.

“Our marketing strategies are also changing to be more pleasing to millennials, because we understand they are multitaskers and want to feel like they’re part of the solution,” he says. “I believe young people are motivated and I know they’re looking for opportunities for advancement no matter where they start off,” says Tutor.

Reflecting on his years in the industry, Tutor has come to see success not strictly in terms of dollars and cents, but in the opportunities he can create for those around him. “For us, it’s about completion of every project no matter what, keeping your integrity and being profitable so you can ensure the future of the company and future employment opportunities,” he says.

As the company moves more into the design-build side of the electrical contracting business, Tutor Electrical Services Inc. will continue to build on its solid reputation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond.

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