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Tomar Construction Group

A people-friendly company of the future

Founded in 1998 by Thomas Mottackal, Tomar Construction Group is a general contractor specializing in water and wastewater treatment facilities. Headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey, government work is the company’s primary focus.

The company began as a mechanical HVAC contractor and through its founding principles of redefining engineering construction through commitment and hard work, the operation has grown into a multifaceted company. Competitive prices and the highest level of quality assurance have made Tomar Construction an exceptional public works contractor.

Tomar Construction has established itself as an industry leader in customer satisfaction. “Our philosophy is to always maintain a strong relationship between the customer and contractor,” says Mottackal. “We value customer relationships with supreme consideration and gain their confidence through our hard work, professionalism, quality, value engineering and cooperation.”

After 17 years in business, Tomar Construction has never been sued and has never filed a lawsuit against a client and Mottackal intends to keep it that way. “We want to show the world that people can still work with people,” Mottackal explains. “Success can be achieved by simply being good human beings, and we have proven that so far.”

Following a dream

Mottackal immigrated to the United States in 1995. With 35 years of experience in global engineering and management, he has worked in numerous industries such as aviation, shipping, manufacturing and construction. Mottackal credits the encouragement and mentorship of a former employer in his venture into entrepreneurship. “When I confronted him about venturing out on my own, he embraced and encouraged it,” recalls Mottackal. “Like me, he wanted to show the world the value of investing in relationships.”

Mottackal incorporates this philosophy when measuring the success of Tomar Construction. “Of course the financial stability has to be there for the foundation of the company,” says Mottackal. We are a bit unconventional though. We are interested in the opportunities we create for people, and what kind of service we are providing to our fellow human beings.” These practices have created strength through tough times for Tomar Construction. During the recession in 2008, the company did not lay off a single employee. “We decided at that time that we were going to do whatever it takes to keep every one of our employees working.

Safety is the top priority for every job that Tomar Construction is involved in. With ongoing training sessions employees are skilled in on-the job safety and are reminded of these practices daily. Weekend safety training sessions are available to all Tomar Construction associates.

The team has completed a variety of projects that have proven its abilities in several areas of construction including process and treatment plants, general construction and solar power projects. “Tomar has been executing solar projects in various stages,” Mottackal explains. “We look at it as our responsibility to reduce America’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels by diverting some of our resources to solar energy projects.”

The company has successfully completed the construction and reconstruction of several treatment plants. These projects have included the replacement of major machinery such as heavy duty mechanical bar screens, gravity belt filter presses and thickeners, conveyors and process controls and instrumentation.

In the waste and water treatment sector, Tomar Construction is recognized for its ability to maintain complete functionality of several pump stations through fully controlled and automated temporary bypass pumps during the rehabilitation process.

International ambitions

Tomar Construction has launched internationally with a satellite office in India. With a strong backlog of work in the United States, Tomar Construction is also involved in a $30 million joint venture in Dubai. Due to the lack of production of the required equipment in India, Tomar Construction has actually manufactured the equipment to guide the operation overseas in its New Jersey location. In the United States, the company is currently involved in a multimillion dollar electrical upgrade job with the Vasant Valley Sewage Commission. This is part of an ongoing capital improvement partnership with the state of the New Jersey.

Mottackal is planning substantial growth for Tomar Construction. With an optimistic outlook on the United States economy, the company is looking to expand its operations overseas while maintaining a steady increase in revenue of 50 percent over the next five years.

Mottackal’s focus, ideologies, leadership and willingness to work alongside any member of his staff has fostered a spirit of unity and great morale throughout his company. Tomar Construction Group will continue to be a leader and an innovator in the construction industry.

Published on: August 3, 2015

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