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Tocco Building Systems: As Good As Its’ People

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2013 marks Tocco Building Systems’ (Tocco) 30-year anniversary. The New England-based electrical service and construction company has developed a reputation as a top-notch, full-service electrical contractor since its founding in 1983. Tocco operates as a provider of the design, installation and maintenance of virtually all areas of electrical systems while fostering a sense of teamwork amongst employees.

Anthony (Tony) Tocco, founder and president of Tocco, is a man who represents the entrepreneurial spirit through and through; he has managed to ensure Tocco flourished over the years. Tony garnered years of business experience prior to founding Tocco, as he actually founded his first business, a residential sales and installation alarm company, when he was only 23 years old.

With a great deal of marketing and business expertise at a young age, Tony was recognized, and sought out, by another electrical firm. “I was recruited by a gentleman who believed he needed someone like me in order to help grow his company,” recalls Tony. “The rest is history.”

Good People Make Great Business

Tocco is headquartered in Billerica, Mass., where a team of electricians and professional management staff number to nearly 70. “We’re basically a people business,” details Tony. “Our product is only as good as the collective skills and abilities of our employee base. Attracting and retaining the right people is critical to the long-term success of the business.”

Maintaining a qualified staff is something very important to Tony, who emphasizes the importance of professionalism in jobsite environments. “We’re working on-site, directly for and with our customers,” he says. “For example, if we’re at a hospital, our crews are around the doctors, nurses and patients. Therefore all of our personnel must not only be technically proficient, but must also exhibit the highest standards of professionalism when completing the task at hand.”

Strengthening Tocco from the inside out, the company provides ongoing training for employees in the field and office, keeping the team at the top of the industry. “Once we get our foot in the door we exceed expectations, which leads to long-term relationships,” shares Tony. “I can’t begin to tell you how many times I receive customer calls telling me how impressed they are with our personnel.”

At Tocco, experience isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. All project managers, supervisors and senior management begin their career in the field; many of which have been with Tocco for 25 to 30 years. “The long term tenure of our employees gives us a selling advantage over our competition,” shares Tony.

As a company, Tocco offers not merely a job, but a career. “I’ve had potential employees come to me from the vocational programs at the high school,” says Tony. “We hire them and promote from within and a number are still here 30 years later, having risen through the ranks, and are helping me run this company. As an owner, I believe I have the responsibility to make it more than just a paycheck, and in turn I expect an equal commitment from my employees.”

Providing the Full-service Advantage

The valued team at Tocco offers competency and support in all aspects of electrical cost estimates, design, engineering, installation and maintenance within the commercial, retail, education, health care, industrial and food service industries. “My goal was to develop a company that provided diversified service to various industries so we would be successful in the long-term,” reveals Tony. “We put an equal focus on repeat service business and new construction work.”

Tocco splits its business 50/50 between working for general contractors and directly for owners. The company has served numerous big-name clients over the years, including BOSE, Lahey Clinic, Stop N’ Shop and Fidelity to name just a few.

Tocco is highly recognized in the industry for its data center and technology work. However, with the fluid economy the team has completed more multiunit apartment complex work than in previous years.

“It was obvious to me years ago with the housing world the way it is that apartment complexes would be on the rise and there would be a need in that market,” reveals Tony. “Over the years we’ve excelled at anticipating market trends.”

Even after 30 years, Tony is proud to say Tocco remains true to his original vision. “What I developed in my initial business plan is still intact and fundamentally the company that we have today,” shares Tony. “My goal has always been to have a primarily service-oriented broad-based business.”

As part of the company’s long-term philosophy, Tony believes nothing is more important than being able to attract and retain quality people. “The customer is more inclined to work with a company with employees that they know and are familiar with,” reiterates Tony. In line with Tony’s long-term, treasured dream, Tocco Building Systems continues to provide exceptional electrical services due to a team of dedicated individuals.

Published on: May 15, 2013

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