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Tiger Electric Inc.

Leading Electrical Contractors in Southern California

Tiger Electric Inc. (Tiger) first opened its doors in 1972 as a division of A&B Electric (A&B) in Southern California. In 1988 the branch diverged, becoming an independent electrical contractor. Though there were many changes due to the shift, the Tiger team continues to serve clients on unique new construction and maintenance projects throughout the region today. With two locations in Brea and Rancho Cucamonga, Tiger works with customers throughout the Southwest United States.

When company management changed over in 1988, Stan Longnecker and Michael Ditsler, president and vice president of Tiger, respectively, began leading the team into a new chapter of diverse electrical services. With the economic recovery, Tiger is gaining ground in a number of specialty markets, expanding a customer base and increasing revenue.

Multiple Niche Markets

Since 2010 the team has shifted focus toward alternative and renewable energy markets. “We’ve accomplished a better position,” says Ditsler, who has been with the business since 1980, as he was the former senior estimator and project manager for A&B. “In changing gears, we’re essentially created another whole sales focus in which we have become a strong competitor and gained more respect from our professional peers. In addition, cash flow has picked up significantly.”

In 2008 and 2009 Ditsler and his team saw the market fall apart. By diversifying and focusing on a green market, Tiger has made a major recovery. “We’re seeing an upswing now in both renewable and alternative energy,” he explains. “With the recovery, we’ve also grown in the commercial construction market in California. We’re a leading engineering procurement construction [EPC] in the renewable market now. We’re currently in development and/or construction of over 100mW of utility-scale solar PV projects. Our alternative energy group is in development and/or construction of an additional 30mW of alternative technology projects.”

Major Projects in Progress

Tiger is working full-force on several innovative projects in the Southwest. With a range of design-build, engineering and service capabilities, the business offers options for customers in all stages of construction and operation. “We have just completed a project for a Catholic church and school in California, Sacred Heart Palm Desert,” explains Ditsler. “We provided all design, engineering, procurement and construction services as required to deliver a 414kW shade-structured solar PV system. Our development team provided all electrical design, PV integration and structural design coordination for our customer Nobell Energy Solutions and the Catholic Church and school facility; we designed the system to offset 85 percent of the facility’s current usage, while simultaneously providing shade for the school and parish hall.”

The team is also involved with two concentrated solar thermal projects. “The first is at the Palm Springs Air Museum in partnership with Sopogy Inc., the owner of the solar thermal technology,” details Ditsler. “We’re doing the development work and putting together a design to prove out the viability that solar thermal energy can be used to provide chilled water for use in HVAC applications. Right now we’re in the permitting and approval process. Construction is planned to commence in the third quarter of 2013.”

However, that is not all the team at Tiger has on its plate. “We have a project in Mecca, Calif., that was recently commissioned,” says Ditsler. “It’s a 300kW CPV project consisting of 24 dual-axis concentrated photovoltaic [CPV] trackers. This is our first CPV project, which is another PV technology we are offering based upon the host customer’s needs. There is subsidy available for it, and when clients are looking into alternatives, we always try to give options for technology.”

The business continues to grow, branching out with new technologies to better serve customers. At the same time, Ditsler explains, the team’s core values and focus remain unchanged. “The company is still focused on where we’ve been since its inception,” he notes. “We’re an industrial electrical construction contractor. It’s the same background, although I would say that with the pending growth of the renewable energy market, we have a greater focus in design-build utility-scale energy generation.”

Green energy is a growing market, and Tiger is carving out a solid niche. These low-impact solar projects promote long-term energy savings. Renewable energy is better for the Earth and less expensive for businesses and institutions. With the economy in recovery, Tiger’s clients are getting to work on new construction and upgrades that have been put off for years. With new, integrated business plans that are geared toward running lean, clients are looking for savings through subsidies, grants and lowered energy usage. Through promoting green energy, Tiger is coincidentally supporting business growth.

The team brings over three decades of experience to the table, and Tiger’s longevity speaks for itself. Clients have come to rely on the business for quality engineering, timely performance and innovation. Tiger Electric Inc. will continue to fulfill growing demands for clean energy, quality construction and efficient, professional service throughout the Southwest.

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